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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick Post on Swatches

Yuhhuw.... i know, i haven't post anything about Haulage since forever. It's just i don't have time to upload back on the last few months and forgot what's new and not in my traincase. So i'm gonna swatches all up (not all in the same post of course hihihi) well i hope this swatches post can help you guys out before buying them. And if already have them, share with me please, what to love and what to hate about these. Every one got their own preferences right?

I'm NC 35, and sometimes NC 37 depends. I think this Milani is more a match to my skintone, beside i love the texture, staying power so-so, since my skin is a bit drying now, and the weather is always raining which made the sun didn't properly shine can't say much about the staying power yet.

Milani VS Naturactor

NYX and Elizabeth Arden

 This Elizabeth Arden comes with a box, i think (CMIIW) it's a Red Door Set. Comes with gorgeous eye shadow and blush on palette, with a super cute packaging ( i gave it to my mom since i'm not into pastel color eye shadow), Exceptional lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eye liner, lip liner. I don't know if it's a fake one or not, my friend gave it to me while he was on vacation to Malaysia, so.. please let me know if this is a conterfeit item :)

Make Over - Sheina

Okay movin on to Sheina's photo.
Funny story, i only got 15 mins to do her make up, not to mention have to touch up other's make up because it was last call before all the singers went on stage and perform  *nail biting*
The only thing that made me feel graceful is this taught me how to manage myself under pressure! I have to calm down and do my best so my client(s) won't dissapointed. That is the key of services rite? Consumer's Satisfaction.
I decided to open up her eyes, by giving her inner corner a touch of shimmery white eye shadow, not too sparkling tho' afraid it's gonna be look oily. Just a simpe pat motion with flat eye shadow brush on her inner corner, and black, white, grey eye shadow on her eyes. I put a light store black eye liner on her lower lash line also, but didn't have time to put some mascara. This is the best that i could do in 15 mins approx. Poor her :(


Face : Revlon shine control, Clinique moisturizer, Fanbo TWC in Gaharu,Milani creme to powder in Medium
Beige, Revlon Loose powder in Light
Eyes : Elizabeth Arden Black eyeliner pencil, Jolly Falsies no 23, Maybelline mascara, Sephora Color Play Palette, Aubeau e/s base
Cheek : NYC sunny bronzer, Amuse blush palette, PAC blush on no. 08
Lips : Elizabeth Arder in Pink Punch, Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Lipgloss in Watermelon.

Last Sunday Gig

Hai dearies, i injured myself. I don't know the English for that, but my left foot "keplitek" last week. Caused me a lot of problem for 2 days i couldn't walk, gives a serious pain when i went up and downstair T-T
Yeah, clumsy me. For my defense i got minus 7 on my eyes tho' ;p

And i have a gig last Sunday, my beloved Maranatha Christian University Choir was having a Christmas concert, so some of the girl asked me to do their make up.

As you my fellow dear blogger that been with me since the beginning of my beauty journal would know, but for some new readers may be have no clue at all.

So the rundown of the concert was, 19:30 PM and got 2 session, and 15 minutes break after first session. And they will have a rehearsal before, usually at 13:00 or 14:00 PM. And it takes probably 1 or 2 hours to practice each session which made it was very short time to do make up, because they have to eat before the concert and doing last warming on stage before finally get on the stage. Complicated huh? Tell me about it, been there done that :)

I did these beautiful girlies make up, Mentari, Sheina, Remsi, Dinda, Natalie, Dushi, and last but not least Cindy's make up.

I'm still collecting the rest of the photo's and will start with Mentari first altho i still try to find Mentari with her concert dress. 

Around 13:30 PM, sadly all my girlies showed up LATE (i told them to start at 12.00)! I hate that, well... probably because they have no clue at all how hectic the concert was. I didn't blame them, but i hate rushing when i did my make up. As result of they being late, i only did Dushi and Mentari make up for less than 15 mins, can you guys imagine. I'm so sad, i couldn't do any better on their lovely faces.

