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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haul + Fabulous Find

Short Posting, just letting you pretty fantabulous ladies to know.. that i'm doing a fabulous find section from now on. The idea is still making you look good (on budget).

So, as i posted on twitter, i got a lots of project for 2012. Most of them is DIY, and Make over (with budget), and keeping the game on. Since i envy lots of bloggers that been ahead of me, hiks.. CONQUER THIS IDOTECH thingy is my main goal tho :D

I got like lots of gowns from my concert (thanks to Maranatha Christian University Choir) but i feel it too much to wear even to attend a wedding party. I prefer dresses, midi or mini dresses, and before i realize apparently i got tons of LBD, and just 2 maxi dresses.

Enough for the blabbering, i run out to supermarket yesterday (Giant Pasteur Hypermart) nearby my house, to do some research about the stuff that i might need for the project. And yeah.. blame it on me it's all my fault (guilty as charge) i ended up buying one maxi dress. On some FO (Factory Outlet) on the first floor near A&W, at first, people (and me) were skeptical, NOBODY was in the store except the employees, and the stuff looks so unattractive (i blame it on their window display, and also the option of mix and match, what they put on the hanger).
But i saw the 50% sign, and for killing time (i told myself :p) i went there, HUH fooling myself, i found like 3 fabulous tops (but decided not to get it, and now i'm in regret).

But if you see this, you will understand why this is the fabulous find!

Maxi dress : Puresuits size S
They have the center on 4 different color, the gold one, the silver one, the purple one, and the red one. The gold one is the most prettiest, looks expensive and the rest just so-so.

I know it might look unattactive (thanks to my photography skill :s), but trust me, the detail is so yummy.
I love the shoulder strap, it was Greek style, and the fabric is smooth not hot while wear.

AND THE SURPRISING PART of course the price :
 IDR 124,500 approx $13.8 ($1 = IDR 9,000)

HAHAHA GOT YOU!!!!!! THE PRICE SHOWN WASN'T ON SALE YET! SO I GOT IT FOR LIKE IDR 62,250 (approx. $6.91). By that price in Indonesia, you can get 2 cup of starbucks :D



  1. wooow,,,,nice found, hun!
    sblm diskon aja udah muraah, apa lagi dgn harga diskoon ituu..
    knp cm beli satuuuuu..haha..>.<


  2. thx hun... er... karna udah belanja baju banyak bgt bulan ini, total hampir 50 bijik hahaha... tapi tetep harganya muraaah sangat....

  3. hah?
    Kamu di Bandung?
    Dan rumahmu deket Giant Pasteur?
    Deket sama rumahkuuuuuu...

  4. @sepatumerah : What a small world, can't wait for 8 on looxperiments make up session! Will meet you thereeee *cups*