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Friday, January 21, 2011


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my last Christmas concert, i have 2 client. My conductor forbid me to do make up anymore, he said, "I don't want you to be tired at the concert, so just take few client don't do much like usual". I'm thankful for his concern it means that he really paid attention to every single person in his watch not just me. Because i used to do "Thank You Project" and he can saw how exhausted i was doing almost all of the girls make up. Thank u Mas B (Mas is a calling for elder brother in Indonesia from Javanese culture).

The time is tight, because we rehearsed with harp and pianist. Which is a little bit tricky with the beat and we have to be extra careful, because of the high expectation we can't afford to do ordinary in this concert. Eventho' the member was 60% newbie to our choir. And Thanks God, the review is good.

As always we only got like less than 1 hour to eat dinner and prepare for our gown and make up. But i have to do Letisia and Antoneitta make up's in such little time. I'm kinda failed i think couldn't do much detailed on their eyes, but they like it so... Thanks God again.
And all the pictures here is not edited (as you guys know, i'm lameee *booooo* i couldn't even get those before after in one pictures). But i'll learned how to edit with photosop etc soon guys, just waiting for my tech geek to find a schedule and teach me :D PROMISE!!!!

she has a beautiful smile

make up just pop her eyes, and she has bouncy apple of the cheek *love it*



this picture was when we finished perform and can do meet and greet with audiences, the face look a bit white

this picture was taken when we're still on the stage with those lighting, you ladies can see how the make up match the lighting, yes?

I'm terribly sorry if the picture is so small...it's randomly taken by the other chorister after the concert. We had 10 big lighting inside the hall on that night, i don't know why, usually we only got 6 of them. Can u imagine the heat ladies :s

I did Letisia's make up for probably 30 minutes and Antoinetta's make up just 15 minutes the longest, i remember we already late for last vocalizing right before we got into stage at 7.30 PM. We had to be ready at 6.30 PM to vocalizing and then rehearse the attack of the songs (sort of run through) and we have to do it before the audiences start coming and line up outside the concert hall. HECTIC!!! *i came up late to the stage :p because i couldn't find my flat black shoes, i hate wearing heels when singing because i ended up with whining and feel not comfy :D please understand it's like 2 hours of standing and singing in mostly classical music hehehe...(we wore black for this gown, i suggest gold because it's match with the ribbon on the dress but the newest chorister they don't have it so i came up with the gold earrings instead,more affordable right?).

What'd i use on their face?

VIVA Green Tea cleansing milk followed with toner
Clinique moisture surge
Revlon shine control
The Skin Food make up base in Green
Maybelline BB cream for Antoinetta and Kryolan for Letisia
Fanbo TWC in Kuning Langsat for Letisia and Fanbo TWC in Sawo Matang for Antoinetta
Mustika Ratu oxygenated spray
Marcks loose powder for finishing

For the eyes

Aubeau eye shadow base
Coastal Scent 88 shimmer palette
Inez eye shadow in Pattaya
Gel eye liner (MAC)
Unbranded black fake lashes glue (i used it  in my first make up step by step)
Jolly Falsies (double falsies for Letisia)
Inez white eye liner pencil for lower lash line (water line)
Gel eye liner for lower lash line and blot it with black eye shadow to prevent smudging


PAC blush on no.4 for shading in the depth of the cheek
Inez blush on for apple of the cheekno.4 in autumn rose (for Antoinetta)
Mineral pink blush on (Everyday Mineral, i got it in sample size) for Letisia
ELF Bronzer for blending the whole cheek area, i like to blend it because it gives one new shade to the cheek

Finally the Lips

The Body Shop (forgot what number) in nude color
Red A lipstick in 606 (peachy pink color)
Revlon lipgloss


hehehe... like i said, i refuses to wear heels on stage so i look super short *i'm on the left side*) n this is when we are about to line up backstage very few minutes before the concert

our loyal audiences before concert *we always start our concert ON TIME* yeah, the Indonesian always known for the late, but in my choir we do everything profesionally :)
 with the pianist and harpist also the VVIP's (in the middle) 

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