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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another TO feat Tutu Skirt and Trench Coat

Hai.. so on this post i already explained that i'm joining a contest held by FashioneseDaily.com here

The first one i choose the theme Vintage, and the second one just random outfit that i don't think had a tiny bit of chance haha.. And today i feel like wearing coat because it was raining like forever in Bandung >.< so cold.
How to make it more interesting? Aha.. Why don't we make it fun with adding some Tutu Skirt.

And for this entry i choose Color on the same Color Wheel but still wearable for daily, some people might not comfortable adding colors and pattern for the outfit, but don't give up. We can spice it a bit with adding more than one statement items on our outfit without look TOO MUCH.

Let's go!

Feat : Ms. Lola Kasamira, she took this lovely pictures.

Trench coat : Korean OL Shop
Inner : Unbranded dress, but i used it as top
Tutu Skirt : Unbranded Korean Ol SHop
Skinny Black Belt : Unbranded
Shawl : 2 shawl, silver bling - unbranded ; silver - Mars & Venus
Sandal lollipop : somewhere in Bangkok
Bag : Mum's

As you can see, i got some statement items on my outfit, Trench Coat, Tutu Skirt, Lollipop sandals, and even though it's so much going on, it's not look too much, because the color is still on the same chart on color wheel, i got purple (top), peach (tutu skirt), magenta (lollipop sandal), and pink (bag). And the coat is on neutral color, so it kinda wrapped up the whole look.

The other contestants were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think i had a tiny bit of chance to win, but this is fun. I was force to think more creative than usual, and apparently more people is way more CRAZY TALENTED at this stuff, may the best men win. I'm sure the judges already got a headache now picking the winner haha...

Anyway, have a nice day you ^^


  1. yampuuun... dikirain tutu beneran...
    tapi asli emang lucu...
    Suka sama foto yg ke dua, posisi duduknya kayak balerina beneran (efek dari si tutu kayaknya)... hehe ;D

    Ah, cakep dah pokoknya... Moga menang yaaa!! ^^

  2. Replies
    1. I KNOW YOU s well hihi.... :)
      Pasti kalo dirimu yang punya tutu, udah punya segudang mix n match yah... Queen of clothing challenge, i can picture you with ur capsule challenge, and dressing ur basic label with this skirt :)
      I wore this with basically anything, so in love with this tutu also.. Great find (baca : MURAAAH) haha....

    2. hihihihi...tau aje deh dirimu ;p Itu beli di ol shop mana siy, soalnya biasanya kan rok tutu pada pendek2 bgt tuh jd gw ga ada niatan make nya hehe Kalo yg lo punya ini asli keren bgt deh da..


    3. Aku kan penggemar blog mu kaakkk... I always adore ur mix n match taste >.<
      PAs ktm di Revlon, lah piye.. tak pikir tinggi, ternyata imut sama ama aku (sok imut, pdhl bohay nih aku hahha...)
      Nanti aku publish link-nya disini, kyknya lagi mau kerjasama gitu deh ka, doakaaan :)