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Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 Followers Giveaway (BLOG + DOMESTIC only)

First of all, i am truly sorry for not uplading the real pic.

But this is it,  ELF Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette (100 colors)

Rules :

1. Follow my blog
2. Write about this on your blog, why you love my blog, and why do you want this palette.
3. Linked it back to me, on comment page and don't forget your email address for me to contact you in case you win.

End :
7th April 2012

Shipment will due to winner's response, sometimes it takes forever to get your answer on you address, and mobile phone.
Approximately one week after this giveaway ends via Tiki.

Winner will be picked with www.random.org so everybody has a fair chance to win.

Enjoy, and i hope you'll win!

Thank you for keep reading my blog, i might not have lots of followers but i believe you are my loyal readers. And the love and support you guys been showering to me means a lot.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Public Display of Vanity

We heard a lot about Public Display of Affection before, and maybe some of us are comfortable doing that. Hey, no judgement here i personally were a cuddling type of person ^^
In Indonesia, we hold tight on culture and still very religious when it comes to women and men relationship. In fact the society belief that women should stay virgin until they got married. And it's way different method of living and lifestyle with other country beliefs.
We are raised by traditional belief, which respect to elder is a must, and being told the "black and white with no grey area" is quite amusing, with the evolving trends that happens right now.

Why? Because we can get related to the other side of the world very easy now since the internet era. And most of Indonesian consumers type is "western minded" it is so easy to adapt the western tradition as well. Not only from fashion, beauty, etc, but also in lifestyle.

That's is the preview of what i'm gonna rambling on this post.

I AM NOT AGAINST THIS, i just wanna share my thought. Who am i to judge hey? :)


Vanity (noun)
Defenition : Conceit, egotism
Synonyms : Affectation, airs, arrogance, big-headedness, display, narcissism, pride, self-admitation, self love, self worship, showing off, vainglory.
Acronym : Modesty

*source : thesaurus

Same like Public Diplay of Affection, Public Display of Vanity is the condition when we showing off to people our affection but not with our partner (bf/gf/spouse) but with our vanity section which is make up, or touch up our make up in public.

You see sometimes, mostly at restaurant after eating women touch up their make up even just adding the faded lipstick after eating? Yeah, that's one form of Public Display of Vanity.

Why i brag about this? Because suddenly cross my mind, i read about this several years ago on a magazine, and no one seems like paying attention or may know this term exist.

Is this YEAY or NAY?

My answer is, it depends on the personal taste. As long as we didn't bother anyone while we're doing it, why not? It's not a sin anyway..
Unless, while you're sitting in a full restaurant and you're busy touch up your make up but beside you is people queuing for your table, that's not nice to keep people waiting :)

I'm not the touch up person, i rarely bring my beauty pouch if i'm going out. So this is not a matter for me, even if i bring something that was just lipgloss or lipstick, you won't catch me bring powder etc etc. I'M SIMPLY TOO LAZY hahaha...

If only doing touch up i think still ok, but not doing your whole make up in public (moist.-prime-foundie,blush,eyes,falsies,etc) , unless you're a model or something, go to the public restroom instead or your car maybe? That will give you more space and peace while make up? No?

And you know what? I'M GUILTY AS CHARGE ahahaaha... here's the "busted" picture few month ago on my besties wedding.
And beside of that, you know it's best when you doing your beauty and grooming thingy not infront of your partner dear, how about getting pretty without they have to see us shaving our legs or armpit or simply cutting our nail? LOL....

Feel free to drop any comment, and please don't hate me.. i just wanna share this term. Not to teach you how to behave, you are all pretty inside out *smooches*

Monday, March 26, 2012

HAULAGE - HD Make Up (Mostly Graftobian)

I was in Jakarta last week for an interview, so this haulage just laying down in front of my shoe rack without me noticing it.

I ordered this last month, and took approx. 3 weeks to arrived. As always i ordered it via FD seller.

