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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etiquette to Attend a Beauty Event

Hai Fantabulous,

Nice weekend, Hectic Weekdays or the other way around? Anyway I haven't got much time to enjoy "Me Time" lately. Because this is summer time, and everyone, including the beauty company are embracing "summer". Sale everywhere T-T, and beauty event everywhere (love this :D)

The problem is, for now there's only some event that held outside from Jakarta. But i have a good feeling that you all blogger that lived outside Jakarta will experience the beauty event soon.

Nah, now the question begin. Do we really need this? Why should i read this post?
Duuh.. Behaviour, Attitude? Forgot about all that things, that we've been raving about since early of this blog my Fantabulous?

Let me take you to a tour then.. Read This : "Attitude"

But that's just a mild reminder. The main issue here is, how to behave if you're invited to a beauty event?

1. RSVP the Invitation

If you can attend the event, RSVP minimum 2x24 hours before the due date. So they know if you're coming or not. And if you can not attend also let them know, so they have time to fill in your empty chair.

2. Cancellation

If you have to cancelled, please notice them at least 1x24 hours before, and best if you explain why. you can say personal stuff or anything. Respect girls, people already made effort to bring you :)

3. Dress code

If there's no dress code of the event, best to be yourself but in a polite way. As much i hate to admit, first impression is important. Dress to kill for some, or heels to kill for me LOL :p
Source : www.pbccs.org
4. Mingle

Introduce yourself to the hostess and to the other guests. If you came with your friends take you friends and mingle! It's all about building and sustaining a relationship, YES?

source : www.perfect-bride.com

5. Enjoy the Party

Enjoy the party, but don't forget your aim there. If you're invited to do a review, or company related you might wanna behave and do your job. And you Fantabulous, BRING YOUR NAME CARD :)

6. Blogger Related

If you are invited to do a review as a fashion or beauty blogger, let them know when you're gonna review. If it's a week make it a week. If it's a month make it a month. If you're not gonna review, tell them, and offer a live tweet instead. Remember, they made effort to invite you. And although you contribute to their company in whatsoever source, best to bring your best behaviour (BYBB).
And always be honest with your review!

7.  Thank you Note After Party

It's a nice touch for the company/ hostess, and shows that you respect them. Won't hurt you to do an email to say thanks right?

Believe it or not, this is something that i experienced myself. I SUPER HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CANCELED AND NO NITIFICATION on LAST MINUTE! Seriously!!!!

I won't tell why and how, but that bugged me, and i thought i will do a mild reminder or "How to react on an Invitation"
Also it will be nice for the company for not notify us, beauty bloggers ON LAST MINUTE TOO ^^.

Okay, have a nice day!!!!


  1. Makasih tipsnya Ses Mada.. :)


  2. Setuju banget sama post ini.. Thank you for the useful tips! ^^

  3. nice post!!! XD smoga yg di luar jkt bakal srg ada beauty event jg.. *mupeng*
    ada tipo dikit kak.. notification nya jd nitification ^^ hehe

    1. Lagi kita usahakaaan Vee.. doakaaaaaan yaaaaah!!!!
      Love XOXO

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments Ladies, btw post ini gak bermaksud menyinggung sapa-sapa loh. Sekedar mengingatkan diri sendiri juga, aku juga masih banyak dosa nih hiks...