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Monday, May 23, 2011

ELF $1 Eyeshadow Brushes

I've heard rumours and read reviews that say ELF is bad on their quality control, but yet again the prize is so cheap i couldn't resist the temptation to keep buying those brushes. Just to complete my collection.
Actually after using it, i have no complaint so far. Well to be fair, if we don't want end up having bad quality brushes go for MAC and Shu Uemura's brushes instead :D or for affordable dupe just check the Make Up Tool or Make Up Brush on Facebook. They are qualified seller for affordable and good brush for it's price.

Back to ELF, i got several brushes from their $1 line and Studio Line, but in this post i will review their $1 eyeshadow brushes, i got two of them and they come in different bristle and the length of the stick isn't at the same size, one is shorter.
The bristle is dense enough, but again for one brush and the other it's not on the same measure.. one is fat and the other one is a bit slanted.
the left one is a bit slanted and the right one is more dense
I have used both to apply my eyeshadow, it did the job well tho' and the only reason i didn't complaint was "I Got it on Pre-Order and took about one month to arrived also it's CHEAP".


  1. say, itu brush nya besar ga sih? klo untuk bagian eye lid aja?

  2. @nisa : lebih besar dari yang angeled eye shadow brush-nya sih say.. agak gendud dia... ntar aku ukur deh ukuran patinya yak.. kalo buat lid sih pas, kecuali buat monolid, agak kegedean tampaknya... *sotoy* :D