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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prom Night Look and Hair Do (edited)

Well.. for teenager out there, be happy. It's prom time.. and time to DOLLED UP.
I got 4 clients on early May (actually more but because my friend that usually helped me doing the hair do if i got several client couldn't make it on that day so i have to reject some -it's better to take few clients but they're satisfied rather than having lots of money by taking more clients but in the end no one is happy - my very own wisdom of quality control- hihihi...), they're going to PROM at Savoy Homan Hotel (In Bandung, West Java) and the show begin at 4PM. So it's like afternoon gig, but it's usually late.
Who wants to be the first to arrived at prom, i think there's only guardian parents and teacher that do so :D everybody usually come late rite? The theme of the prom they're attending was "Movie"

Somehow they remind me to a song "Beyonce - All the Single Ladies"  hhihihi...

Trying to find all the detail of the hair do, but couldn't at least not from the back like i wanted to show you ladies *hiks* so here's the close up from them... not the best shoot, since i was busy doing all the make up and hair do i didn't even bother to take pics or remind someone to take it for me...

They came up one hour and 30 mins late around 1PM, because of traffic and they decided to come to my place with a cab instead of using their own vehicle (because i charge for transportation fee if i'm going to do make up in clients house, since i don't have any vehicle), i was complaining because it means there's another hectic moment doing their make up and hair do, which i really really don't like doing make up in a rush. Make up especially eyes, needs detail and every shape of face and eyes need certain "tricks".
I did their hair do first, and after all of the hair was done i started with their make up. And because they came up late, i only did their eye make up for like 15-20 minutes each (ARGHHH)...
First i apply moisturizer - primer - foundation - TWC/Loose Powder - False Lashes - Eyebrow - Eye Make Up - Cheek - Lipstick. After all the clients done, i did the final retouch, such as adding lipgloss (because i told them to eat a little while waiting, to prevent them from empty stomach at prom), adding powder and fixing the un-even anything :)

I didn't feel satisfied for the make up, but from the feed back that i got from them, they said they're happy and all their friends were saying they look good. Ah, thanks God.. i got another satisfied clients.

She's wearing braces, and her hair is so long and soft and thick, i decided to go with simple curl because she's sweet and i don't want her end up older than she is, and she asked for simple make up for the face.I did her hair with hair straightener, and since her hair is so thick, it took about half an hour just to curl and couple more minutes to do the rest (half up do).

She wants Adele's hair do on her newest video clip, so i gave it to her and soft smokey eyes because her dress is already got pimped, she got herself a vintage belt from her sister collection while her sister was on junior high school, nice! And the smokey eyes matches her nice cute ZARA pumps - i want that pumps, badly-
She has a big curly hair, too bad i didn't took a picture before i did the hair do. And she asked for simple up do because she wants to wear the hair accesories that she take with her that day. A cute nice hair accesories. And didn't has any request on her face, so i give her a nice fresh look.
I love her hair, so bouncy and yet big curl. We stuck a bit long decided what type of hair do, because she's not convenient with her back and wants the hair to be put just like that, and i disagree. I think we can "hide" her back yet still give hear a look that "cover" the shape of the face. And finally she likes it, and i went a bit heavy on her eyes, because i think she can handle that :) and apparently she nail it. She's the fastest that i did that day, less than 15 minutes i think.. i reckon that because they already got picked up by one of the girl's sister which means we're LATE already..
 The 3 of them, i only can find this pic (grabbed it from their FB page, with permission)
Their hair do, that not so obvious >.<

 The chaotic after they got dolled up, messy!
They're ready to rock on the stage :)

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Review

Today i'm the super duper idiotech people on planet earth trying to do a little editing *where have i been, i know i know.. at least i'm trying to fight my idiotech, rite?* .
I download photoscape based on my friends recommendation, so here i am trying to blogging ;p

I have been dying to have this foundation since my favourite beauty guru, saaamage review this on her vlog. And my FD friend have this on sale so i decided to grab it without no doubt even tho i was a little bit worried about the shade, 180 Nude Beige. I am NC 35 and this shade probably too much lighter for me, but lucky me... somehow this shade is perfect for my daily look.

