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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hai ladies, you didn't think i went to Penang without something i got in my luggage right? I'm spending my cash on some products that i thought you guys might interested into.

Feel free to check on it HERE

Some already sold out in my hometown, and via BBM. So what you see is what you get, and please please help me earn some cash :)

Thanks darla, keep fantabulous ^^


  1. maaakkk... miss youuuuu... :bighug:
    ternyata banyak hal yang terjadi while you're gone yaa?
    tetep semangat darl
    kangen sama posting2mu neeehhh..
    eniwei, tumben blog sale-nya ga ada make up? ^^

  2. Udh pada laku say, waktu aku bawa pulang ke Medan :)
    Yang di post disitu sisa-sisa... mudah2an cepat laku juga, amin!

  3. eh.. thank you btw for ur support *kecepetan pencet enter*