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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I got this foundation few month ago, and last month Revlon send me another shade with lots of goodies. But i'm so in love with this foundation that i couldn't wait to review it with you guys.

What they claims : Contains vitamin E, vitamin B3, and  cherry extract that can prevent aging and also protect your skin. Sounds promising, right?

I use this foundation about one month, with brushes, finger, sponges. Everything went well, but i prefer using finger because the texture glides so smooth on my skin, and didn't clumps whatsoever.

For the swatch (just click).

Ok the verdict here, some may not like to hear "aging" thingy, but hey.. better preventing aging by taking care of your skin rather than spend much more on Botox or Laser whatsoever, LOL.

Ingredients is seriously a lot, but you can google it.

And my experience using this foundation is so far good - excellent. One of my top 5 foundation now.
But i will review this, like usual being brutally honest.

Lightly creamy, i love! Easily glides on the surface of your skin. Perfect for my combination but dehydrated skin, because i work at air conditioned room everyday.

i combine two shades, but daily i used Early Tanned
Checked, time saver! You guys know i'm too lazy to spend hours on make up.
Excellent. but NOTED i worked on air conditioned room. On outdoor only can last 4-5 hours and you have to set it with powder again, especially on T-Zone.
Quite affordable, around Rp 150,000 ($14) for 30ml of foundation.

You can also check it here It has swirl line inside, and LOVE the pump, easy to control and most importantly hygienic.

Now on to the DOWNFALL

SMELLS AWFUL, but it's because of this foundation is fragrance free. It's the bulk smell, i really hate it. But well no fragrance means less alcohol, which is actually good for our skin right?

On to FOTD, chamwhore time :)

Products :
Me... Me.. ME ^^

After 4 hours of usage.

Have anyone ever tried this foundation? What do you Fantabulous think?


  1. uwow! Fierce pose! Terutama yang pake penggaris.. hehehe.. Tapi tetep kereeennn.. :D
    Awesome as always Mada!

    1. AHiww,, jadi maluuu nih cil hahahaha... temen kantor iseng fotoin. Thanks for dropping by :*

  2. mada, mau nanya dong TOP 5 Foundationnya mada, merk apa aja?terimakasih

  3. hot hot.. jadi tertarik nyoba d.. secara ak pake age defying two way cake nya dan okehh beratt.. LOL! ;)

    1. Eh eh.. nyoba bedaknya juga gaaak? Lagi mupeng juga nihhh.. hehehe...

  4. mada kerenn and cantik. huuuuaa iri ma matany mada >.<