After the concert and photo session and meet and greet and changing around 22:30 PM

Face : Revlon Shine Control, Clinique moisturizer, LA Stick Foundation, Revlon loose powder - Light, ELF all over color stick in Toffee for contouring nose area.
Eyes : Lyra eyebrow pencil in Chocolate, Aubeau e/s base, Sephora Color Play Palette, Pixy E/l pencil in Black, Jolly falsies no 23
Cheek : Amuse Blush Palette
Lipstick : Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Coralista, Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Tangerine

I took the picture with my Canon Ixus 105, forgot the setting (as you guys know, i should learn how to take picture of make up properly T-T)

Wait for the other 6 girlies, will updated my blog soon as i can collect the pictures. Love you my dear fantabulous ladies....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Milani Creme to Powder Foundation

Smooth Finish Milani Creme to Powder foundation is oil free in 07 Medium Beige, i got it from a fellow from FD.

"Just one simple step smotthes and evens out skin tone while covering imperfections. This lightweight cream glides on easily then transforms to a soft powder finish. Moisture-balance for all skin types. Feels fabuous on your skin. Fast results that last."

To use : Lightly brush sponge across make up, Stroke on evenly.

My quick review :
It did glides on easily, if you touch the surface of the foudation it's absorbs easily on your finger, that's why i thought it is best to use your finger or brush if needed. Don't use the sponges, the sponges will only absorb the foundation and give a very light coverage to your face therefore this foundation will be finished before you know it. Such a waste right?
I forgot to apply my moisturizer before, but turns out it didn't cause me any problem. You know when you use foundation and forgot to use moisturizer the foundation looks so uneven on your face? That didn't happen to me. It did moisturize your face.
Review on the oil control will have to wait, because on this post i just use it for like one hour then wipe it out. Just for a quick swatch for my beloved readers. Will try this for a week and we'll see how it goes, will post every single picture using this foundation, promise.
This is maybe the product that i will use everyday, because the coverage is light. If you want a medium or full coverage you have to set it with loose powder and TWC after, otherwise, just another light foundation. Heavier than tinted moisturizer tho'.

 Swatches is on my face, what do you think? I thought it's a bit white on my face.
Click this picture, it's a Gif file 

Face : Milani Creme to Powder in Medium Beige 07, Marcks loose powder in creme, ELF all over stick in Toffee (contouring)
Eyes : Aubeau e/s base, Urban Decay in Flash (purple), Elizabeth Arden Black eyeliner pencil, Maybelline mascara
Cheek : Everyday Mineral blush - pink color (don't know the shade, i got it from FD, share from friend)
Lips : The Body Shop lipstick (nude) 

Additional pics, just for fun :p


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Showing Off My Precious

I wish i can wear heels everyday.

"You give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world", Ni Luh Djelantik says.

I quite agree with that, alto' i still have to save up to buy those gorgeous shoes. I'm quite, nope... I'm Satisfied with my babies here. They're so irresistible, and super cute.
This is the last haulage of shoes, i'm pretty much done this year with shoes *finger crossed*.

Wanna see my babies? Here we go...
From L - R :
Unbranded Flowery Heels, Zara pumps, Opera Lace Heels 

From L - R :
Gaudi Gladiator , H&M Clogs

What they do look like on my feet ^^

I'm in love with them all. What's your favourite heels ladies, share with me :)

(edited) FOTD with Naturactor Foundation

First i'm truly sorry won't be able to show you guys on the swatch and the how was the foundation looks like. I will edit this post soon, as long as i got time to take picture. Please googling it for now, altho' i know all of you already know probably have it. I learned from you my dearies ^^

Finally got time to upload this ^^

I heard about this foundation from "Kelas Dandan FD" at first, and couldn't find it in Bandung (where i live) but lucky me, i got it from a friend from FD forum. The reviews on this foundation are great, the coverage is medium to full. And since the Japanese and Korean decorative products is highly rated, i'm excited to try.

I would like to do a FOTD of this foundation on my face, but i think it's better for NC 15- NC 30. So i asked my lovely friend, Miss Yosephine Maria to be my victim, she agreed *evil grin*

I use this foundation on her face with my finger only, no tools involved. Turns out it did beautiful, not too heavy on her lovely face. If you want a better coverage use it with wet sponge or sponge will do. The texture pretty thick, so it kinda hard using brushes.

See, i didn't to do much. she's already gorgeous. The only dissapointing part for me is i didn't perfectly make a contouring for her nose and the falsies. Probably i should use another type for her eyes.

