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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Public Display of Vanity

We heard a lot about Public Display of Affection before, and maybe some of us are comfortable doing that. Hey, no judgement here i personally were a cuddling type of person ^^
In Indonesia, we hold tight on culture and still very religious when it comes to women and men relationship. In fact the society belief that women should stay virgin until they got married. And it's way different method of living and lifestyle with other country beliefs.
We are raised by traditional belief, which respect to elder is a must, and being told the "black and white with no grey area" is quite amusing, with the evolving trends that happens right now.

Why? Because we can get related to the other side of the world very easy now since the internet era. And most of Indonesian consumers type is "western minded" it is so easy to adapt the western tradition as well. Not only from fashion, beauty, etc, but also in lifestyle.

That's is the preview of what i'm gonna rambling on this post.

I AM NOT AGAINST THIS, i just wanna share my thought. Who am i to judge hey? :)


Vanity (noun)
Defenition : Conceit, egotism
Synonyms : Affectation, airs, arrogance, big-headedness, display, narcissism, pride, self-admitation, self love, self worship, showing off, vainglory.
Acronym : Modesty

*source : thesaurus

Same like Public Diplay of Affection, Public Display of Vanity is the condition when we showing off to people our affection but not with our partner (bf/gf/spouse) but with our vanity section which is make up, or touch up our make up in public.

You see sometimes, mostly at restaurant after eating women touch up their make up even just adding the faded lipstick after eating? Yeah, that's one form of Public Display of Vanity.

Why i brag about this? Because suddenly cross my mind, i read about this several years ago on a magazine, and no one seems like paying attention or may know this term exist.

Is this YEAY or NAY?

My answer is, it depends on the personal taste. As long as we didn't bother anyone while we're doing it, why not? It's not a sin anyway..
Unless, while you're sitting in a full restaurant and you're busy touch up your make up but beside you is people queuing for your table, that's not nice to keep people waiting :)

I'm not the touch up person, i rarely bring my beauty pouch if i'm going out. So this is not a matter for me, even if i bring something that was just lipgloss or lipstick, you won't catch me bring powder etc etc. I'M SIMPLY TOO LAZY hahaha...

If only doing touch up i think still ok, but not doing your whole make up in public (moist.-prime-foundie,blush,eyes,falsies,etc) , unless you're a model or something, go to the public restroom instead or your car maybe? That will give you more space and peace while make up? No?

And you know what? I'M GUILTY AS CHARGE ahahaaha... here's the "busted" picture few month ago on my besties wedding.
And beside of that, you know it's best when you doing your beauty and grooming thingy not infront of your partner dear, how about getting pretty without they have to see us shaving our legs or armpit or simply cutting our nail? LOL....

Feel free to drop any comment, and please don't hate me.. i just wanna share this term. Not to teach you how to behave, you are all pretty inside out *smooches*


  1. I sometimes touch up my gloss after eating.
    I'm just too lazy walking to the bathroom XDD

  2. i feel you, apalagi kalo di mall, toiletnya jauh T-T

  3. Nyahah.. gw dulu suka risih kalo liat orang touch up abis makan gitu. "Harus ya di meja? Get a room!" XD Tp kesini2 yaudah lah.. asal dia ga ganggu hidup gw. =P

  4. hahaha.. I got insecure of doing touch ups in public area. I'd rather not to. And i'm too lazyy.. :p