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Friday, December 30, 2011

Small Haul to end the Year

Holla pretties, how are you gonna spend your new year eve? Party? EXcited huh? To get dolled up and spend the eve with your dearests, i wish all of you happiness! *smooches*

Now, i got myself these products. Not much, decided to go on face section this time. Just out of curiosity, not by need sadly. But before i bought these stuff, already decided this can be used for my clients. Depends on occasion. So it's not totally a waste, anyway some of these i got from my Fd friend and some i bought online.

Here we go
Details :

1. Benefit One Prime Day
2. Palladio herbal Wet & Dry in Natural clary
3. ZA Limited Edtion (to be used with Za skn Beauty Two-Way foundation or Za True White Two-Way foundation)
4. Skin79 Beblesh Balm

Haven't tried all of these but the Skin79. Will posted separate review on each!


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