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Friday, March 2, 2012

Brushes That I Regret Buying

For those who in love with YouTube beauty guru's Michelle Phan will obviously know this brush set, Essence of Beauty. She uses it a lot for her FOTD, and i couldn't resist the temptation to get me one, and decided to get me the travel size, because i don't have any small brushes (except ecotools eyes edition) for travelling.

I got myself, both face and eyes edition of Essence of Beauty, you can check it here

But after 4-5 time using, i was seriously dissapointed with this brush. I seriously now hate it!
The price at CVS is not pretty expensive, even the cheap price couldn't cheer me up, huh.. now you see how much i hate it.

To be fair, on their defense, i didn't try the big one because i don't have it and currently owned the travel set only, maybe the bristle and hair is different, but honestly i'm skeptical >.<

Why i hate it?

1. The hair is so harsh, when i used it to apply my eyeshadow it hurt my eyes, like something was impaled my lid. And made my eyes teary, which means more difficult to apply eyeshadow or blending whatsoever.
2. It picked small amount of product, blush or eyeshadow and powder. The products somehow left in the pan, made me have to apply more and more products, which is time consuming and the products wasted.

The only thing i not hate nor love about this is the brushes that made from synthetic because it picked just enough product and give enough precision if i'm doing eyeliner or smudging the eyeliner under on my lower lash line. That's it!

See for yourself!

Essence of beauty compares to unbranded brush set.

What do you think? Anyone ever tried this before? I'd love to hear your experience...


  1. thanks for the review!
    followed you ce mada:)

    1. Hey, thx for stopping by.
      Love ur blog name, and ur cute cheek..
      Followed back oledi :)

  2. I tried those brushes and ended up hating them so much.. The bristles are hard, nowhere near soft. Now, I use them to clean the nooks and crannys in my PC, lol ^____^

    1. PHANIEE... GENIUS! Hahaha... Will follow your tricks, using them to clean my Lappie.
      Anyway, i'm keeping those brushes made from synthetic anyway, i quite like it, it's better than the hairy one.

  3. Have you tried washing em?

    1. Yes Miss..

      The bristles quite soft because i used special shampoo for brushes. But still, it hurts my lid. Too time consuming for me if i have to pat, pat, pat for eye shadow <= lazy person :D