I decided to do some trial on High Definition Make up so i played with Graftobian lately, since it was one of the top 5 foundation you must have by gossmakeupartist. Why? Because it's affordable, even for my freelancer pocket and the result was amazing.

I ordered based on my budget, so i get some items coming per week or month, by that method i would be able to secure my finance if the items already arrived and actually have cash to pay it, for that i didn't suffer of debt >.<

Because i thought preparation and setting your make up is important, these are what i decided to get.

Description :

1. Graftobian Translucent Colorless Loose Face Powder
It claims that : blends with all skin tones,  naturally soften and gently set any completed make up, and goes along way to control shine.
Why i purchase this : goes a long way to control shine seems promising..

2. Graftobian Castor Seal
It claims that : thinning agent for all cream based make up, good for finishing gloss for lip color.
Why i purchased this : thinning agent and finishing, dual thingy, i love love love dual function :p

3. Mona Lisa Pink Soap Brush Cleanser
It claims that : cleans gently but thoroughly by loosening and lifting debris from deep inside the hair shaft cuticle and helping them stay in brand new condition.
Why i purchased this : although the website says that some swears that this cleanser can clean, conditioning and sanitizing their brushes, i bought it because it's PINK, :D
Tried this and love the scent, kinda buble-y gummy 

4. Graftobian Lip Colors
It claims that : formulated with moisture rich ingredients and not excessively shiny for camera work.
Why i purchased this : moisturizing is the key word, since i have super duper chappy lips
I got shade garnet, and the color me likey, red but match my skintone YIPPIE

5. Natural Born Cosmetics Lip Fix Matte Neutralizer
It claims that : it locks on lip color application for better wear and and to retain the true color of lipstick.
Why i purchased this : Retain the true colors of lipstick, because some people might have darker lips, due to i don't know smoke much? LOL
I used this last weekend and love the result.

I can't wait to review this one bye one to all of you, and ps i placed order of Graftobian HD palette again, i'm guilty as charge >.<

You can find the website here <= the official website with the price, i noticed the price is cheaper there than the original website graftobian.com as always i'm trying to get you my dear fantabulous to shop in cheapest way!
I bought all these items for approx.  $ 47 include shipping to my house. IDR 425.

I'm happy with all my purchases, i might have those Graftobian lip colors in another shade, lateeer :p

Have a nice day, everyone :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Endi Feng #dandanYUK Casses

Hello my dear fantabulous, had a great day so far? I got up side downs this few days, but thankfully i got so many friends that got my back. And gives a good feedback, so i'm thankful. I hope you guys made a good friendship too, sometimes it last longer than your love relationship, LOL.

Anyway, Endi (i'm confused how to name him, beauty junkie/beauty guru/MUA he's all that) were so kind to invite me to be a model for his student for #dandanYuk Classes on early March. He got the classes for two days, and i attend the second day, i was so thrilled and feel very very lucky my face has given a chance to get a free make over.

Located at Coffee Cabin, Jakarta i went from Bandung early in the morning, so during the classes (nice ambiance, Endi's soft and skillful hand really pampered me) i  feel sleepy, and lost for like 5 minutes, sorry Endi >.<
I love Coffee Cabin, in fact thanks to Endi we would have a gathering on April there. I will tell you later about it, now let's focus on Endi!!! :) Great place, lots parking space, free dessert, free karaoke, GOOD FOOD. I love the place really.

Before the class began, he told me to eat first, he was such a great host, and after the student for the day arived, we had big lunch before get the lessons started.

There were two session, first Natural Make Up and second Runway Party Look, of course the techniques and application were customized with the need and knowledge of the client. So don't worry if next time you want to be a part of Endi's #dadanYuk Classes, it's from the beginner to pro.
Analyzing latest trends, and applied it to your face is Endi's specialization.