This is not the first time i used this foundation, used it for almost one week now and did try it on such humid weather like in Jakarta for 2 days (last week) , and it did an excellent result for me. I have to say, i prefer this foundation than my other HG Inez Satin Smooth Foundation for such humid weather. Inez oxydized after few hours and yes, lighter shade of powder will solve the problem but for oily skin (mine is combination) is disaster, if not wearing any primer. This Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse did a better job for oil control i must said on my combination skin. And the texture is so smooth, really like its name "smooth mousse", makes it so easy to blend. The only thing i like less about this is, the packaging didn't contain mirror but it's cute tho'.



Face : Maybelline Smooth Mousse #180 nude beige, Revlon L/P in light 
Eyes : Sariayu duo eyeliner and mascara, Inez eyebrow pencil in brown
I did use some product on my cheek and lips, but it faded so i won't write it down here.
This picture is taken after 7 hours of using, and didn't touch up at all.

Pro's : Not oxydized, easy to blend, good oil control (for normal - combination skin), texture is so smooth, light to medium coverage.
Con's : NOT AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA, Small size ( .49oz / 14g), have to careful when open, it gives stain sometimes because of it's packaging (swirl to open), small and thin sponge (shouldn't be a problem if we have a foundation brush or stippling brush or other sponges).
Repurchase : Yes, if i can find a spree open on FD :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

FOTD - Inspired by...

Like i said on this post i'm gonna copy JEssica Harlow FOTD from her video - Sexy Shamrock. I think she look super PRETTY in the video, well.. since i'm a HUGE fan of greeney lately (still :D) and i didn't copy all tho' doing my own version.
Because i'm not sure if i will look good on black cut crease like she did on her video. I'm still learning about this cut crease thingy.
Anyway, here's my -not too- sexy look hahaha...

I used dark green instead of black to my crease and blend it above. Well.. it's too many FOTD using green already, let just stop on this one, shall we? Continue-ing to my neutral color i think :D

Kinda forget but i kinda use this stuff that day..

Inez Satin Smooth foundation in Beige
Revlon L/P in Light

Inez loose e/s in green
88 shimmer palette - no brand in dark green
SA duo eyeliner and mascara
T217 falsies cut in half and in outer corner only
Inez eyebrow pencil in Dark chocolate

ELF all over color

Napoleon Perdis in Watermelon

Short Review on Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash and The Other Function Of It

This is a new range of cleanser of this brand that currently invaded in local drugstore and groceries, for you ladies that lives abroad probably you are won't find this stuff interesting. But here in Indonesia, we got very severe skincare and make up brands, so this is a very exciting thing to post. Sadly i forgot how much i get this product, because it bought it with other stuff also. But it was probably around IDR 25-35 k.

Already lots of reviews that claim this is a good product to rinse off your make up and clean your face in one step, i'm not gonna review this product for it real function this time. And i found it more interesting if i did a full review of it as "my new routine of cleansing my brushes". My usual routine on cleansing brushes, you can read it here

How did i end up with that idea, is when i was so in a rush and my foundation brush was dirty and i couldn't find my HG brush cleanser from Make Up Tool, and my eyes caught this product sitting nicely on my vanity drawer, i grab it and rinse my foundation brush with this. Well... well.. it gives a nice result, so i decided to share it with you ladies. I really hope you will find this tips helpful.

My current favourite brushes is on the way to getting a bath
Put about one tea spoon of this Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash on each side of the transparent box -which was originally my snack :D- 
Cleanse my brush on one side and rinse it with the other side of water, this is why i love this transparent box, i can clean and rinse my brushes on 2 in 1 way also.
sorry for the pic :D
I did this step repeatedly with all of the brushes, the separated water make sure i clean it and rinse off the excess of the dirt that may still there.

Can see the difference? Before and after and the second rinsing.
 After cleansing and rinse all of the brushes, i refill the transparent box with distilled water again and do the final rinse. If there's no stain left then the brushes is good and ready for drying. 
I really love this new way of cleaning my brushes, because it removes the dirt and the oil, some foundation give excess more sometimes it comes sort of oily. I might continue doing this, and will do other review on this cleanser as a face cleanser, wait it up dear ladies.

