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Saturday, October 29, 2011

(Edited) You're Invited to Costume Party, Dresscode? Humiliation a.k.a NORAK

One of my beloved organization is throwing away costume party in order to celebrating the anniversary, and the theme is "Back to Nature". At first i was like, what to wear hadaaaah..... Back to nature means, er.. WEAR NOTHING rite? LOL
Since there would be a lot of performance from every classes, my classes and several classes decided to join up and make a video as a wish and "ice-breaker" during the party. Yesterday, the shooting began. We decided to dress up for the video with 80's. VIVA 80's reminds me of colourful outfit and lots of layering. Remember Docmart, latex legging, Jane Fonda, ah... memories :D
And to make it more "worse" my colleagues told me that it has to be super duper "NORAK".

Sadly i love myself that much not to publish the whole look of me that day, don't have enough nerve to post it here *nail biting*. So i'm just gonna post the FOTD.

Still budgeted, still doing it fast and really long lasting :)

Sari Ayu Kenanga Moisturizer
Fanbo TWC in Gaharu

Upper lash : Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara
Lower Lash : Target eyeliner in black (comes in a set with eyeshadow and everything) see the appeareance here

Wardah lip palette no. 33 (apply with finger)

Wardah lip palette no. 23

Oh yes, anybody planning on having or attending Halloween party? Would love to see your costume and FOTD, Happy Halloweeeeeen everybody ^^

Okay, answering from Puput's request. Here it is, the video... not the actual one.. just the one they captured at venue while it is played.

Me, the one with gold belt!

TO :
Top - One shoulder bling (the top looks like this)
Leopard Skirt (can't really be seen tho')
Black stocking
Rotelli heels

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  1. ayo di postiiinnggg.. pengen liaaattt..
    eniwei, fotonya keren koook ^^
    kulitmu sekarang agak putihan yaa?