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Monday, March 26, 2012

HAULAGE - HD Make Up (Mostly Graftobian)

I was in Jakarta last week for an interview, so this haulage just laying down in front of my shoe rack without me noticing it.

I ordered this last month, and took approx. 3 weeks to arrived. As always i ordered it via FD seller.

I decided to do some trial on High Definition Make up so i played with Graftobian lately, since it was one of the top 5 foundation you must have by gossmakeupartist. Why? Because it's affordable, even for my freelancer pocket and the result was amazing.

I ordered based on my budget, so i get some items coming per week or month, by that method i would be able to secure my finance if the items already arrived and actually have cash to pay it, for that i didn't suffer of debt >.<

Because i thought preparation and setting your make up is important, these are what i decided to get.

Description :

1. Graftobian Translucent Colorless Loose Face Powder
It claims that : blends with all skin tones,  naturally soften and gently set any completed make up, and goes along way to control shine.
Why i purchase this : goes a long way to control shine seems promising..

2. Graftobian Castor Seal
It claims that : thinning agent for all cream based make up, good for finishing gloss for lip color.
Why i purchased this : thinning agent and finishing, dual thingy, i love love love dual function :p

3. Mona Lisa Pink Soap Brush Cleanser
It claims that : cleans gently but thoroughly by loosening and lifting debris from deep inside the hair shaft cuticle and helping them stay in brand new condition.
Why i purchased this : although the website says that some swears that this cleanser can clean, conditioning and sanitizing their brushes, i bought it because it's PINK, :D
Tried this and love the scent, kinda buble-y gummy 

4. Graftobian Lip Colors
It claims that : formulated with moisture rich ingredients and not excessively shiny for camera work.
Why i purchased this : moisturizing is the key word, since i have super duper chappy lips
I got shade garnet, and the color me likey, red but match my skintone YIPPIE

5. Natural Born Cosmetics Lip Fix Matte Neutralizer
It claims that : it locks on lip color application for better wear and and to retain the true color of lipstick.
Why i purchased this : Retain the true colors of lipstick, because some people might have darker lips, due to i don't know smoke much? LOL
I used this last weekend and love the result.

I can't wait to review this one bye one to all of you, and ps i placed order of Graftobian HD palette again, i'm guilty as charge >.<

You can find the website here <= the official website with the price, i noticed the price is cheaper there than the original website graftobian.com as always i'm trying to get you my dear fantabulous to shop in cheapest way!
I bought all these items for approx.  $ 47 include shipping to my house. IDR 425.

I'm happy with all my purchases, i might have those Graftobian lip colors in another shade, lateeer :p

Have a nice day, everyone :)


  1. Mada,, Natural Born Cosmetics Lip Fix Matte Neutralizer direview pliiss.. Ngeces gara2 ada kata2 darker lips.. :D

    1. @ephong : br dipake 3 kali dan so far loving the result, even for my chappy lips. Will use it few more times before review yah :*
      thanks dear for stopping by..

  2. Hmm.. Will make one of them as the gift for any giveaway contest? :)). *belum pernah menang giveaway apapun* #HarapMaklum :P

    Salam kenal ya.. :)