And thank you for keep reading. Love you a lot ^^

ELF $1 Eyeshadow Brushes

I've heard rumours and read reviews that say ELF is bad on their quality control, but yet again the prize is so cheap i couldn't resist the temptation to keep buying those brushes. Just to complete my collection.
Actually after using it, i have no complaint so far. Well to be fair, if we don't want end up having bad quality brushes go for MAC and Shu Uemura's brushes instead :D or for affordable dupe just check the Make Up Tool or Make Up Brush on Facebook. They are qualified seller for affordable and good brush for it's price.

Back to ELF, i got several brushes from their $1 line and Studio Line, but in this post i will review their $1 eyeshadow brushes, i got two of them and they come in different bristle and the length of the stick isn't at the same size, one is shorter.
The bristle is dense enough, but again for one brush and the other it's not on the same measure.. one is fat and the other one is a bit slanted.
the left one is a bit slanted and the right one is more dense
I have used both to apply my eyeshadow, it did the job well tho' and the only reason i didn't complaint was "I Got it on Pre-Order and took about one month to arrived also it's CHEAP".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Haul

I got several package last week, that arrived at my doorstep. Some off course are beauty related and some wasn't. I'm so excited to share with you ladies... my long awaited glitter eyeliner. Yeah yeah.. it's green (peacock) :D
Sorry for the late "report" my internet connection died for 4 days, and last week been so busy after FD event in Jakarta and short holiday getaway with my dearest bencong :D
Didn't have much time to take pictures and posting, just few hours replying messages, comments. I got so busy last week after my short getaway.
Anyway, will updated ASAP about everything that happened last week. I think i have to share something important about "shopping experience". For now let me show off  my babies.... ^^

Inside the bubble wrap is LA COLOR glitter eyeshadow but crack and so messy..
LA COLOR glitter eyeliner in 3D and Peacock
Amuse eye pencil in Metallic Pink
ELF mechanical eyelash curler
ELF stippling brush
Sigma travel set pencil brush E30
ELF eyeshadow brush

LA COLOR glitter eyeshadow in Bette
Maybelline dream smooth mousse Foundation #180
Amuse Blush Palette

There are items that i didn't get because it was sold out and can't be ordered because of size.. too bad.
That's it for now... keep fantabulous ladies and thanks for reading ^^ Would love to see your haulage too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silver Smokey Eyes (Another Battle)

Another battle is in the house, both is the winner in my heart. I love these babies, but you already know who's my favourite :D

Meet Inez Eyeshadow Quad in Vienna and L'oreal Open Eyes
Indoor - no flash
*clockwise* TOP : INEZ ; BOTTOM : L'oreal
 Outdoor -no flash
same as above
FOTD (same as this post but here is the closer look, my lappie is damn slow, i'll try to edit later)
LEFT : Inez; RIGHT : L'oreal

Note : I didn't wear any eyeshadow base

My opinion of this L'oreal :
Love the shade, so pigmented. But a bit too glowy for my taste. Somehow i love matte finished look, but i definetely love this, it's bigger than Inez and the packaging is cute! Very comparable with Inez tho'... so inez is the great dupe for this L'oreal quad.

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo Swatches and FOTD

Thank you for my new followers ^^ *sending bunch of love*

I'm cheating again, not that i'm a cheater ladies but i'm just excited to do this post.
I've got the GUTS to finally wear RED. OMG, let's just this picture spam tell the story, would love to hear your thought, how i look on this red lipstick *shy*


Indoor - no flash

 Outdoor - no flash
On my Lip
My Opinion
Love the matte texture, at first i thought this MAC lipstick will be moist, apparently it's so matte and pigmented. But didn't make my lips chappy. I get a chappy lip a lot even if i'm using lipbalm, so i think this is great. Staying power is great also, it still stay on my lip even after few hours and after i eat. I would love if the texture a bit moist, but overall i love this product. And gonna get another shade soon.


