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Saturday, October 22, 2011

(Long Posponed) Haulage

If food, maybe it's already "basi", but i just wanna share as i promised before about my haulage while in Europe, mostly chocolate, because i can easily get that in the supermarket hahaha...
I just had like 3 hours to shop, imagine... in the middle of summer sale, where the queue-ing was so long hmpftt.... T-T

Fresh from the Luggage

Supermarket version of Sacher Torte

yummu.. Clever chocolate

Chocolate from Slovenija

random chocholate i picked up somewhere

Bought these in Venice..

Mozart chocolate from Austria and Clever wafer

SHOESSS from Pixie, Zara and H&M (the right one is leopard folded flats)

Souvenir from Venice

H&M bags

Wine,champagne and beer :D
I tried to write down my expenses but on the third day i lost track :D *bad mee... bad me*
I got my mom lotsa stuff, umbrella from Venice with Venice's picture on it and some glass necklace and earring from Venice, also Elizabeth Arden cosmetics i got on Turky duty free shop. My dad and siblings got Antonio Banderas's Perfume and lotsa clothes. My loved one got 3 nice shirt from H&M and one belt and of course the liquor. My besties got H&M long dresses, and some of dear friends got chocolate and nice toiletries with super cute packaging.
Seems a lot huh? But i only spend like 150 euros for all of it, that including all my haulage on the top... everybody happy :D

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