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Monday, December 9, 2013

Vaseline Blogger Gathering

So I got a nice invitation from www.fashionesedaily.com about Vaseline blogger gathering, because I am a member of Fashionesedaily and they think I fits the criteria of new Vaseline Range, which is urban working woman, expose to the sun (that’s so right, I took “Ojek” to work), and want to take care of my skin intensively.

I grab the chance without thinking, plus it will be nice to meet fellow bloggers. As you guys know, I’ve been tight up with work I literally don’t have time to blog.
But that will change soon, I already have some plans. And beautiful Carryna Pratiwi agreed to help on my new logo.

So last week, I attend the gathering, after the lift door opened the familiar faces from Fashionesedaily greet me and I enter the room.

The event itself took place at Cyber 2 building, Tuesday October 8th 2013. And what excite me was there will be Hilda Kitty as Vaseline Brand Manager and dr. Eddy Karta, Sp.KK means, I actually can asked them anything I want to know regarding my skin. I’m more addictive to skin care now, rather than make up anyway. My skin do changed, as i… yeah… GROW OLD! Haha…

What caught my eyes?

A very nice quote right?

Come on admit it, how often you applied your skin care regime before going to work? Apparently once a day is not enough, I’ll tell you why later.

Based on BMI Research on woman that lives in 3 big cities in Indonesia, 97% aware of the needs of using more than just a regular lotion, but only 3  out of 10 knows that they need more intensive product, rather than just changing the brands.

We had chance to ask questions, and the bottom line is what is the difference between regular lotion and a serum is the ingredients, serum has more intensive ingredients that will protect your skin and answer the need of your skin. And it absorb easily on your skin without the extra “sticky” feeling that you get when you are using body butter for instance.

Vaseline Serums Body Range is now in three different “super” power to answer your skin needs.

From Left to Right    
1. Vaseline Nourishing Body Serum, to gives your dry skin extra protection
2. Vaseline SPF 30 Body Serum, protecting your skin from UV A and UV B
3. Vaseline Perfect 10 Body Serum,  get rid of your dull hair because of aging and lifestyle.

I personally loves the Vaseline Nourishing Body Serum, because of the scent and the finish result on my skin. My dry skin, feel moist instantly. But I realize that my skin needs more that that, so in the morning I applied Vaseline SPF 30 Body Serum, and in the night, before my bed time I clean up and use Vaseline Nourishing Body Serum. I rather go through that hassle using 2 products than have my skin dull. Can I hear AMEN, ladies? :D

I will give you a full review later on after few weeks of using. And I would love to hear your thought about this, has anyone tried it yet? Which one is your favourite? Let’s chat with me at @madafoe and @VaselineID (also don’t forget to follow us).
Would love to know your skin experience, and learn from your experience.

Lastly, I’m so happy to having a nice dinner and chit chat with Vanya, Anggi, Priscilla Clara, and Natalie also met some of the followers of @VaselineID
Too bad my battery died, so I couldn’t get the picture of the best dress code. They are so cute, I’m hoping that other fellow blogger has it, I will ask it from them and edit this post later on. I bet you must be curious as well.

Ah , almost forgot, we got a nice goody bag with the three range of Vaseline Serum Body Range, and you wanna see what I wore that day?

Rocking knee length boot on rainy Jakarta.
Thank you for reading, ladies. I MISS YOU! Feedback is always welcome… See you around on another post.