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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Natural Look

I've been neglecting my skin care ritual lately, and it did show the un-wanted result. My face is full of white heads and pimples, so i didn't wear too much product on my face. And i did like how i look like, not pale but simple natural make up. 
With Maybelline bb cream, Marcks loose powder in creme, and Nyx natural cream blush on, mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss. I'm set.

outdoor no flash

indoor no flash

outdoor no flash - just me, posing :D
I've found a new way to wear my cream blush on, and this is my favourite way to wear it since. I know probably all of you know it already but it's not a sin sharing it with you again rite :p

First : I dipped my brush to my cream blush, and with tap it to my cheek while i'm smiling so i got the perfect apple of the cheek.
Second : I blend it carefully both sides
Third : Then, i applied my powder (in this case i always use loose powder, but did tried with TWC and the result is doing just fine also, gives a hint of glowy cheek)

My cheek, hope the picture is clear enough for you guys to see. I'll catch you guys later. Bubye....

Monday, June 13, 2011

How I Remove My Make Up - Travelling

Hey ladies, i noticed there are new followers. Welcome and stay FANTABULOUS, will check and follow you back.. And thank you for following my blog, can't wait to read your thoughts.

Btw, i did a post about How I Remove My Make Up - Daily Basis and since i'm a lazy person :p i got several way to clean my face, this post is gonna about how i remove my make up when i'm travelling.

Usually, I packed a lot of things. Make up remover, organizer to keep my facial cotton clean (i prefer cotton to tissues) which is heavy. And currently i switch to easier way, make up remover in tissues. on budget situation Neutrogena had it, and lots of beauty guru used it and loved it not to mention there's several high end brand like MAC and so on *sigh*. But since i lived in Indonesia, and kinda hard to get it (unless you got someone buy it for u when they're going abroad - custom purchased ; or ordered it online- which took forever to arrived plus the shipping cost BLAH..) and i searched for easier and cheaper method. Beauty on Budget!!!

After read reviews and did some survey on local hypermarket, i finally made a decision to Mitu.
First Mitu only has finesse which has cucumber, aloe vera, and chammomile extract to purifies skin, it has 10 sheets. Second is SHIKADA, it's the sister of finesse and currently launched, ingredients is the same but extra sheets (30 sheets).

Ingredients (both are the same) 
Purified water, Glyserine, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Aloe Vera extract, Cucumber extract, Chammomile extract, Ethyl alcohol, DL panthenol, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl paraben, Ethyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Disodium EDTA.

It claims that :
  • gently cleanses
  • refreshes
  • removes make-up, even waterproof mascara 
For normal to oily skin.

Love :
Easy breezy, just take one towelette and i usually used one side for overall face, and the other side is for eye make up ( the picture is for swatches only) so it made you not wasting on several towelettes while cleansing.
Available Locally and CHEAP - i found mine at Carrefour, for IDR 3.345 / approx $4 approx. $ 0.39 (finesse) and IDR 8.765 / approx. $9 approx. $1.04 (SHIKADA)
( thank you Mrs. Reza Boer for the correction *smooch* )
Not contain oily material (not like other cleansing wipes, i prefer it this way)
Compact size, you can simply put it inside your clutch bag :D

Hate :
The flip is a bit annoying, if you don't close it well it may drying your towelettes faster than you thought.
After used, yes i feel refresh but it STINGS a bit, which is not happening if i used my ALMAY eye makeup remover.
Too perfumey for my taste, but nothing offensive tho'
Have to work extra hard to remove my Maybelline waterproof mascara, but other mascara is doing just fine.

Repurchase :
Oh so YES darling :D

Hope you find this post informative and helpful. Looking forward to exchange tips from you ladies, on how you remove your make ups while travelling.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LA COLORS Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow, like shoes... who can't get enough of it? 
This is my first trial on buying glitter eyeshadow (because sometimes my clients asked for glittery thingy for party) and so far i not love nor hate this product. 

LA COLORS Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow comes in 8 different palette, each palette was named not numbered, they're Audrey, Elizabeth, Maryin, Ginger, Bette, Jean, Claudette, Ingrid. 
I got 2 palette of this series, Bette and Claudette. Bette is a nice summer color and Claudette is a bit "cold" tones in dark grey-green-red-black-orange. Too bad, Claudette was having an accident on the delivery, she cracked and fall into pieces and dust T-T. So i'm not gonna be able to use them.

But don't worry Bette is doing fine, and here she is..

on my bare hand, not using any primer or base
Picture captured by Canon iXus 150 with flash and no flash (AWB,Macro) setting.

On to review, well... not much to say since this is not their best seller. I've watch many beauty guru's that recommend LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow instead, and that's on my next wish list >.<

Glittery (exactly like the name)
Not chalky and powdery
Staying power is awesome (i used aubeau eye shadow base with this palette)
Cheap (10 colors for $2.75, of course i pay more to get it to my door step, i lived in another side of the world)

The glitter fall out dude! Which is a big turn off, i have to be extra careful when using this (lots of loose powder before applying and an amazing fan brush to clean the fall out) which according to me it's TIME CONSUMING.
Too much for everyday wear, glitter stuff makes your face looks oily in humid area, trust me :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inez Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation Swatch and Review (shade beige)

This is a long postponed post, answering my fellow blogger request.. Here it is ladies, hope your curiosity will slow down a bit, but don't blame me if you immediately want to grab it hahaha...

I got three shade of them, and what matches me most is their darker shade which is beige. Kinda funny how they named their foundation, not really match with other's brand. Beige 10 is the darker shade, Ivory 09 is quite light yellowish tone, Natural 01 is more darker than ivory but the tone a bit pinkish. I would say, this is quite a nice foundation due to it's price less than $4 (approx IDR 30.000- IDR 40.000 depends on where you get it, it's cheaper on cosmetic store than on counter).

I used this several times already and did like the result, wear it on humid weather like when i was in Jakarta, wear it on Air Conditioned room, and outdoor, so far they're not dissapoint me at all. But for you that have oily skin, better used primer before.

Swatches outdoor with no flash, captured with Canon iXus 150 with AWB, Macro, No Flash setting.

Available Locally
Staying power depends on your skin (on combination skin did well, oily skin use primer)
Easy to blend 
Texture is nice not too thick but not too watery
Coverage medium to full

Only got three shade (but i mixed it sometimes, to get a nice shade for clients and it worked well) 
HATE the packaging 

FOTD using this foundation is on this post

Brushes Collection

Pink Collection
Look at those pink brushes, still waiting for the pink bent eyeliner brush to complete the collection tho'. Then i'm all set (had to hahaha)...
L-R : Coastal Scent (CS) stippling brush for cream or liquid foundation | Kabuki Brush from Make Up Tool for setting compact powder/TWC or loose powder| Pink Tapered from Make Up Tool for highlight and shading | CS misc. eye brushes (large tapered, eyeshadow, pencil).

Black Collection
These are the brushes to do the clients make up, i love all of these. They're not pricey but they did the job well and after several times of cleansing they're still good and the bristles did not reform from the original shape.
L-R : Elf Powder brush | Elf Stippling Brush (i did wait for 2 month to get this, sold out everytime, but the wait was worth it :D) | Tammia foundation brush - i used this for liquid and cream foundation and love the result | unbranded angeled brush - for blush on | Masami Shouko (MS) big shadder - didn't know the function but i used this sometimes to soften the harsh line when do the nose shading | MS large blending brush | MS small blending brush | MS smokey eyes brush | unbranded synthetic brush | Sigma E30 travel set pencil brush (i got this from Make Up Brush when she opens a spree, too bad i didn't get the eye shadow brush hiks.. | CS small contour brush | CS nose shading brush | unbranded angeled brush | unbranded synthetic dual eye shadow and eye liner brush - the eye liner brush, i used it sometime to smudge the eye liner also | unbranded

Other Favourite Misc. Brushes
These is other brushes that i often use.
L-R : The Body Shop all over face brush - i used this to blend the blush on and shading | Ecotools powder brush | Ecotools eyeliner brush | Unbranded brush - i used this to apply my cream blush on | unbranded angeled eye brow brush - my favourite to do my eye brows | unbranded dual brush for mascara, eyebrows and smudge brush | unbranded small brush - i used this for inner corner | Elf angeled brush | Elf eyeshadow brush | Elf blending brush

This is the closer look of the brush that i used to apply the cream blush on. Trust me it did the job very well. Love this brush.

I decided to do this post, because when i blogwalking the first thing i wanna see is the brush collection hahaha.. so i figured this would be a Fun post for everybody, hope i was right.
Have a nice day ladies and keep FANTABULOUS. Cheers... XOXO

Today's Outfit (TO) - Cheap but gorgeous Dress

After so long time didn't post any TO, i'm fulfilling my promise, to upload my current favourite dresses.
This is maroon and one shoulder, i have a soft spot for asymetical items :D
And why is this my favourite because it's cheap haha... less than $10 (IDR 95.000) bought it at Cihampelas Walk - Bandung.
The accesorries is simple long silver earring, and connector flowery ring by F21.
The shoes is Gladiator Wedges by Gaudi.
Enjoy ladies :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Short Posting on Make over...

I did Jessie's make up again for Jakarta concert (Bandung make over on this post ). And she wants to wear a bright fuschia color but she didn't like the result, so we stick on the BOLD red lips. I did several changing on her eye make up, too bad there's no close up picture. Because i was dizzy, i was doing her make up on the bus from Bandung to Jakarta. And i got vertigo after, standing behind the driver and the moving bus plus focuss was't easy apparently hiks....
So thanks to some friends that upload her pics, i can show u guys her look... Comments are welcome, as a learning process for me.