Wardah Sunscreen Gel
Maybelline BB Cream
Revlon L/P in Light

PAC Blush On no 08

Inez e/s quad in Vienna *Gonna do post about this ASAP*
Sariayu Duo Eyeliner and Mascara
Inez Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Chocolate

you know what it is :D

Curious about your thought ladies, do i look good in red? >.<

Friday, May 6, 2011

April - May Haulage

Cheating again on my skincare regiment *feels like wanna cry* but i need this, i got a prom client soon and since i got range for my make over fee, i decided to buy these items. I'm gonna rambling about my make over fee in another post. Long story comes short, i got 3 range of fee, affordable for using Indonesia's decorative products, medium for using America's drugstore decorative products, and high-end cosmetic (which i'm collecting one by one now :D).
I went to Mahmud and Rama Sinta to buy these items, they are the biggest beauty supplier in my city, Bandung.
Several products that on my list was sold out, too bad. I'm gonna go back and get those items when they're in stock. Like RedA translucent powder, and some lashes. Also i got several items from Carrefour.
Clockwise :
Hair Brushes
Double side mirror
Wardah suncren gel
Taman Sari hand & foot spray
Viva Green Tea toner
Vaseline healthy white in traveling size
3 shade of Inez Smooth Satin Foundation
Mitu Cleansing Wipes : Shikada 30 sheet, and Finesse 10 sheet
Elise Falsies, and Morisse falsies (i got 6 of them)
Fanbo TWC refill in Gaharu
One box of Name card
White Lotus Lamp
Orange Lipstick and Clear Lip Gloss
Makarizo anti frizz
Hair Foam
Biore 2 in 1 cleansing wash

I'm broke and happy :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week Post is Gonna Be About...

I'm trying to organize my postings... and in order to do that, i'm gonna start listing things that i wanna post for entire weeks.
This week post is gonna be about :
  1. My favourite thing from January till April
  2. My favourite dresses for all time :D
  3. April small haul
  4. FOTD inspired by Jessica Harlow video - Sexy Shamrock 
  5. Prom Night Look and Hairdo (since i got client on it soon)
  6. Wish List
  7. Blog Sale (Gonna be lots of kids branded clothes, get ready mommies :D) 
That's all for this week, starting from today i hope :D
Sorry for the the less intensity of blogging, i have been very BUSY and STRESS for my upcoming event. Wish me luck dear ladies...

The posting maybe not in exact order but that's what i'm gonna post for this entire week. Thank u for keep reading and keep fantabulous ladies... XOXO

Sunday, May 1, 2011

(Trying To Do) Arabian Eye Make Up feat. Inez Satin Smooth Liquid foundation

First trial, be gentle with me ladies :D

I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Bollywood Movies and Arabian Make Up, got me crazy when Carrie (Sex and The City 2) wearing those eyeliner from Abu Dhabi... i bet you ladies must know what scene i'm talking about. Yes, when Carrie is about to date with Aiden. Case of the ex, temptation that hard to resist *sigh*

Anyway, i haul-ed and one of the item i got was Inez Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation in Beige. Will swatch and review later, this post is just wanna try it out. And figuring what look to do, because i bet you ladies must be bored with my (not so) colourful eye look. So when i finished the whole look, this is what i came up with and named it "Arabian Eye Make Up"
Still need improvement, i think i kinda missed some detailed. The crease should look bolder and the blending didn't as smooth as i wanted to :D
Next FOTD, promise will do better. Got some idea in my head already.

I googled and found this picture after i finished capturing my look, it kinda match with the scarf i used. 
Source : this blog

And my creation...

the eyes

posing and close up
narcissa narcism

PS : Some pics were taken with flash and some didn't.

Viva Green Tea Toner 
Inez Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation in Beige
Revlon Loose Powder in Light

PAC Cream Foundation no 2 as base 
Revlon Eye Shadow in dark chocolate for eyebrow
Sariayu 25th Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette 
Etude Gel Liner in Black 
Sariayu Duo Mascara and Eyeliner 
T217 Falsies from Make Up Tool (one falsies only cut into 2 pieces and put on outer lashes)

LT Pro PB no 04

RedA Lipstick (forgot the shade, coral with a hint of orange)
Maybelline lip gloss (forgot the shade, kinda bronze)