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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just out of curiosity, Review of Skin 79 BB Cream

This is not my first trial on BB cream, already tried the Maybelline one and since everyone is still raving about this i decided to get me one. Anyway i can use it for my clients, later on.
I think this will look perfect for those who has the shade around NC 20-25.
Everyone's been reviewing this and if you google-d it, you will find tons of result about this. I'm not gonna confuse you with doing any review, will just post how did it looks on me. And what i like or didn't like about this, fair enough? But if you want to know my review feel free to asked, since i'm gonna do every way i can to use this that everyone's been suggesting :D

The Famous Skin79 Super BB Cream Triple Functions
It claims : Whitening, UV Protecting SPF 25 PA++, Wrinkle Free
Mine expiry date is 2014/03/06 quite long huh?

Why i love this?
The expiry date quite long, and we didn't have to guessing around ( every product has an expiry date, such as we have to, HAVE TO throw away mascara after 3 montsh of using, hm.. got me thinking, i should probably do another post about expiry date)
40g, which is quite a lot of liquid.
Quite cheap approx. $17 (include shipping to my house with currency $1 = IDR 9000), i saw with my own eyes the store that i used to bought make up sold this for IDR 315000 (approx $35), i got mine at Mirielle Shop.
The texture is not watery, very creamy indeed, beyond my expectation, i didn't recall the texture will be so creamy, love it (personal taste)

What i dislike :
The coverage, it didn't cover my flaws, but yet i haven't tried using it with all the methods possible (with brushes and my beauty blender) just yet.
After 7 hours of application, i prefer my other foundation. Because after few hours of application my flaws start to showed, fact that i only hang out and went to groceries.
Have to be extra effort cleaning my face after using this, otherwise helloooooowww pimples >.<

Pictures tells a thousand words, i should let you guys decide, no? :)

PS : i set this BB cream with loose powder only.

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