Ah you can take a peek on his #dandanYUK classes on this post (courtesy of Endi's blog)


Meet the lovable Lia everyone

She did all her make up! Following the instruction of Endi as a tutor of course, while Endi was doing my make up. So it's kinda learn from watching, i think it's an easy way to learn. Watch, Copy, Practice. And during the classes, of course there was a lot of questioning and chit chat-ing and laughing. So fun! I didn't feel tired after a long make up session (approx. 4-5 hours long).

From the price, it's a very affordable price (if i say, CHEAP for Jakarta standard rate) Endi only charge less than $30 (IDR 200-ish) *quite forgot sorry* include food and beverages (whole lunch set), coffee break, and falsies also included. I say you would be crazy if you didn't want to be a part of this next time he throw another event. I personally would love to join, on how to do other's make up (i hope Endi read my post, LOL)

Okay now on to my pictures and the rest of the during-after classes photos, enjoy girls. Feel free to drop any question i would try my best to answer it, and you can go to Endi's blog or twitter, he updated twitter a lot lately than his blog (hey, don't abandon your blog boy-o :D) @endi_feng

face half done

teaching how to touch up the make up after few hours of application

Thank you again Endi, and Love you girls for keep reading my post.

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Review and Swatches : Viva Liquid Foundation #Natural

Viva Indonesian Brand cosmetics!

That term really suits the name, under estimated at first, but WOW-ed by the result.

So i was lucky, last month i was send a beautiful package from Viva Cosmetics, i registered and forgot about it but one random day, there they were. I'm so terribly sorry i didn't take any pictures, but i got several items. Compact powder, liquid foundation, lipstick, hand and body lotion, eyeshadow also a make up remover.  Oh yes, almost forgot, they also include a booklet, lots of tips there.YEAY... Thank You Viva...

So i was wearing this for few times, outdoor, indoor then finally can share it with you girls.

Viva Liquid Foundation with Bengkuang Extract shade Natual

FOTD (lotsa picture :p)

with flash
Both FOTD was taken on different day but pretty much same products used.

Face : Viva Liquid Foundation, Sari Ayu Loose Powder in Sawo Matang (on cheek and nose and forehead only)
Cheek : LT Pro Blush on #8
Eyes : Pixy (both liquid and pencil eyeliner in #Black), Sari Ayu Eyeshadow Palette (25th Anniversary), Maybelline VE Mascara, Revlon Wet and Dry eyeshadow quad #chocolate for eyebrow (and contour nose).
Lips : Revlon Lip butter # 1


  • PRICE : OMG I believe this is less than $1 for 30 ml tube
  • Lots of shade
Shade : Oche, Natural, Mangir, Kuning Pengantin, Kuning Langsat
  • Best ingredients that i like : Mineral Oil, they claim it also have emolient and moisturizer to soften and moisture the skin.
Ingredients : Bengkuang Extract, Methyl Paraben, Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Adeps Lanae, Vaselin Album, Cetyl Alcohol, Propyl Paraben,Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Thriethanolamine, Bentonite, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Cl 77492, Cl77491, Perfume, Aqua.
  • Texture : Not to thin, quite rich in texture. But glides easily on skin when applied.

  • Scent : too perfume-y, seriously smells like hand and body lotion!
  • Coverage : Not buildable, gives sheer to light finish, not covering any of flaws, just like a tinted moisturizer
  • Hard to blend : Best when applied with brush, with sponge it just dissapear on your sponges, with hand too time consuming.
  • Staying Power : Not too bad, you have to forgive this especially looking at the price, after 3 hours get oily on nose area but not too much.
  • Oxydized a  bit after 4-6 hours usage.
I'm not gonna complain about the plastic tube packaging, they just charge it less than one bucks, come on people LOL.

Honestly, i think our local brand is sometimes being under estimated.

Well, from everything that Viva sent me, i just don't use the eyeshadow. It didn't bring any good, less pigmented, powdery. The rest is doing just fine, i will do a review about the lipstick soon i think.
Thank you for staying with me ladies, what do you think about my FOTD, this foundation bring any good to me? Anyone ever use this before? Would love to hear your thought.

