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Monday, May 23, 2011

Short Review on Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash and The Other Function Of It

This is a new range of cleanser of this brand that currently invaded in local drugstore and groceries, for you ladies that lives abroad probably you are won't find this stuff interesting. But here in Indonesia, we got very severe skincare and make up brands, so this is a very exciting thing to post. Sadly i forgot how much i get this product, because it bought it with other stuff also. But it was probably around IDR 25-35 k.

Already lots of reviews that claim this is a good product to rinse off your make up and clean your face in one step, i'm not gonna review this product for it real function this time. And i found it more interesting if i did a full review of it as "my new routine of cleansing my brushes". My usual routine on cleansing brushes, you can read it here

How did i end up with that idea, is when i was so in a rush and my foundation brush was dirty and i couldn't find my HG brush cleanser from Make Up Tool, and my eyes caught this product sitting nicely on my vanity drawer, i grab it and rinse my foundation brush with this. Well... well.. it gives a nice result, so i decided to share it with you ladies. I really hope you will find this tips helpful.

My current favourite brushes is on the way to getting a bath
Put about one tea spoon of this Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash on each side of the transparent box -which was originally my snack :D- 
Cleanse my brush on one side and rinse it with the other side of water, this is why i love this transparent box, i can clean and rinse my brushes on 2 in 1 way also.
sorry for the pic :D
I did this step repeatedly with all of the brushes, the separated water make sure i clean it and rinse off the excess of the dirt that may still there.

Can see the difference? Before and after and the second rinsing.
 After cleansing and rinse all of the brushes, i refill the transparent box with distilled water again and do the final rinse. If there's no stain left then the brushes is good and ready for drying. 
I really love this new way of cleaning my brushes, because it removes the dirt and the oil, some foundation give excess more sometimes it comes sort of oily. I might continue doing this, and will do other review on this cleanser as a face cleanser, wait it up dear ladies.

And thank you for keep reading. Love you a lot ^^


  1. hey,, salam kenal yah,, mau nanya ttg make up tool kamu nih,, itu beli dmn ya? lagi nyari make up tool yang klo di cuci brushnya gak kaku gtu,, jdi ttp lembut diapain y? makasiii,,

    1. Semua brushes-nya? Beli di macem2 seller say, tapi kalo udah punya beberapa, cara nyuci-nya jg ngaruh, kalo gak mau bikin sendiri brush cleanser-nya (banyak kok tutorialnya, rata2 pake sabun anti bakteri contoh sunlight ama alcohol dikit ama conditioner ama air) aku pake brush cleanser dari make up tool :)