Face : Naturactor Foundation shade 151, Revlon loose powder in light, ELF all over stick in Toffee
Cheek : Amuse blush palette (i use the coral color) just lightly swipe, for a touch of color only
Eyes : Elizabeth Arden Eyeliner Pencil in Black, Inez eyeshadow quad, Eyebrow - Revlon wet/dry eyeshadow in chocolate, Jolly Falsies no 18 i think.
Lips : Inez in Terracota, Napoleon Perdis lipgloss

We played around with the hair, she wants the daytime to night look. For daytime, just add your favourite accesories, and a simple ponytail or back combing hair will do. Without changing the look on the face.

Next post about make up will review Milani cream to powder foundation. (And of course editing this post with a closer look of Naturactor).
Have a nice weekend, my fantabulous ladies.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Addition To my Shoe-Rack (Closer Look)

I haven't post about apparel and accesories for like ages. Not like i'm forgetting them, but all my paycheck goes to Make up -_-

This is the closer look of what i got in the past month, FLATS only.. will post the Heels on another day.
I think i'm done with shoes, well... for this year du du du... (innocent face)

I just need another pair of nude pumps and red heels and i'm done oh.. and a couple of Ni Luh Djelantik shoes. Here come the greedy girl :p

Ladies, proud to present you my babies..

H&M, Marie Claire, Pixie

Nevada, H&M foldies, Unbranded

My favourite Leopard foldies from H&M (5 euro only) hihihihihi...
I got all of them in pretty cheap prices. Price vary but not much from approx $15 (IDR 150.000) Most of them cost me less than $10. The red flats only cost me approx $8 (IDR 75.000) it was on 50% sale.

Eyebrow Story - My favourite

Did you ever get pissed because you have to redo you eyebrow after few hours of using?
Just because you have bang, sometimes the bang swipe away your eyebrow and make it look un-even.
I get that, a lot! While i was using my Viva Eyebrow Pencil. I did use Viva for several years tho'. Don't get me wrong, i love the texture. It is easy to draw, the texture is so soft wont't hurt your skin, and it is so easy to blend.Well you can always get more coverage with adding matching color of eyeshadow after Viva to make it more last, but too much work. I like to get my eyebrow done, quick and easy. Also with Viva the color is a bit orange-y and red-dish so it didn't match my black eyebrow.

After searching ang lots of watching, i came up with this 4 Eyebrow Pencil that was my favourite. Guess what? It's still afordable, remember you don't have to spend lots of money for decorative product to save up :)

Here is the champion, ladies.
L : With flash R : Without Flash

From L to R, Inez eyebrown pencil in dark brown approx $3 (IDR 23.000), NYX eyebrow pencil -  chocolate (price may vary in different shop), Lyra Eyebrow Pencil in brown approx $1 (IDR 8.000), Lyra Eyebrow Pencil in Black aprox. $1 (IDR 8.000)

The swatches

With Flash 
No Flash

Texture :

Inez : The hardest one, it's quite difficult to draw with, you have to keep it sharp to make it easier
NYX : Creamy and so easy to draw with, but sometimes it's tricky, it make a thick line, and you have to carefully draw it with thin strokes
Lyra : My favourite, texture so smooth and easy to draw with

Blendable :

Inez : Easy
NYX : Easy
Lyra : Easy

Endurance :

They pretty much the same, from morning till night, i never touch up my eyebrow while using them

The only problem with them are the color, because i have a black hair and black eyebrow, sometimes if i put them on light strokes the color didn't match. But with practise, they end up fine.

What's your favourite eyebrow pencil, ladies?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Practising My Make Up

I think i should get back to my brushes ASAP, as i never touch them anymore. Hiks..
Few days ago, i tried to practising my eye make up. Turn out so-so, not hate it, but not fancy it either.
Need sugestion, be kind with me pretty ladies :D

Face : Maybelline cream smooth foundie (under eye, n cheek), TWC Fanbo Gaharu, Revlon loose powder
Eyes : Maybelline concealer as base, Etude gel liner black for lid, Mirabella e/s palette (highlighter, brow bone, maybelline mascara
Cheek : Amuse blush palette
Lips : Wardah palette no 31 (bottom, right) this palette

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swatch Benefit Feelin Cheeky's

I got this from Purplerebel's lapak on FD. She probably the most patience seller on planet earth :D

Well, i know this is not very budgeted. But for next year, my blog will post maybe lots of make up. Will try to do it very low budget tho'
Some people asked, why has to be on budget, because not everyone (including me) can afford to spend millions on make up. So all the pretty ladies with the "tight" budget deserve to have fun also with make up, agree?

