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Friday, May 6, 2011

April - May Haulage

Cheating again on my skincare regiment *feels like wanna cry* but i need this, i got a prom client soon and since i got range for my make over fee, i decided to buy these items. I'm gonna rambling about my make over fee in another post. Long story comes short, i got 3 range of fee, affordable for using Indonesia's decorative products, medium for using America's drugstore decorative products, and high-end cosmetic (which i'm collecting one by one now :D).
I went to Mahmud and Rama Sinta to buy these items, they are the biggest beauty supplier in my city, Bandung.
Several products that on my list was sold out, too bad. I'm gonna go back and get those items when they're in stock. Like RedA translucent powder, and some lashes. Also i got several items from Carrefour.
Clockwise :
Hair Brushes
Double side mirror
Wardah suncren gel
Taman Sari hand & foot spray
Viva Green Tea toner
Vaseline healthy white in traveling size
3 shade of Inez Smooth Satin Foundation
Mitu Cleansing Wipes : Shikada 30 sheet, and Finesse 10 sheet
Elise Falsies, and Morisse falsies (i got 6 of them)
Fanbo TWC refill in Gaharu
One box of Name card
White Lotus Lamp
Orange Lipstick and Clear Lip Gloss
Makarizo anti frizz
Hair Foam
Biore 2 in 1 cleansing wash

I'm broke and happy :)


  1. ahahaha don't worry your mom is always by your side to support your beauty needs..

  2. wow beli sekaligus 3 shade inez satin foundie ya??tp emg bagus bgt ya foundie ini ^^

  3. jadi penapsaran bgt sama inez satin foundie indang..

  4. oia Mahmud & Rama Sinta dimananya bandung yak?? (hehe aku newbie di bandung ^///^)

  5. hai gorgeous ladies :)

    gingersnaps : i wish dear,if mum still support i will definetely go for high end brands (evil grin) :D i bought everything with my own hard earned money T-T
    nisa-chan : enak say, aku pakenya dicampur2 kalo buat ngelenongin, ternyata bisa dapet shade yang pas loh ^^
    ephong : My new HG for foundie now :)
    yurina : rama sinta di jalan astina no 23, kalo mahmud di jalan mahmud-nya. Enaknya brenti di Istana Plaza aja, jalan dikit ke rama sinta (rama sinta n mahmud lokasinya deketan, bisa jalan kaki), selamat berburu :D

  6. mereknya apa mada clear lipglossnya? lagi nyari2 nih tapi pengen yg murce..

  7. @ andriani : beli di mahmud say, itu murah bener dah.. sampe takut make-nya wkwkw... blm di"zolimi" ntar kalo udah aku pasti laporan hasilnya :)

  8. ripiu wardah sunscren dong, say... pengen cari sunscreen baru niih... >.<

  9. @steph : aku baru pertama kali pake sunscreen dari drugstore (biasanya dokter), yang ini non greasy.. gak oily jg stlh dipake tapi ada white head, gak tau karna ini ato facial cleanser. Lagi nunggu 2 minggu lagi biar pas sebulan baru kureview yak... *excited* ^^

  10. hi... numpang lewat yah, mau tanya itu lipstick orange nya merek apa mada?? seems gorgeous... Salam, Chiyo ;)

  11. sayy bagusan jopankar, mahmud, atau rama shinta ya kalo nyari yg lengkap dan murah?? pengen ke bandung niiih hehe