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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cheap Highlighter (Local Brand)

Hallow Ladies, today is seriously a BAD day. You guys know how i hate rain rite? And it was raining so hard, untill theres floods everywhere on the road. Bad news for me, i couldn't go home and have to wait like 4 hours. And i took a cab home, and the driver wouldn't take me, because of the traffic. So i had to go back and find another cab. CRAP, i was wet from top to toe. And yes, i brought my umbrella but still wet. Sucks..

Anyway... to highlight my day? :)  I did promise my fellow FD friend to review on this powder. It is actually a basic translucent powder but the 'look' inside not the packaging is similar to NYX Mosaic Pwder Highlighter (link courtesy of MakeupAlley).

Here's the look... sorry for bad quality picture..
The Brand is RedA, it's a local brand, actually this brand is dedicated for teenager, because of the product is small and the rest of decorative product comes in a very cheap price. I got this powder for IDR 18.700 (approx. $2), and has a tinyyyyy tiny bit of shimmer IMO, but not much. And you barely can noticed that, which i love about this.

RedA compact powder shade Translucent

Ingredients :

Talc., Zinc Stearat, CI 77019, Aluminium Starch, and very sorry the rest of ingredients i wouldn't be able to read them becaue they printed the MFG date and code right on the top of them. (Already throw away the boxes also, my bad)

Love :

The shimmer is not too much. Netto 14g (quite ok). Almost scent-less (just a hint). Price was cheap. Available locally. Staying power buildable but i have to say medium. Love the color of the compact pink :D

Hate :

It would be perfect if there's no shimmer at all (i hate shimmery thingy, but this one is quite ok). If you have oily face then this would be a problem, because shimmer and oily face is not a match, you will look extra glowy if you didn't use any setting powder or matte powder, me thinks.

Repurchase :  Absolutely :)

I will insert my FOTD using this highlighter, and i didn't take the swatch yet. Because there's gonna a different post about this. I'm planning to compare this with Benefit High Beam, whose gonna win the battle, let's see together.

Face : Fanbo TWC in Gaharu apply dry and (light) dab motion only, Red A translucent on my nose bridge, under my eyes (you know i have heavy panda eyes right, it didn't make it go away but it surely lighten the under eye area), a bit on my temple of the cheek and upper cheek bone.
Cheek : NYC bronzer
Eyes : Pixy liquid eyeliner and Maybelline mascara, Lyra eyebrow pencil
Lips : None!

It gives a sheer and light coverage, but you can always built up the coverage, i'm not going anywhere just hanging out at my friend's apartment so i didn't bother to do a heavier coverage.


  1. Maaaaak, eike pernah tuh beli itu... tapi bingung pakainya.... wkwkwkwk, mau coba beli lagi deh buat highlighter hohoho...PM in pin BB yee donk maak,

  2. aku pm lwt fd yak... hihi.. dikaw sudah punya yang high end brand ngapain lg beli ini, buat daily sih ok jg.... tapi kalo mukanya oily pake dikit aja, ada shimmernya soalnya... :D

  3. waaah, baru tau ada highlighter dgn minimal shimmer dari RedA (mukaku berminyak sih hehe). makasih infonya! :)


  4. makasih udah mampir 13vyl , *tari hula* rumahku disampering looxperiment. senangnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :)