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Saturday, June 11, 2011

LA COLORS Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow, like shoes... who can't get enough of it? 
This is my first trial on buying glitter eyeshadow (because sometimes my clients asked for glittery thingy for party) and so far i not love nor hate this product. 

LA COLORS Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow comes in 8 different palette, each palette was named not numbered, they're Audrey, Elizabeth, Maryin, Ginger, Bette, Jean, Claudette, Ingrid. 
I got 2 palette of this series, Bette and Claudette. Bette is a nice summer color and Claudette is a bit "cold" tones in dark grey-green-red-black-orange. Too bad, Claudette was having an accident on the delivery, she cracked and fall into pieces and dust T-T. So i'm not gonna be able to use them.

But don't worry Bette is doing fine, and here she is..

on my bare hand, not using any primer or base
Picture captured by Canon iXus 150 with flash and no flash (AWB,Macro) setting.

On to review, well... not much to say since this is not their best seller. I've watch many beauty guru's that recommend LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow instead, and that's on my next wish list >.<

Glittery (exactly like the name)
Not chalky and powdery
Staying power is awesome (i used aubeau eye shadow base with this palette)
Cheap (10 colors for $2.75, of course i pay more to get it to my door step, i lived in another side of the world)

The glitter fall out dude! Which is a big turn off, i have to be extra careful when using this (lots of loose powder before applying and an amazing fan brush to clean the fall out) which according to me it's TIME CONSUMING.
Too much for everyday wear, glitter stuff makes your face looks oily in humid area, trust me :)



  1. Oh wow I almost bought a palette from this series but in the end I settled for NYX's. I don't know how to use glitters on the eyelids! They always transfer everywhere, especially to my chin and forehead!

  2. @fifi : Did you review and use NYX already? :D curious on how it will do to our eyes.. yes, glittery thingy sucks :( i'll post the fail attempt to use this glitter eyeshadow soon, it falls out so bad.