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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forget Cloud 9, Bring me to SKYE 56


As you guys know, i don't have a social life since i worked in Jakarta <= anyone believe this? Hihihi...

But it's true, sometimes i have to stay late at office that i'm so tired  even to do anything else. But as always, i made the effort to met my besties at least once or twice a week. And that was comforting.

You know my mood booster, right Fantabulous? My shoes, my dress, my make up, my besties, my coffee, my music.

Anyway, if you are with your besties anywhere will do, right?

But my current favourite place, or course from one of my favourite "SocialTrepreneur Giant!" Ismaya Group.

They have two new places, SKYE 56 and FOOK YEW (dying to try their famous bubble tea there).

I've been to SKYE since the first day it was open. Dated there <3, Laugh there, Hang out with my besties there.

The view is to die for, if you live in a jungle that full with giant building like Jakarta. Kinda reminds me of Bandung a little bit, i love it at sunset to night especially. I can see all the light from the open air lounge. The light kinda reminds me of jewel.

The food? Oh please, you have to ask? Sushi Groove, Pizza Ebirra, Pasta De Waraku, SOHO at Grand Indonesia, Kitchenette? How was the food and beverages there? Nah, even better at SKYE because it gets chill sometimes, gets you hungry hahaha <= excuse my poor logic Fantabulous.

I even heard some friends said they have to made reservation in advance to get in there. Oppsiee... book your table now hey!!! And get ready for the unforgettable experience.

Get more information about SKYE at their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/SKYE.jakarta

And read the review from Fimela here Memandang Jakarta Dari Lantai 56

Let's FLY to the SKYE :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Horrible Hair

Please don’t get disgusted just yet!

I’m having hair problem. Yes this is the longest hair I’ve ever experience since high school, which is.. OK, smarties.. if I reveal you all will know how old I am. No WAY! LOL….

Well… back to the problem, the pictures tells a thousand words. That is what happening every time I wash my hair. GROSS to the max! And I can’t cheat and told my friends that it was theirs because I have my own bathroom  at my boarding house >.<

I got a lot of advice actually, to cut my hair, to layer it, to smoothing it, and even to cut it short!
All of that leave me to confusion, what should I do. I’m tired of cleaning my bathroom, every single day.. due to the hair fall. And my room always seems dirty because the hair fall out everywhere even on my beloved Leopard carpet. Hiks..

I tried so many products, but the shampoo work well on my scalp, but dries my hair. The conditioner works well but my scalp got itchy like hell. 

Since I’m already working, I really want to get this problem solve ASAP. You all know I like to look good and smells good from head to toe.
I did some research actually, hair loss can be cause by lots of factors such as stress, pollution, lack of nutrition etc. But really I don’t want to bored you with that.

I really wish there are some products that can help me solve this problem. Anyone ever experiencing the same problem? Please do share L I’d love to hear your thought and this is serious. Hair is a big deal for me, Ladies..

Thanks a bunch…

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review & Swatch : L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick #371 Pink Passion

Holla, i used to be such a lip gloss addict! But lately i found out 4 lipstick on my daily beauty case, eh?

Don't know how they end up there, LOL. From Red to Coral, to Nude color.
And since bright make up or lips so happening right now. i want to join the party too.

Let's talk about my lips condition first, i assume i am allergic to beeswax since i easily get chappy lips even when i used lip butter/ lip balm that has beeswax on it's ingredients.

Therefore i am super careful when choosing my lipstick. No matter what the BA said i always tried the lipstick before buying (clean it first of course, and apply with my finger when i am trying at store). After eating and walking around, i usually made the decision. Buy or Not Buy.

I am in love with Dian Sastro's picture at L'Oreal Paris Indonesia FB Page http://facebook.com/LOrealParisID she looks different, and i noticed, the make up, especially the lips makes her looks stunning. And guess what? Hihihi.. i got me one! Yeayy... The exact same lipstick like Dian Sastro is using, Color Riche Pink Passion # 371.

Let's on to review shall we?

Texture : Smooth, love it! Glides well on my lips.
Smell : Checked, not too bubly perfumey but has a bit of  fresh bubble gum scent.
Intensity : Excelent, one swatch is all you got.
Longevity : If not eating, it stays for 2-3 hours.
Price : Rp 105.000 ( Approx. $10)

Let's see swatches, shall we?
 I think this color looks good both on NC and NW undertone. Don't you Ladies?

And what i think L'Oreal can improve in the future about this lipstick are the moisturizer thingy.
On first application, my lips looks moist and glossy. But after 2 hours of usage, the texture become more matte. Which is okay, especially i worked at air conditioned room.

Overall i would like to give this lipstick 8/10, quite an accomplishment for the lipgloss addict like me.

Ehem.. what is missing? MY LIPS OF COURSE... hahaha...

Clockwise :
1. My lips right after application
2. Endurance
3. After wipe with tissue
4. After 3 hours using (no eating)

PS : I tried this several times already, it stain on the glass after application!