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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Woman Wired Weekend (WWW) was held by Fashionesedaily.com. It was celebrated periodically, this time they held is with celebration of their 5th anniversary. What an achievement in such "short" time but they're one of the biggest community dedicated for woman nationwide. I'm so proud to say that i am a groupie of this site.
Fashionesedaily.com where i hang out everyday learning and chit chat-ing about skin care, fashion, grooming, and make up, beside that they also have mommy section Mommiesdaily.com, also for celebrities and news they have popdaily.com.
Truly a best friend for a woman.

WWW is an event dedicated for woman, who wants to simply collaborate, empowered and inspired. Why? Because they have some seminars, how to understand better to manage your finance by Ligwina Hananto, to know better about our choice of carreer by Betty Alisjahbana, also just for us future mother and women to understand more about "our identity" by Najelaa Shihab. They are all super women, so femaledaily.com let us learned from the best.
They also had the famous "Market Plaza Day", you don't have to asked, everything you WANT and NEED was there, from heels, to dresses even make up. Don't believe me? Check out what you missed here
* link was taken from femaledaily.com *

Sadly i was only be able to attend the anniversary party at 25th, because i got sick on 26th and really couldn't manage to get out from bed. And missed out the meeting with fellow make up junkie on 26th, hiks..

But i had fun..
I met the fashionesedaily and crew, they were all fantastic with the choice of outfit wore that day. Also very friendly, i feel at home chit chat-ing with my dearest friends over food and drinks. Very homey ambiance.
Also the fellow make up junkie, and also make new friendship with the people i saw only at forum before.
I'm so happy that night.

Ah, i almost forgot, the contest i've been telling you about was held by fashionesedaily.com. Both Colorful Outfit and Colorful Make Up. And the reason why the dress code was colorful for the contest and the celebration of anniversary because the founder Mrs. Hanifah Ambadar and Mrs. Affi Assegaf with the rest of the crew feels that it's been fabulous 5 colorful years, couldn't agree more.

Check it out yourselves my dear fantabulous

L : The Fabulous MC
R : The founder of Fasionesedaily.com

T : The Crew of Fashionesedaily.com
B : Happy Anniversary Fashionesedaily ^^
The Winner For Outfit and Make up contest
First prize winners got themselves each a note book woow... Congrats Marcie (Outfit) and Sella (Make up)
The second and third winner didn't have to attend, but Endi Feng as the second place winner for Make up showed up that day (we were on a make up date, along with Shelley, Lumielle, Catra, Sella) yeaay...

I love her outfit and her nail art also, her effort for that day was fab. Say hi to one of my favourite person in Today's Outfit Forum, Kokoya.
The ambiance that day, the food was amazing, the crowd are very friendly, even though not everybody that registered show up but it made the situation more intimate, the goody bag (who doesn't love freebies? ;p)
Curious for my outfit that day? I'm happy and amazed both at the same time, and i have to tell you this. I was featured in their website, just found out yesterday. Thank you fashionesedaily.... (already added on the Featured label *blush*)
I'm so lookng forward for another gathering or events in the future, to keep in touch and sharing. I love to mingle and make new friends, so don't hesitate to invite me on your event fantabulous. 
Much love...


  1. Aku fans Marcie lhooo hehehe Kalo TO gak pernah gak keren dia ;)

    Itu btw nails nya siapa? cantik warna warni gitu..
    And congrats on the feature ya Mada :D


    1. Punya ci kokoya jugak, keren yaah warna warni.. langsung kutodong, minta foto hahaha.. sampe dia pasrah udah gak bisa protes :p
      Makasiiih kaakkkk... XOXO

  2. aduh kesananya justru tanggal 26 pantes sepi merayap. mau kenalan nih tadinya :)

    1. Ada Shelley dkk kok say tgl 26-nya, too bad, next time kita janjian kentemuan yah :)