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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Throw Away Your Tubes?

Spend too many times squeezing your tubes, when it's almost finished? I did, until i read in some magazine this tips, how to deal with your almost empty tubes. I did it, and it works.
Let me share it to you ladies, hope it'll work for you too...
This one is my almost finish facial wash, i did it with any tube -moisturizer,foundation- work for almost every plastic tube.

I cut it into two pieces, with a scissors.
It still got a lot of cream inside. (I cut it almost 2 weeks, and still using it now.. can figure how many left inside after you cut the tube rite ladies)

 This is how i put them together again, empty one side first, then it's not gonna messed up the other side of tube. ( I like to empty the up tube first, with clean finger empty all the cream to the bottom tube, so the up tube is clean and not messing up while i put them together)

Trust me, when you cut the tube open you'll be surprised on how many the cream left ^^


  1. I haven't found any counterfeit for EH code B gel liner. if yours is Code B, then it should be okay. the one that has been counterfeited is EH eyeliner gel since EH confirmed that those artliner gel is already discontinued >.< I'll be reviewing the fake one later. even it got a super different packaging...fool me T_T

  2. Hey darl, thanks for answering my Qs super fast!
    Did throw away the boxes tho' so i just hoped mine isn't counterfeit item... *finger crossed*