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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Addition To my Shoe-Rack (Closer Look)

I haven't post about apparel and accesories for like ages. Not like i'm forgetting them, but all my paycheck goes to Make up -_-

This is the closer look of what i got in the past month, FLATS only.. will post the Heels on another day.
I think i'm done with shoes, well... for this year du du du... (innocent face)

I just need another pair of nude pumps and red heels and i'm done oh.. and a couple of Ni Luh Djelantik shoes. Here come the greedy girl :p

Ladies, proud to present you my babies..

H&M, Marie Claire, Pixie

Nevada, H&M foldies, Unbranded

My favourite Leopard foldies from H&M (5 euro only) hihihihihi...
I got all of them in pretty cheap prices. Price vary but not much from approx $15 (IDR 150.000) Most of them cost me less than $10. The red flats only cost me approx $8 (IDR 75.000) it was on 50% sale.


  1. Oh my, great new purchases! I'm so jealous of girls who can work out their flat, I'm more of a high heels kinda girl :)
    The H&M foldies are lovely!

  2. @ fifi : i wish i can wear heels every single day *sobbing*, like they said... if it's not hurting u than it's not the right shoe (Monte Carlo Movie) hehe... i just can't, i walk and ride with public transport everyday, so it's better flats. i can run everywhere fast.
    thank you anyway, i also love the foldies (u know why, because it's cheap) hahaha..