Oh yes, for you that lives abroad, the must have items from this brand is the Eyebrow Pencil, the texture is smooth. Comes in brown and black. Some of well known MUA in Indonesia even use this and can't live without it. I personally love the texture of the eyebrow pencil but the color didn't match my eyes and my hair (dark brown on eyes and very very black for hair).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Graftobian HD Palette (Swatch)

Hola, so i got a big gig on May and i decided to put the whole range of HD make up on her face. And for the complexion i decided to get me Graftobian, read so many good reviews on them. Plus they got a tester pack (customized on every order), and they got a palette, quite affordable right?

After a long search finally i found a friend that has the palette in Neutral 1, i don't have to wait for long time to get it. Sadly for my client, the shade not really fit, i got to ordered another palette.
and if you want to sell me your preloved Graftobian palette in Cool 1 , and Warm 1, i would love to adopt them. Thank you pretties.

Okay, so my first impression of this foundation is, this is no good for dry skin type. You have put extra creamy moisturizer before putting them on. The texture apparently is not as creamy as i though, kinda sheer, and yeah it is buildable, but i like super textured and creamy foundation (personal taste). 
With good primer, i used benefit it stay for 5 hours and i didn't notice any oily thingy on my clients T-Zone. But on me (combination and acne prone), i have to set it with setting powder to make it last. 
And for the shade, they got names on it, so it quite confusing, but after you got used to it, doesn't really matter. 

Graftobian HD Palette in Neutral 1

L-R : Glamour Girl, Sweet Heart, Leading Lady, Prima Donna, Bombshell

No Flash
L-R : Bombshell, Primadonna, Leading Lady, Sweet Heart, Glamour Girl
With Flash
L-R : Bombshell, Primadonna, Leading Lady, Sweet Heart, Glamour Girl
Anyone can gimme a different point of view from this brand? Would love to hear your thought pretties, ^^

Haul : Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

Hai pretty fantabulous, after one month waiting finally it arrived at my door.

Meet Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette, since i'm so in love with Amuse Blush Palette, i thought why not give it a try for the eyeshadow, i got it when cherryculture.com was on sale so it was about $10.99 but of course since i live in other side of the world i have to pay extra for shipping, cost me about $15 to get it to my home. But calculating the function and since i got so many colors i really don't mind to pay more than half for shipping.

Yeah, i bought it from a seller on FD (Mimo) while they were opening a spree.

Okay let's take a peek.

Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette


What really got me while i open this :

  • The range of color, from shimmer to matte, and it's not too small like coastal scent eyeshadow palette.
  • The packaging, has a nice half round hole to pick up the upper eyeshadow, so the lower layer of eyeshadow didn't cracked if we opened it in hurry.

Well, i will wear it today. So i can give you guys first impression post tomorrow :*
(Let's just hope that the internet connection is not dead again, shall we?)

I'll see you on another posts, have a great day my dear.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Exclusive Sneak Preview of Revlon New Products 2012 For Blogger

Official Pictures from Revlon Indonesia

One cloudy day, i was so upset with the spammers and removing them from my emails, suddenly i saw an invitation email from Revlon, Thank God i didn't just erase all and decided to take a peek, otherwise some of important emails will be deleted. Anyway, my days suddenly feel so much brighter LOL, thank you Revlon.

I wasn't sure if i'm going or not because it was on weekdays, and apparently i made it. I close all the deals with clients and re-arranging my schedule, so i was able to attend the event.

It was a sneak peek of what to wait from Revlon, they're gonna launch so many interesting products around this June-September. I know, some of you may already see it on Youtube or on some international beauty blogger's posts. It's time for us now :)

So, Revlon invited Susan Vargas, she is a beauty expert from Australia, and she had work with so many international beauty brands but decided to stay in Revlon, with more than 10 years of experience, i can say we were lucky to got the tips from her. Not just that she share so many beauty tips and practice it at the moment, so we learned from the best.

