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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prom Night Look and Hair Do (edited)

Well.. for teenager out there, be happy. It's prom time.. and time to DOLLED UP.
I got 4 clients on early May (actually more but because my friend that usually helped me doing the hair do if i got several client couldn't make it on that day so i have to reject some -it's better to take few clients but they're satisfied rather than having lots of money by taking more clients but in the end no one is happy - my very own wisdom of quality control- hihihi...), they're going to PROM at Savoy Homan Hotel (In Bandung, West Java) and the show begin at 4PM. So it's like afternoon gig, but it's usually late.
Who wants to be the first to arrived at prom, i think there's only guardian parents and teacher that do so :D everybody usually come late rite? The theme of the prom they're attending was "Movie"

Somehow they remind me to a song "Beyonce - All the Single Ladies"  hhihihi...

Trying to find all the detail of the hair do, but couldn't at least not from the back like i wanted to show you ladies *hiks* so here's the close up from them... not the best shoot, since i was busy doing all the make up and hair do i didn't even bother to take pics or remind someone to take it for me...

They came up one hour and 30 mins late around 1PM, because of traffic and they decided to come to my place with a cab instead of using their own vehicle (because i charge for transportation fee if i'm going to do make up in clients house, since i don't have any vehicle), i was complaining because it means there's another hectic moment doing their make up and hair do, which i really really don't like doing make up in a rush. Make up especially eyes, needs detail and every shape of face and eyes need certain "tricks".
I did their hair do first, and after all of the hair was done i started with their make up. And because they came up late, i only did their eye make up for like 15-20 minutes each (ARGHHH)...
First i apply moisturizer - primer - foundation - TWC/Loose Powder - False Lashes - Eyebrow - Eye Make Up - Cheek - Lipstick. After all the clients done, i did the final retouch, such as adding lipgloss (because i told them to eat a little while waiting, to prevent them from empty stomach at prom), adding powder and fixing the un-even anything :)

I didn't feel satisfied for the make up, but from the feed back that i got from them, they said they're happy and all their friends were saying they look good. Ah, thanks God.. i got another satisfied clients.

She's wearing braces, and her hair is so long and soft and thick, i decided to go with simple curl because she's sweet and i don't want her end up older than she is, and she asked for simple make up for the face.I did her hair with hair straightener, and since her hair is so thick, it took about half an hour just to curl and couple more minutes to do the rest (half up do).

She wants Adele's hair do on her newest video clip, so i gave it to her and soft smokey eyes because her dress is already got pimped, she got herself a vintage belt from her sister collection while her sister was on junior high school, nice! And the smokey eyes matches her nice cute ZARA pumps - i want that pumps, badly-
She has a big curly hair, too bad i didn't took a picture before i did the hair do. And she asked for simple up do because she wants to wear the hair accesories that she take with her that day. A cute nice hair accesories. And didn't has any request on her face, so i give her a nice fresh look.
I love her hair, so bouncy and yet big curl. We stuck a bit long decided what type of hair do, because she's not convenient with her back and wants the hair to be put just like that, and i disagree. I think we can "hide" her back yet still give hear a look that "cover" the shape of the face. And finally she likes it, and i went a bit heavy on her eyes, because i think she can handle that :) and apparently she nail it. She's the fastest that i did that day, less than 15 minutes i think.. i reckon that because they already got picked up by one of the girl's sister which means we're LATE already..
 The 3 of them, i only can find this pic (grabbed it from their FB page, with permission)
Their hair do, that not so obvious >.<

 The chaotic after they got dolled up, messy!
They're ready to rock on the stage :)

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