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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graftobian High Defenition Foundation Palette in Neutral

You all know how much i like a good complexion. And this one is amazingly surprising for my liking. Heard so many good things about this foundation, and since this is one of the TOP 5 foundation reccommendation from Goss Make Up Artist, i’m excited to share with you my experience with this love.

First, i have two more palette coming, see how much i like this? :D

I use this for my clients, use this on day and night, sunshine and rain. Used, Tested, Approved.

Let’s get to know this foundation better shall we?

First impression

To light for my liking, when i swatch it.

After several times of using, with different application here’s my final thought.

  • With finger : Melted in your hand, not a bad thing but somehow i didn’t like it anymore. Why? Time Consuming, since i’m a working lady now, every minutes counts. Late to the office is a big NO NO, agree? The result when using finger, is more tricky. It glides well, sure. But for some area you really need time to make sure everything is covered.

With sponges :

  • Egg Sponge

Blended easily, as well as the rest of the foundation amount get absorbed to the sponge easily. So this is a love and hate relationship. The plus is, with the shape of this sponge, you can reach the area that is hard to apply when you’re using finger. For me is the wide cheek,LOL.
  • Sponge

Blend easlily too, and same with the egg sponge. Love and hate.
  • Stippling Brush

Fast. Fast. FAST! Need anymore reason? Blended nicely, buildable.
My favourite application when using this foundation
  • Using finger in some area, my under eye, then with stippling brush apply this to the rest of the face. Then with sponge, set the T area with loose powder.

What i love about this foundation :

  • ·         HD, seriously looking good in pictures, with flash a bit tricky, some area still shine but it was due to my skin type. Combination and acne prone, and because i didn’t touch up, remember i’m the “Lazy to Touch up kinda GIRL”.
  • ·         CHEAP, duuh? LOL...
  • ·         Staying power superb! Working 9-6 sometimes 7 and hang out after for dinner (waiting for trafficwar to be ended before went home). Anymore prove you need? Mind me “ojekking” to office, and lunch have to run around the crossing bridge sometimes walked around 10 minutes, make it 20 minutes to back and forth in the humid weather of Jakarta.
  • ·         Buildable, want a sheer coverage? Can do.. Medium coverage can do,too. Heavy, have to added compact/ setting powder. With this foundation, i don’t think it’s neccessary to add TWC to set it. Too much, and will ruin the HD thingy, you might look too “make up”.
  • ·         Lots of shade to choose, you can choose the exact shade for your face.


  • ·         Packaging is tricky, too close with each other, sometimes it get mixed up if i were in hurry.
  • ·         Didn’t cover acne scars well. HAVE TO add concealer, with i’m good with showing of some flaws. (Blah.. i was too lazy to grab my concealer from my vanity case, :p so what happened was i use the lighter shade to conceal the acne scars, sometimes).
  • ·         You need to set this foundation! Serious! Loose powder will do. I think it’s was the contra from HD thingy, you can wear it alone, but sometimes it still need “something” to hold on to so it wont crease, melted, whatsoever. Or if you’re lazy you can set it with setting spray.

Share with me some thought, pretties. What’s you experience with this HD thingy?

Graftobian HD Palette

 5 minutes after application
 15 Minutes after Application
 Couple Hours Later, blended well right?
 With Flash, still look white cast.
 Another day using this foundation, i look pale at the office >.<
 A Touch of lipstick, glasses of! Ready to rock from 9-9, LOL

Update About My Life

Haven’t blogged for more than one month now. Of course i have excuse for it dear Pretties, in case you’re curious.

Let’s just say i’m having a big fight with my “IdioTech” (Idiot in Technology).

I’m such a dumb dumb when it comes to computer, and the software and the tools. You all know that right? But life apparently have a BIG sense of humour. It humoured me with my current JOB.
Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I’m officially working ladies now. Battling my super comfort zone, working freelance. Now it’s 9-5, so long my long nap. LOL...

I’m working as Community Manager now, for Netbooster. Googling if you are clueless. With this new range of carreer (we don’t have this carreer section back in 10 years ago, i believe) in social media really open my eyes to a lot of things, how may times you’re whining about no internet connection, shitty phone services, and stuff? It’s important to have someone who customized your need with digital world. For digital world is the new “Doraemon’s Door” now, you can do everything online. Making friends, shopping, meet your soulmate, duuuh...;p
I’m so busy adapting with my new “family and TEAM”, learned so much stuff, analyzing tools, managing a community, transporting number into words. Seriously, i won’t survive if my office mates and my bosses weren’t being so kind assisting me with everything. Thank you guys..
In mean time, how about Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB)? Am sure you all read about our first gathering from the rest of blogger.. Yes, i’m lucky to have the job that pays the bills and the job that feed the soul at the same time. Me and the rest of the staff are busy arranging, meeting, and inviting, also reccomending the bloggers to attend beauty event to enrich our experiences so that we can do better on the things that we love, BLOG.

I just have that in mind that there’s so many new bloggers that seems just to follow trend, sometimes don’t event review things in the right way. I’m also still learning, let’s grow together shall we? Keep challenging ourself to do better is important, don’t stuck in your comfort zone. You might get surprised of how far people already ahead of you.

I have reach my short term goal for my life and for IBB. Now working my ass off to think, translate, plan, executing the long term goal.

I am taking baby step, settling everything down. Hope it falls to its pieces soon, can’t do this without you guys keep showering love to me, you know.. so thanks also for my dear Fantabulous that sincerely email me asking how am i doing. That’s one of the things that keep me sane and have strenght to stand still alone in this city you called, Jakarta J