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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forget Cloud 9, Bring me to SKYE 56


As you guys know, i don't have a social life since i worked in Jakarta <= anyone believe this? Hihihi...

But it's true, sometimes i have to stay late at office that i'm so tired  even to do anything else. But as always, i made the effort to met my besties at least once or twice a week. And that was comforting.

You know my mood booster, right Fantabulous? My shoes, my dress, my make up, my besties, my coffee, my music.

Anyway, if you are with your besties anywhere will do, right?

But my current favourite place, or course from one of my favourite "SocialTrepreneur Giant!" Ismaya Group.

They have two new places, SKYE 56 and FOOK YEW (dying to try their famous bubble tea there).

I've been to SKYE since the first day it was open. Dated there <3, Laugh there, Hang out with my besties there.

The view is to die for, if you live in a jungle that full with giant building like Jakarta. Kinda reminds me of Bandung a little bit, i love it at sunset to night especially. I can see all the light from the open air lounge. The light kinda reminds me of jewel.

The food? Oh please, you have to ask? Sushi Groove, Pizza Ebirra, Pasta De Waraku, SOHO at Grand Indonesia, Kitchenette? How was the food and beverages there? Nah, even better at SKYE because it gets chill sometimes, gets you hungry hahaha <= excuse my poor logic Fantabulous.

I even heard some friends said they have to made reservation in advance to get in there. Oppsiee... book your table now hey!!! And get ready for the unforgettable experience.

Get more information about SKYE at their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/SKYE.jakarta

And read the review from Fimela here Memandang Jakarta Dari Lantai 56

Let's FLY to the SKYE :)

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