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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 DAILY Skin Care Routine

After a month trial, and i am ready to give you my current skin care regime.

I suffer from acnes, pimples and lots of break outs and flakyness lately, because i stop using dermatologist products (from dr. Liz house of skincare) for almost 6 month and didn't go facial for almost a year now, also the lazy-ness to wash my face before bed. Bad decision, but i prefer that way so my skin has the chance to regenerate and not depending on the dermatologist products. If i have a major problem on my face then i would give my dermatologist another try, but since i am using that products for years i think i have to find another dermatologist (more expensive ones).

I am totally newbie on ingredients, and currently learning about it, yeah better late than never right?

After doing research and lots of supermarket window shopping, here's what best for my skin right now.

I decided to go for supermarket skincare, because :
* It is easy to find, i don't have to wait for another month to have it on my vanity table
* The products is the "dupe" of high end product that contains one or two good ingredients for my skin, such as Gizi supercream contains seaweed that Lamer also has, but yeah maybe in tiny tiny bit. But hey, i honestly can't affor Lamer right now LOL :D
* Try to keep it affordable and make it into "Cheap but Great" section. Anyway, it's the purpose of the blog yeah?

What is the best way to take care of your skin?
It will be the same all over if you google-d it, allow me to mild reminding you that they are : Cleansing - Moisturizing - Extra Care (cream for acnes, serum, sun screen etc)


Mild Cleansing
1 Viva Yoghurt All in One milk cleanser - Brightening and Oil Controlling
2 Viva Lemon Toner - Oil Control and help control acne prone skin

For afternoon usage, if i arrived at home and didn't have to go anywhere else. I noticed if i washed my face more than 2 times a day it got oily but have some dry patches on my cheek, so this is the best way for me. I can clean up the mess (mascara, and make up) before i went to bed with deep cleansing.

Deep Cleansing
1 Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil
2 Sari Ayu Anti Acne Facial Foam
3 RDL Papaya Transparent Soap - Brightening skin
4 Sugar - Exfoliate dead cells

I wash my face depends on my skin condition, as a woman, we ofter get break out if we were having period and we got pimples that annoying, i use Sari Ayu Anti Acne Facial Wash during pimples time, and RDL Soap with sugar on normal condition. I didn't use any of milk cleanser before, just toner after washing my face.

Before you went to sleep make sure to wash over all the dirt and make up that already on your face all day. If you didn't wash your face and sleep right in to it, your pore will clogged and God knows what will come in the morning, yeah hellow pimples :(
1. For me, if i didn't use any make up just loose powder on my face i will go with Viva Milk Cleanser first and then washing my face with the facial cleanser (Sari Ayu during my period time, and if i have tiny pimples on me), on regular day i will use the RDL Soap with sugar and Viva Lemon toner afterward.
2. If i used make up such as foundation and so, i will first cleanse it with Viva Yoghurt cleansing milk, Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil, then wash my face with Sari Ayu/RDL with sugar (depends on the skin condition as explained in #1), and Viva Lemon toner after.


We have to used toner,after washing our face and before we put moisturizer or serum or night cream to our face, because when we washed our face some might stay, and it helps clean out the stain from our milk cleanser or soap that we used previously, drying the skin in order to reduce the oil, also to help the skin to prepare to receiving the cream (moisturizer, sun screen, etc)  that we are gonna use after.
Toner is also to tighten or close the pore after washing our face, and it has the capability to absorb to our skin better than cream, so it's good if you have dark spot and pimples it can help to reduce it.

Some uses astringent instead, from what i understand (CMIIW), the different is depends on the skin type, astringent is often used for those who has oily, acneic, normal, or combination skin type because astringent contains alcohol. And even though some of this toner contains alcohol also, toner fits best to those who has dry, sun damaged, or sensitive because astringent will makes your skin even dry-er.


1 Sari Ayu Putih Langsat (for all skin type) contains sun screen.
2 Wardah Sun Screen Gel
3 Vitacid 0.025
4 Gizi Super Cream (New packaging)


After i washed my face and toner, i use the Sari Ayu Putih Langsat, wait for it to absorb, and then using the Wardah Sun Screen Gel, wait for it to absorb. And then i can go straight with my vanity, make up or no make up depends on the mood and occasion.


After i washed my face and toner, i used Vitacid 0.025 for my acne and (it claims) to reduce the dark spot, followed with Gizi Super Cream.

Extra Care

Egyptian Magic Cream
I used this to replace Gizi Super Cream as night cream if my face really drying on some area, and i used this as my daily cream for eyes.

That's it. And it work best on my face for now, i'm curious to peek on your skin care regime also. Post it for me pretty please? Cheers :)


  1. hi, mada..
    itu gula dioles aja apa nyampur pake krim baru di gosok ke muka??

    gimana pake si gizi, sukses ga?? ^^

    1. Hihi... sengaja gak posting cara2 makenya, mau dibikin postingan yang baru nanti, skalian review2an.
      Aku pake rdl dl dibusain ke muka, baru ambil gulanya diputer2 gt mak, ditunggu sktr 30 detik baru bilas. Enyaaaakkk moist n aluus bgt, tiap hari jg gak bikin muka kering pake gula ini, ktnya pake brown sugar lebih bagus mak, menurutmu gmn...
      aku malu nih, disamperin suhu skincare.. >.<

    2. Assikkkkk... gitu dong mak, banyakin tips2 skinker... ^^

      ohh.. gitu, ntar dicoba deh...
      iya, pernah baca dibuku fantastic cosmetic, pake brown sugar bagus juga buat peeling... cuma di dapur ga ada brownsugar adanya gula pasir.. :D

      yampuun...ngapain malu... ada juga eike kali... hehe..

    3. Pengennya dibikin video mak, apa daya aku blm bisa edit video. Tricky kl ng post skin care, tangan belepotan make, trus harus foto2 juga >.< enaknya di video-in emang hiks.. Sedang mencari cara untuk enak ng posting review ama how to use-nya, kalo pake tulisan apalagi enggeris banyak yang protes hehe.. *curcol*

    4. iya dong mak, bikin video review... terutama tutorial make-up.... ditunggu lho...
      horeee!! ^0^

    5. Iyak setujuuu, Ms. Ami emang suhu skincare. Akk...
      Samaan mak, daku juga menunggu postingan tentang cara pakai gula ituh.. Soalnya sejak pakai tretinoin, mukaku gampang iritasi kalau di scrub >'<

    6. Kalo pake si gula ini, aku ngerasa subtle loh, dia eksfoliasi tapi gak bikin perih. Skrg sejak pake vitacid justru si sabun pepaya yang tadinya baik2 aja yang bikin perih, tried it without the sugar. Lg fase penyesuaikan kali, anehnya cm malam aja yg kl cuci muka perih.

  2. mada, si RDL itu pan sabun pepaya yah?
    itu kamu beli dimana? asli gak asli gak? soalny kaka ku juga pemakai setia sabun RDL tapi penampakan bungkusnya gak sama kaya punya mu..
    bikin ripiu nya si RDL ini dongg.. kalo murce & bagus boleh juga dicoba :D

    btw suka banget deh ama blog mu isinya rata2 produk lokal yang aku juga suka banget :D

    1. Ada 2 emang, sabun pepaya ini. Er.. gak tau juga yang bagusnya yang mana, blm pernah pake yang satu lagi. Harganya juga 11-12 beda tipis. Kalo yang ini aku sih suka, perfume-y tp seger bgt :D
      Abis dipake jatuhnya di muka moist sama kyk facial cleanser yang dari dr Liz, jadi aku lgs jatuh cinta, review lengkapnya nantik yah.. :)

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