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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak Peek to My Traincase (Face)

Inspired by @Loullah and as requested by Ephong, i will give you my fantabulous a tour. It may not much, compare to other beauty blogger's but these are my babies, and i am proud of them haha...

Well, i decided to make this section, because i always have love to peek at other's traincase. Yeah, it gives me pleasure to see those beauties, same as ai love to watch make up in progress. Don't you guys just amazed by before and after the make up is done. Well, in my case i do!

Without further a do, here what i have on my traincase now.

Left :

ZA limited edition compact
Concealer palette (no brand)
Australis Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me
Palladio Wet & Dry Powder
Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse
Milani Creme to Powder Foundation
Naturactor shade 151

Right :
Inez  concealer
Inez Satin Liquid Foundation
La Tulipe Cover Foundation
Sari Ayu Foundation
LT PRO Foundation
PAC Cream Foundation

I got another palette from LT PRO, consist of three Dual Function powder, in Dark.


  1. Oh wow you have lots of foundations! Haha. I only got a few now in my stash and most of them are liquid foundations. :)

  2. @fifi : a long search in finding soulmate dear :D now am saving to get the mac one,wish me luck hehe...

  3. nice idea to make a post about your make up collections :)

  4. @shasha : inspired and requested dear, next month is about eyeshadow :)stay tuned *smooch*
    thx for visiting anyway...