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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cream Foundation that match with Indonesian's Woman Shade

In Indonesia, we got several of cosmetic's brands. What really make me fall in love is this brand Sariayu, the way they named their products. In my opinion really really appreciate Indonesian Heritage. They launced their new range of decorative and grooming products once a year, usually at the end of the year, with cute names taken from one culture or one area in Indonesia example the collection from 2010 is called "Senandung Rimba Sumatra" (Sumatra's Forest Voices, i think i got it translate wrong but that's the best i can come up with :D) comes in "Koleksi Toba" (Toba Lake -my hometown- the biggest vulcanic lake in the world) and "Koleksi Nias" (Nias is an island near Sumatra Island). They launched the 2011 collection already. You can check their website  here

Quote from their website says, " Sariayu is committed to natural total beauty care. Offering a wide range of products suitable to tropical climate and made of natural ingredients processed by modern technology for women who believe that external beauty is equally as important as internal beauty. Greatly inspired by Indonesian culture and tradition to provide external treatments to beautify the face and body, and nurturing supplements to assist beauty from within. With Sariayu products, you will experience the wonder of looking good outside & feeling great inside."
Source : www.sariayu.com

What i wanna review and talk about is their cream foundation... I got 3 shade of their cream foundation, like i said the way they named the shade of their cream foundation makes me fall in love. It made easier to define what shade to buy. They are kuning gading, kuning langsat, and sawo matang. One shade i didn't buy is kuning pengantin (yellow bride) is a yellow shade for traditional brides.
You guys probably not familiar with this shade and more familiar with NC/NW (Neutral Cool/ Neutral Warm) to differ the shade of foundation and powder.
From this website i finally define and got conclusion of what shade goes along for nc and nw in Indonesian Women skin tone. Warms are more peachy/pinky and Cools are more of a bluish/yellow.

Let's get into the swatches, so you guys can have better explanation.

in thick transparent jar
 when opened : top is kuning langsat, bottom left is kuning gading and bottom right is sawo matang
Kuning Langsat : Goes well for NC 25-30
Kuning Gading : Goes well for NW 20-25
Sawo Matang : Goes well for NC 35-37
Note : This is just my opinion by reading reviews and checking websites. If you find it helpful then i'm glad, if you can tell or inform me a better conclusion i will gladly review it again, thank you :)

Swatches (indoor and no flash)
in my hand : NC35-37
L-R : kuning  langsat, kuning gading, sawo matang

L-R : sawo matang, kuning langsat, kuning gading

same as above
My opinion
I did used this a lot for doing my clients and myself. And i love the texture, easy to blend (i usually wear this with wet sponge and just tap it on my face not by dragging it), for the combination skin it's doing the job well but on oily skin it probably need a better primer. I used this with primer (The Skin Food and Revlon). And set it with finishing spray or evian.

Check my FOTD using this cream foundation in sawo matang here
The foundation looks so dark, but if you blend it well it matches with your skin tone perfectly.

If you find the cream foundation or liquid foundation is darker than your skin tone after applied, you can set it with a lighter tone of compact powder or two way cake (whatever you prefer) and for the finishing don't forget to wear a loose powder ( it absorb the oil and set your powder and foundation to your skin).


  1. yg utk nc 30an kok koneng banget sih mada :/ haha dirimu make yg sawo matang ya :)

  2. @andriani : cakep loh dipakenya.. wkwkw... udah aku test drive ke klien :)
    iya aku match pake shade sawo matang, keliatannya item banget di jar tapi dipakenya matching ama shade ku... ah suka lah, murah meriah ceria :D dipake keringetan jg mantap.

  3. oil controlnya gmana mada???
    harganya berapaan sih?


    1. Kalo pake spons basah apply-nya di kulitku yang kombinasi masih aman setelah 4-5 jam, tapi ttp harus touch up di daerah T.

  4. cara make foundie ini sebagai concealer gimana?harus pake sponge lembab ya??trus bisa gag foundie sawo mateng buat shading muka? kira2 kalo buat highlite nya warna apa ya??

    1. Kalau aku pake concealer, aku pakenya setelah pake foundation. Jadi kalau masih ada noda yang pengen ditutupi baru aku totol2 pake foundie ini, pake spons lembab, trus buat yang kulitnya kuning langsat yang shade sawo matang masih bisa dipakai shading, tapi tipis sih gak medok :)