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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review and Swatches : Viva Liquid Foundation #Natural

Viva Indonesian Brand cosmetics!

That term really suits the name, under estimated at first, but WOW-ed by the result.

So i was lucky, last month i was send a beautiful package from Viva Cosmetics, i registered and forgot about it but one random day, there they were. I'm so terribly sorry i didn't take any pictures, but i got several items. Compact powder, liquid foundation, lipstick, hand and body lotion, eyeshadow also a make up remover.  Oh yes, almost forgot, they also include a booklet, lots of tips there.YEAY... Thank You Viva...

So i was wearing this for few times, outdoor, indoor then finally can share it with you girls.

Viva Liquid Foundation with Bengkuang Extract shade Natual

FOTD (lotsa picture :p)

with flash
Both FOTD was taken on different day but pretty much same products used.

Face : Viva Liquid Foundation, Sari Ayu Loose Powder in Sawo Matang (on cheek and nose and forehead only)
Cheek : LT Pro Blush on #8
Eyes : Pixy (both liquid and pencil eyeliner in #Black), Sari Ayu Eyeshadow Palette (25th Anniversary), Maybelline VE Mascara, Revlon Wet and Dry eyeshadow quad #chocolate for eyebrow (and contour nose).
Lips : Revlon Lip butter # 1


  • PRICE : OMG I believe this is less than $1 for 30 ml tube
  • Lots of shade
Shade : Oche, Natural, Mangir, Kuning Pengantin, Kuning Langsat
  • Best ingredients that i like : Mineral Oil, they claim it also have emolient and moisturizer to soften and moisture the skin.
Ingredients : Bengkuang Extract, Methyl Paraben, Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Adeps Lanae, Vaselin Album, Cetyl Alcohol, Propyl Paraben,Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Thriethanolamine, Bentonite, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Cl 77492, Cl77491, Perfume, Aqua.
  • Texture : Not to thin, quite rich in texture. But glides easily on skin when applied.

  • Scent : too perfume-y, seriously smells like hand and body lotion!
  • Coverage : Not buildable, gives sheer to light finish, not covering any of flaws, just like a tinted moisturizer
  • Hard to blend : Best when applied with brush, with sponge it just dissapear on your sponges, with hand too time consuming.
  • Staying Power : Not too bad, you have to forgive this especially looking at the price, after 3 hours get oily on nose area but not too much.
  • Oxydized a  bit after 4-6 hours usage.
I'm not gonna complain about the plastic tube packaging, they just charge it less than one bucks, come on people LOL.

Honestly, i think our local brand is sometimes being under estimated.

Well, from everything that Viva sent me, i just don't use the eyeshadow. It didn't bring any good, less pigmented, powdery. The rest is doing just fine, i will do a review about the lipstick soon i think.
Thank you for staying with me ladies, what do you think about my FOTD, this foundation bring any good to me? Anyone ever use this before? Would love to hear your thought.

Oh yes, for you that lives abroad, the must have items from this brand is the Eyebrow Pencil, the texture is smooth. Comes in brown and black. Some of well known MUA in Indonesia even use this and can't live without it. I personally love the texture of the eyebrow pencil but the color didn't match my eyes and my hair (dark brown on eyes and very very black for hair).


  1. cantik sis!!
    suka banget yg foto pertama ^^

  2. @nila kusrini : thx u say, jd malu :D
    @shasha : Thx u, *smooch*
    @noniq : i know, rite? now i really like this for daily wear, feels like tinted moisturizer but quit ok to cover my dull face :*

  3. masuk banget ya shade nya si viva ini di kamu.. dan finishnya oke banget, sama sekali ga kelihatan pake foundie under 10k.. :)

  4. Cantik sekali kau di postingan yang ini.

    Gw juga punya Viva foundation yang bengkoang juga tapi belum sempet coba-coba.

  5. Hello, the foundation looks nice on u. I ever tried this too but too bad that it contains mineral oil since my skin can't tolerate that ingredient. I always experience breakout whenever I use product containing mineral oil.
    thanx for sharing, u sure lucky can find this product useful for u since it's very cheap :)

    1. YES! INDEED. Quite surprising right??? I am very lucky hehehe...