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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week Post is Gonna Be About...

I'm trying to organize my postings... and in order to do that, i'm gonna start listing things that i wanna post for entire weeks.
This week post is gonna be about :
  1. My favourite thing from January till April
  2. My favourite dresses for all time :D
  3. April small haul
  4. FOTD inspired by Jessica Harlow video - Sexy Shamrock 
  5. Prom Night Look and Hairdo (since i got client on it soon)
  6. Wish List
  7. Blog Sale (Gonna be lots of kids branded clothes, get ready mommies :D) 
That's all for this week, starting from today i hope :D
Sorry for the the less intensity of blogging, i have been very BUSY and STRESS for my upcoming event. Wish me luck dear ladies...

The posting maybe not in exact order but that's what i'm gonna post for this entire week. Thank u for keep reading and keep fantabulous ladies... XOXO

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