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Friday, March 16, 2012

Exclusive Sneak Preview of Revlon New Products 2012 For Blogger

Official Pictures from Revlon Indonesia

One cloudy day, i was so upset with the spammers and removing them from my emails, suddenly i saw an invitation email from Revlon, Thank God i didn't just erase all and decided to take a peek, otherwise some of important emails will be deleted. Anyway, my days suddenly feel so much brighter LOL, thank you Revlon.

I wasn't sure if i'm going or not because it was on weekdays, and apparently i made it. I close all the deals with clients and re-arranging my schedule, so i was able to attend the event.

It was a sneak peek of what to wait from Revlon, they're gonna launch so many interesting products around this June-September. I know, some of you may already see it on Youtube or on some international beauty blogger's posts. It's time for us now :)

So, Revlon invited Susan Vargas, she is a beauty expert from Australia, and she had work with so many international beauty brands but decided to stay in Revlon, with more than 10 years of experience, i can say we were lucky to got the tips from her. Not just that she share so many beauty tips and practice it at the moment, so we learned from the best.

The event was held in Tempo Scan Tower, i got lost twice before i arrived there, and was late for around 30 -45 minutes, fortunately they're still having coffee break, it was still morning so we can called it breakkie (short for breakfast in Australia) time?

So many new faces there, i met Cia, Harumi @MyTipsCantik, surprisingly Cominica showed up she got lost too, same like me :D
So excited to met them always, too bad the rest bloggers couldn't make it because some working and some had classes, but you guys been misses girls :*

We got started afterward, and Ms. Santi Turino, the Brand Manager of Revlon Indonesia made a short brief of the rundown and introduced us to Susan Vargas. Ms. Santi always looks stunning, i love her outfit, met her twice and she gave a quite nice impression, she and Revlon team were so friendly and made us feels really at home.
Carrissa Putri, the Brand Ambassador for Revlon Indonesia also present at that time, Susan gonna use her pretty face as model, and the process of the make over were filmed by fimela.com so it was a live demo.
Susan truly an expert, i thought at first if doing a demo, it was gonna take a long time, Susan just need few minutes to show the cameraman what products she was using.
Susan explained a lot about beauty industry,sharing beauty tips, and chit chat a lot, she quite a multi-tasker :D

These are what Revlon claims, for the newest range of the products :
Captured the latest trend, for 2012 is fantastic colors which Revlon embraced with its pretty range of shade and packaging not to mention, Revlon did a very good job improving the formula of their make up.
Susan's beauty tips :
Find your best feature in your face and then HIGHLIGHT it, she said her best feature was her lips, so she loves to wear a bold colors  on her lips and soft make up on the rest of the face.

Do you see how natural Carissa Putri's make up after having a make over session with Susan? I love the look, perfect for sunny day. And for night make up, Susan just added some bold color on Carissa's lips and she's ready to rock from 8-10 :)

Curious about the products? Okay here we go, but don't say that i didn't warn you guys, this is quite a long post...


gives a proper base for your face before make up also correct your skintone
shade : 002 purple
-photographic pigments and mimic the result of airbrush make up, gives perfect complexion look and semi matte luminous finish.
-suits all skin types, but if your face has an oily type, add some powder to set this foundation.

shade : nude
shade :  40 early tan


not only claim to prime the eyes, but gives a brighter look, this is not a concealer btw... so i'm quite curious how it can brighten the eyes.
soft texture and lasting result
shade : plum *loves it*

shade : echanted *loves the jade green color*


all in one, highlighter, shimmer, and blush on

This is currently launced, i just wanna share one of my favourite shade to you my fantabulous

the sensational lip butter, which i like so much, swatch of Candy Apple on my lips ^^

lip butter shade : candy apple
Done with Carissa Putri's make up, Susan picked the blogger, in this case i was the lucky one *YEAYY*, she said she picked me because i look like her niece, which is quite a compliment for me because that means i still look young LOL

loves the lips, peach parfait and tutti frutty on the center of the bottom lips

loves the 3D Mascara and blush
Eve from My Lovely Sister
*Eve thought she got a problem with her eyes, i saw it just perfectly fine. But she said her lid was uneven so it's kinda confusing when applied eye make up. But Susan got the solution. Susan added more eyeliner on the lid that need to be corrected. See the pic? Amazing what make up can do to your face huh?

After the event, we got a chance to take pictures with the fellow bloggers and Ms. Santi Turino and of course the expert, Susan Vargas.

Harumi from @MyTipsCantik, me, Carrissa Putri, Susan Vargas, and Yuri

Yuri from Two Thousand Things
Of course Revlon didn't let us go home empty handed, they gave us BIG LUNCH (literally, me and Yuri almost didn't finish it) also Goodie Bag, who doesn't loves freebies? Huh...?
Thank you Revlon Indonesia for the opportunities, love all the products. Can't wait for it, really...

The exciting thing, although the price can't be revealed yet, Revlon team said it was still be AFFORDABLE for HD (High Defenition) make up.


  1. ada foto akuuu ahaha thank u ya Mada, aku grabbed ya fotonaa :))


  2. great post mada!

    unfortunately I wasn't able to attend it, and so were the others
    hopefully we would meet on next event!

  3. of course you still look young mada :) ,too bad I came late that day. love your post <3

  4. @yuri : mau yang fullsize nya gak? *berasa lagi jualan OL Shopping haha*

    @stella : you've been missed :*

    @cominica : aw, thx so much deaaaaaaaaaaar :p i got lost too, 2 times before i got there >.<