This Benefit is so tiny, and i got it for less than $25 (IDR 250.000) include shipping to my house. With that price we can get 3 product at once, Posie Tint (poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain), High Beam (luminescent complexion enhancher), Benetint (rose-tinted lip & cheek stain).

For my taste this is too sparkling, i'm not a big fan of glowy make up, but this will be used for my client. So i had to buy it... To complete my collection.

The closer pic of swatch, once on hand without flash
Posietint - Highbeam - Benetint

Oopsie, the pic was rotated :(
After blend on hand with no flash

L-R : Benetint - High Beam - Posietint
Quick humble review :

From all three the ewh part is Benetint, the texture is not creamy whatsoever, it just pure rose color liquid. Me not likey. Kinda hard to use as lipstick, lipgloss maybe. But not a big disappoinment when applied as blush, it gives a nice touch of color, although it might work best on you that has NC 20-30 tho'.

My (current) No Make Up, Make up.

Hai lovely, how are all of you doing? I'm not in a good mood, because it was raining every single day. I don't know why, but i really don't like rain. :(

I got lazy to put make up lately, as i put everything on my traincase now, and just put my skin care regimen on the table. I blame it on my current hair style, i need a hair cut ASAP.

Without further a do, enjoy :)

Face : Maybelline BB Cream (under eye, cheek), Revlon Loose Powder
Eyes : Inez eyebrown pencil in dark chocolate, Pixy eyeliner pencil in black, Urban Decay Asphyxia for lower lash line, One coat of Maybelline mascara.
Cheek : Amuse blush palette
Lips : Banana Boat SPF 15 lipbalm

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Regular TO on rainy day

Wet Wet Wet... no, it's not the band name's, it just the weather going crazy nowadays.
Windy and wet everyday, my poor umbrella can't take it anymore :p

And i super HATE rain, it makes my clothes dirty... and when i walk the cars and bikes made a serious splash on me also. Dear you drivers, please have more attention to us, the foot walker! (is it the right term for "pejalan kaki'?)

I like to layered up and get properly covered on this kind of weather.

Outer : OL SHop in FB
Top : ITC Ambassador
Jeans : Ramayana P.Siantar
Stocking + Ring : Small boutique near my uni
Wedges : St. Ives
Necklace : Gift from Yuliana Christina
Bag : Belezza

Also, i tried to loosen up my finger a bit, it's been so long since i put make up on. What do you think?

Brow : Lyra
Eyeshadow : Sari Ayu 25th Anniversary Palette
Eyeliner : Pixy black pencil
Mascara : Maybelline (one coat only)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Much 4 the Color Blocking

Due to my weight gain issue (blah... who doesn't have that issue?)
I'm got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear case, yeah.. lame!
But i don't wanna give up just yet!

Doing my thesis and has to go back and forth running around chasing my professor, mmph... NOT FUN. So bye heels welcome flats, as long as, bye dresses, and hai to shirt!
Don't wanna make it boring, tho' so i tried something that really nerve wrecking, wearing color blocking outfit.

So much for the attempt, but here i go.. what do you pretty ladies think?
 All outfit are from OL Shop in Facebook
Bag : gift from Mom
Shoes : Catwalk - BTC (Bancung)
Ring : Small boutique near my campus

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What i wore for "Back To Nature" theme! WW

It was confusing, and in a very short time notice i couldn't pull an idea together for the look.
So i decided to make it very simple but a touch of nature.
Many of them wear flowery dress, some wore really cute outfit made with leaves as accesorries.
Mine? Well... i surely hope it was not too ordinary hahaha... blah!

WRONG ANGLE, looks so fat :D

WOHOOO 28 and still going strong, HBD MCUC

Yellow vintage dress
The highlight of my outfit is the BELT, it was made from bammboo
(a gift from my dear friend, Pramudita Karendra 4 years ago as a souvenir from her lovely hometown Yogyakarta)
Gold earring (actually it was my friend's, but i just don't wanna give her back,it's gorgeous... hahaa)
I wore a simple sandal only

As you guys know, my narsistic level is BAD hahaha.... so here we go!

Have a great weekend everybody ^^