All products i used is the same with previous make over, just use different color on eye shadow, and this time i blend it well :D (brown, cream, white for inner corner and highlight).

Friday, June 3, 2011

White Head versus Daiso Black Mask

I hate white head.. Usually i have no problem with white head. But after using Wardah Sun Screen gel i feel like i got tons of it. So i stopped using it for a week now, and it did reduce the white head a bit. But to deal with the white head, i got this Daiso Black Mask. I got this mask quite a while now, the tube already 75 % left. Been using it twice a month or more sometimes, depends on my skin condition. But i never wore this mask twice a week, at least once a week.
Sorry i didn't understand the ingredients because it was written in Japanese.

How i used this mask : 
  • I clean my face first with milk cleanser
  • Sometimes i peel my face before using this mask (optional) 
  • I let my face dried a bit and re-wet the nose area so the mask will be easier to absorb and peel the white head off later
  • I applied this mask using a brush (but finger will do the job also, i just prefer using brush for my mask ritual) 
  • Let it dried for about 15 mins
  • Peel it off 
This might kinda gross ladies, but you understand the satisfaction after the peeling and see all those white head been removed, rite? (evil grin >:D)

Pro's : Easy to use, texture is thick, Dry quite fast, Removes white heads, cheap $4-$5 ( IDR 40.000)
Hate : Not available locally
Repurchase : Yes, if i can get a ready stock not waiting for a spree to opens

If you have another ritual of removing white head, please let me know. I'm dying to fight these "aging" on my face hahaha.... Have a nice days ladies, and keep FABULOUS ^^

Amuse Blush Palette

Meet amuse blush palette ladies, i got asked several time already to do this review. Apologize for the late reply, i've been busy :(
Anyway i love this blush palette. At first i was underestimating this palette a bit, because of it's packaging. But surprisingly :
It was not powdery nor chalky ; Gorgeous gradation of coral and pinkish color ; Love it's pigmentation ; Staying power is awesome ; It's CHEAP (on the web it cost less than $5) but to get it to my doorstep i have to pay approx.  $10 ( IDR 90.000).

What i HATE is the brush! Not using it at all.. I'm gonna repurchase this in other shade.

Note : I took the swatches almost 4 hour earlier, and it still got stain on my hands now (while i'm posting this). 

Make Over Again

Remember what i said about my own wisdom of quality control? Yeah, my clients (i Thank God for that) keep coming back, and i really really appreciate the chance that they gave me. They trust me to do their make up again on their previous concert, i suppose to sing also. But something came up and i have to give it up.. but really sad i'm crazy in love with the repertoire that they sang on that concert. Plus there's another 3 city more to go, Jakarta, Surabaya and Malang. So be ready people, Maranatha Christian University Choir is about to rock the stage and give you guys a memorable performance.
And i promised them that i will be focus on the two of them only, because it was hectic and i was afraid there's not gonna enough time if i accept another client.

Meet her everybody, she's still at uni but already married ( remember my pre-wedding client ) and make a lovely couple with her husband. Her husband always support her in positive ways for everything she do. Lucky her :)
Because of the choir was singing folklore, they are asked to a simple hair do, just bun their long hair. Easy :D (lucky me hahhaha...) and she asked to have a bold lips, so i gave her the fabulous red!!! I didn't blend much with the eye, because i want it to be clear on the stage (mind the lighting ladies *excuse* :p).

Face :
Mustika Ratu moisturizer for oily skin
Revlon shine control lotion
Inez liquid foundie mixed (ivory and beige)
Maybelline dream smooth mousse #nude beige
Revlon l/p in light
Mustika Ratu oxygenated face spray

Cheek :
Amuse blush palette

Eyes :
Aubeau e/s base
Sari Ayu 25th year edition palette (black and white)
Pixy liquid eye liner in black 
T217 falsies and Jolly falsies

Lips :
Revlon either #006 or #900 i forgot, it was hers

She has a flawless skin, but a very thin eyes. Doesn't even has a lid. I did like her previous make over, really pop out her eyes on this post but she also looks good in this look. I try to give soft smokey eye, but i was not really happy with the result, maybe if i add another pair of lashes and add bottom lashes will give more drama.
Face :
Revlon shine control lotion
Mustika Ratu oxygenated spray
Inez liquid foundation in ivory
Revlon l/p

Cheek :
Amuse blush palette

Eyes :
Sari Ayu 25th year palette edition (brown and white)
Pixy liquid eye liner
Jolly falsies

Lips :
Wardah lip palette mixed #31 and #32

All comments, critics and anything are so welcome ladies. Help me improve my skills....