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Sunday, August 12, 2012

White Perfect Laser from L'Oreal Paris (First Impression)

The newest White Perfect series from L’Oreal Paris.

It claims that 80% women refuse to do Laser treatment after using this White Perfect Laser.  And can reduce dark spots in 8 weeks. They already have a blogger event at Singapore, and launched at Malaysia. But not yet launch in Indonesia.
Haha.. lucky me. I got this package from L’OR Electric launch, my boss gave it to me. Laf ya boss.. and thanks to L’Oreal Paris Indonesia. You can see the launch here http://bit.ly/LOrLaunch

They also introduce the newest trend make up L’OR Electric, it is a make up trend that highlight bright color on eyes, and lips. Ok bright is the new smokey eyes for 2012…

What is the difference between White Perfect Laser and White Perfect Series from L’Oreal Paris? White Perfect Laser, was perfected with high end technology contain Elagic Acid that can prevent melanin production that can caused dark spots.
White Perfect Laser, with two series in Indonesia. White Perfect Laser Anti- Spot Brightening Essence, and White Perfect Laser All Round Protection Whitening Cream with SPF 19 PA +++
Rumor has it that there will be a night cream. Currently there is only two products of White Perfect Laser at the market.
People in Jakarta can find this at Lotte Mart Kuningan City. I saw it there while I went to groceries shopping few weeks ago.
The retail price is around Rp 199.000 for Perfect Laser Anti- Spot Brightening Essence ; and around Rp 119.000 for White Perfect Laser All Round Protection Whitening Cream with SPF 19 PA +++ not bad right?

My face current condition (no edit whatsoever, editing just to combine pics)

 First Impressions :

I thought all essence would be watery, but not this Anti-Spot Brightening essence the texture is quite creamy but not too creamy. If compared, the texture quite similar with face lotion. Absorb fast on skin surface, not sticky. I didn’t smell any particular scent on this product as well.

For the moisturizer, it has a beautiful pink color. And texture more creamy than White Perfect Melanin Vanish. It has a fresh scent but I can’t tell what it is.

I am currently using this products for almost two week now, well in one or two days I maybe skip this because I was exhausted and didn’t even wash my face properly just using make up remover tissue (bad example, DO NOT FOLLOW hahaha). I can’t wait to share with you my face after 8 weeks of using this White Perfect Laser series. 

Truly can reduce your dark spots or just verdict, let's find out together. What is your current skin care regime dear Fantabulous?


  1. Is this suitable for oily skin and acne skin (or) trouble skin... please reply me