The event was held in Tempo Scan Tower, i got lost twice before i arrived there, and was late for around 30 -45 minutes, fortunately they're still having coffee break, it was still morning so we can called it breakkie (short for breakfast in Australia) time?

So many new faces there, i met Cia, Harumi @MyTipsCantik, surprisingly Cominica showed up she got lost too, same like me :D
So excited to met them always, too bad the rest bloggers couldn't make it because some working and some had classes, but you guys been misses girls :*

We got started afterward, and Ms. Santi Turino, the Brand Manager of Revlon Indonesia made a short brief of the rundown and introduced us to Susan Vargas. Ms. Santi always looks stunning, i love her outfit, met her twice and she gave a quite nice impression, she and Revlon team were so friendly and made us feels really at home.
Carrissa Putri, the Brand Ambassador for Revlon Indonesia also present at that time, Susan gonna use her pretty face as model, and the process of the make over were filmed by fimela.com so it was a live demo.
Susan truly an expert, i thought at first if doing a demo, it was gonna take a long time, Susan just need few minutes to show the cameraman what products she was using.
Susan explained a lot about beauty industry,sharing beauty tips, and chit chat a lot, she quite a multi-tasker :D

These are what Revlon claims, for the newest range of the products :
Captured the latest trend, for 2012 is fantastic colors which Revlon embraced with its pretty range of shade and packaging not to mention, Revlon did a very good job improving the formula of their make up.
Susan's beauty tips :
Find your best feature in your face and then HIGHLIGHT it, she said her best feature was her lips, so she loves to wear a bold colors  on her lips and soft make up on the rest of the face.

Do you see how natural Carissa Putri's make up after having a make over session with Susan? I love the look, perfect for sunny day. And for night make up, Susan just added some bold color on Carissa's lips and she's ready to rock from 8-10 :)

Curious about the products? Okay here we go, but don't say that i didn't warn you guys, this is quite a long post...


gives a proper base for your face before make up also correct your skintone
shade : 002 purple
-photographic pigments and mimic the result of airbrush make up, gives perfect complexion look and semi matte luminous finish.
-suits all skin types, but if your face has an oily type, add some powder to set this foundation.

shade : nude
shade :  40 early tan


not only claim to prime the eyes, but gives a brighter look, this is not a concealer btw... so i'm quite curious how it can brighten the eyes.
soft texture and lasting result
shade : plum *loves it*

shade : echanted *loves the jade green color*


all in one, highlighter, shimmer, and blush on

This is currently launced, i just wanna share one of my favourite shade to you my fantabulous

the sensational lip butter, which i like so much, swatch of Candy Apple on my lips ^^

lip butter shade : candy apple
Done with Carissa Putri's make up, Susan picked the blogger, in this case i was the lucky one *YEAYY*, she said she picked me because i look like her niece, which is quite a compliment for me because that means i still look young LOL

loves the lips, peach parfait and tutti frutty on the center of the bottom lips

loves the 3D Mascara and blush
Eve from My Lovely Sister
*Eve thought she got a problem with her eyes, i saw it just perfectly fine. But she said her lid was uneven so it's kinda confusing when applied eye make up. But Susan got the solution. Susan added more eyeliner on the lid that need to be corrected. See the pic? Amazing what make up can do to your face huh?

After the event, we got a chance to take pictures with the fellow bloggers and Ms. Santi Turino and of course the expert, Susan Vargas.

Harumi from @MyTipsCantik, me, Carrissa Putri, Susan Vargas, and Yuri

Yuri from Two Thousand Things
Of course Revlon didn't let us go home empty handed, they gave us BIG LUNCH (literally, me and Yuri almost didn't finish it) also Goodie Bag, who doesn't loves freebies? Huh...?
Thank you Revlon Indonesia for the opportunities, love all the products. Can't wait for it, really...

The exciting thing, although the price can't be revealed yet, Revlon team said it was still be AFFORDABLE for HD (High Defenition) make up.