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Monday, March 19, 2012

Graftobian HD Palette (Swatch)

Hola, so i got a big gig on May and i decided to put the whole range of HD make up on her face. And for the complexion i decided to get me Graftobian, read so many good reviews on them. Plus they got a tester pack (customized on every order), and they got a palette, quite affordable right?

After a long search finally i found a friend that has the palette in Neutral 1, i don't have to wait for long time to get it. Sadly for my client, the shade not really fit, i got to ordered another palette.
and if you want to sell me your preloved Graftobian palette in Cool 1 , and Warm 1, i would love to adopt them. Thank you pretties.

Okay, so my first impression of this foundation is, this is no good for dry skin type. You have put extra creamy moisturizer before putting them on. The texture apparently is not as creamy as i though, kinda sheer, and yeah it is buildable, but i like super textured and creamy foundation (personal taste). 
With good primer, i used benefit it stay for 5 hours and i didn't notice any oily thingy on my clients T-Zone. But on me (combination and acne prone), i have to set it with setting powder to make it last. 
And for the shade, they got names on it, so it quite confusing, but after you got used to it, doesn't really matter. 

Graftobian HD Palette in Neutral 1

L-R : Glamour Girl, Sweet Heart, Leading Lady, Prima Donna, Bombshell

No Flash
L-R : Bombshell, Primadonna, Leading Lady, Sweet Heart, Glamour Girl
With Flash
L-R : Bombshell, Primadonna, Leading Lady, Sweet Heart, Glamour Girl
Anyone can gimme a different point of view from this brand? Would love to hear your thought pretties, ^^

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