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Monday, March 12, 2012

Review - Egyptian Magic Cream

So what if Madonna, J.Lo, Kate Hudson, and tons of beauty bloggers and celebrities are wearing this Egyptian Magic Cream?

Is it just a good marketing campaign or is it as good as the positive word of mouth that we heard?

Ok first of all, let me introduce you to Egyptian Magic Cream (EMC).

What is EMC?
It is all purpose cream, for acne bites to eczema, psoriasis to break out skin, even some claim it's good to reduce acne scars.

Made from natural ingredients which has been perfected from ancestor's legacy. They are Olive Oil, Bees wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis and they also claim that they added DIVINE LOVE to their ingredients. How sweet? :D

First Impression and swatch, this similar to my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, but of course they're totally different. From ingredients and smell it is different. The EMC has no scent at all. But the sticky texture is similar, if you don't have this EMC took your Petroleum Jelly, imagine that sticky stuff is on your face :D

Sounds like i'm not interested at all with this stuff? No, i'm not. I'm quite happy with this product, it's just sometimes people bought something just for the sake, "Oh... CELEBRITIES are using them", do you know how much products they put on their faces? Not to mention their expensive facial treatment, expensive creams, botox and photoshop! LOL!
Try to do a smart shopping girls, really. I heard so much about, people buying stuff just for the sake of that reason, and because of the cute packaging, or simply "If it is expensive, it is good" (especially when it comes to apparel). Not everything expensive is good, sometimes it's just the marketing campaign and pride.
Money can't buy taste everybody!

Now on to review, what i really think about this stuff?

If my face is on its best condition, i wouldn't bother for this stuff i would go for Kiehls or something like that, that available in my country. But now courtesy of my break out skin, and due to my aging, i think this is one of the best investment i do to my skin.

Texture if applied ( i applied this as night cream), your face will look oily and seems greasy and still oily if you touch it one hour later after applied, but it's actually the product working, i didn't feel any heat or nourishing effect whatsoever, but in the morning my face feel a bit supple. And it helps reduce the redness around my nose.
DON'T applied this too much, a little will do, applied it layer by layer because if you're using a lot of cream on your face, you know where'd it go? To your pillow.Beside our skin has it's limitation to absorb particular amount of cream.
I usually swatch and pat it on to my forehead, nose, cheek, and jawline, then i blend it.

If i used this EMC for bug bites, it didn't help at all, still feels itch, and the redness is not really gone!

Using this for 2 months or so now, i stopped about a week and put my new Gizi Supercream, and now start to using it again. My face feel a bit supple, but the neck area is still dry even though i already put it on my neck also for couple weeks. And as i read on Fashionesedaily.com (they have the thread about this EMC there) the acne scars is not really gone.

SO? This is a love and hate products for me.

Ah, the PRICE? Yeah i know, i won't forget it. It's suck we don't have the store here, we have to ordered it online, and some people do sell them on facebook, but some of them are suspected fake EMC, so i'm not gonna put a link. I'd recommend you to bought it online on their website.
$$$ : $24.80 (2oz jar) - $37.20 (4oz jar)
IDR (approx.) from 350 exclude shipping.


Although this product is made from natural ingredients, some people may allergic to bee's thingy (bees wax, honey, royal jelly, etc). So i suggest you guys to swatch it for couple hours on your hands, if it's ok, then you can use it on your face :)


  1. Bow, beli dimana itu krimnya? Takutnya kalo gk masuk badan POM Indo kan ada ingredients yg bikin rusak kulit..

    1. Beli lgs di US mak, titip temen. Ingredienst pretty much bee's thingy sih, i think gak ada yang bisa merusak kulit,altho iklim ngaruh tp dr segi ingredients produk ini cukup aman IMHO.

  2. jadi gimana itu? nyesel ngga udh beli mba? :O
    thanks for sharing :)

    1. Gak juga, kalo dipakein buat tato, jadinya glowy and tatonya tintanya gak memudar :)

  3. I was interested to buy this thing few months ago, but I couldn't find some reliable reviews so I was patiently waiting for someone who comes with good review and really glad you wrote this.

    Yup, yup, I also heard, it doesn't bring magic at all >_<

    1. I think this products are a long term commitment, i don't exactly know how this work because some of my friends been using this for month and the scar is not really gone, so maybe for maintenance only but pretty much any night cream will do the same effect.

  4. aku udah nyobain, beli yg sampel. Kalo aku dipake di bekas-bekas jerawat, bibir, kaki, tangan yang aku rasa kering. Gak ngaruh sama sekali. Utk melembabkan pun menurutku sama sekali gak >.<

    1. Melembabkan kalo dipake beberapa menit pertama, kyknya kulitku dah kebal, skrg pake night cream mawar malah lbh supple kulitnya..

  5. So how about wrinkles? can it reduce wrinkles?

    1. Keep the faith honey :D
      But IMHO this doesn't work at all, even for acne scars that's on upper epidermis it's not working, how can it reduce wrinkles?

    2. Lol, i thought so. just wanna reassure myself though. since it boasting magic on it's name, how can one be not curious? anyway, good thing I came across your review darling!

    3. Yeah, i think this will really work as prevention. Means for a long time usage, not to reduce anything, flakyness, acne scars, whatsoever.
      I've been curious to buy a full size of lucas papaw ointment, tried it on sample size, it's white but the texture pretty much similar to EMC, have you ever heard of Lucas Papaw dear? Australia thingy i believe.

  6. aku comment ke sini 2 x kok kehapus mulu yak?

  7. Itu kulit kamu bagus bener, Mak.. Tampak glowy sehat walau tanpa make-up. Ada bekas jerewi dikit yak di pipi? Cara ngatasinya gimana neik? Aku juga nih ada bekas jerewi, nggak ilang-ilang :(.

    Aku dulu pernah pakai EMC juga, tapi kalau pakenya pas PMS, bikin jerewi makin gampang keluar. Jadi gag pake lagi deh.

    BTW, aku liat penampakanmu di blognya My Lovely Sister, Mak. Cuakep, beneran deh! Before & After di make-upnya sama2 cakep. Bibirnya sexeh!

    1. Itu after pake si EMC, jadi keliatan agak glowy, kalo gak pake itu keliatan sedikit kusam, pulling all nighter caused it i think :D

  8. Mak, jadi kesimpulannya gimana? worth to buy kah dengan harga semahal itu? Kmaren ada yg jual sample nya sih, gw tdnya pengen beli, penasaran... hehe


    1. Aku sih gak akan beli lagi mak, kalo yang penasaran mau coba ya silahkan... I mean, tiap orang kan beda2 kndisi kulitnya, sapa tau aku emang udah butuh perawatan ekstra :(