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Friday, December 30, 2011

Small Haul to end the Year

Holla pretties, how are you gonna spend your new year eve? Party? EXcited huh? To get dolled up and spend the eve with your dearests, i wish all of you happiness! *smooches*

Now, i got myself these products. Not much, decided to go on face section this time. Just out of curiosity, not by need sadly. But before i bought these stuff, already decided this can be used for my clients. Depends on occasion. So it's not totally a waste, anyway some of these i got from my Fd friend and some i bought online.

Here we go
Details :

1. Benefit One Prime Day
2. Palladio herbal Wet & Dry in Natural clary
3. ZA Limited Edtion (to be used with Za skn Beauty Two-Way foundation or Za True White Two-Way foundation)
4. Skin79 Beblesh Balm

Haven't tried all of these but the Skin79. Will posted separate review on each!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haul + Fabulous Find

Short Posting, just letting you pretty fantabulous ladies to know.. that i'm doing a fabulous find section from now on. The idea is still making you look good (on budget).

So, as i posted on twitter, i got a lots of project for 2012. Most of them is DIY, and Make over (with budget), and keeping the game on. Since i envy lots of bloggers that been ahead of me, hiks.. CONQUER THIS IDOTECH thingy is my main goal tho :D

I got like lots of gowns from my concert (thanks to Maranatha Christian University Choir) but i feel it too much to wear even to attend a wedding party. I prefer dresses, midi or mini dresses, and before i realize apparently i got tons of LBD, and just 2 maxi dresses.

Enough for the blabbering, i run out to supermarket yesterday (Giant Pasteur Hypermart) nearby my house, to do some research about the stuff that i might need for the project. And yeah.. blame it on me it's all my fault (guilty as charge) i ended up buying one maxi dress. On some FO (Factory Outlet) on the first floor near A&W, at first, people (and me) were skeptical, NOBODY was in the store except the employees, and the stuff looks so unattractive (i blame it on their window display, and also the option of mix and match, what they put on the hanger).
But i saw the 50% sign, and for killing time (i told myself :p) i went there, HUH fooling myself, i found like 3 fabulous tops (but decided not to get it, and now i'm in regret).

But if you see this, you will understand why this is the fabulous find!

Maxi dress : Puresuits size S
They have the center on 4 different color, the gold one, the silver one, the purple one, and the red one. The gold one is the most prettiest, looks expensive and the rest just so-so.

I know it might look unattactive (thanks to my photography skill :s), but trust me, the detail is so yummy.
I love the shoulder strap, it was Greek style, and the fabric is smooth not hot while wear.

AND THE SURPRISING PART of course the price :
 IDR 124,500 approx $13.8 ($1 = IDR 9,000)

HAHAHA GOT YOU!!!!!! THE PRICE SHOWN WASN'T ON SALE YET! SO I GOT IT FOR LIKE IDR 62,250 (approx. $6.91). By that price in Indonesia, you can get 2 cup of starbucks :D


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just out of curiosity, Review of Skin 79 BB Cream

This is not my first trial on BB cream, already tried the Maybelline one and since everyone is still raving about this i decided to get me one. Anyway i can use it for my clients, later on.
I think this will look perfect for those who has the shade around NC 20-25.
Everyone's been reviewing this and if you google-d it, you will find tons of result about this. I'm not gonna confuse you with doing any review, will just post how did it looks on me. And what i like or didn't like about this, fair enough? But if you want to know my review feel free to asked, since i'm gonna do every way i can to use this that everyone's been suggesting :D

The Famous Skin79 Super BB Cream Triple Functions
It claims : Whitening, UV Protecting SPF 25 PA++, Wrinkle Free
Mine expiry date is 2014/03/06 quite long huh?

Why i love this?
The expiry date quite long, and we didn't have to guessing around ( every product has an expiry date, such as we have to, HAVE TO throw away mascara after 3 montsh of using, hm.. got me thinking, i should probably do another post about expiry date)
40g, which is quite a lot of liquid.
Quite cheap approx. $17 (include shipping to my house with currency $1 = IDR 9000), i saw with my own eyes the store that i used to bought make up sold this for IDR 315000 (approx $35), i got mine at Mirielle Shop.
The texture is not watery, very creamy indeed, beyond my expectation, i didn't recall the texture will be so creamy, love it (personal taste)

What i dislike :
The coverage, it didn't cover my flaws, but yet i haven't tried using it with all the methods possible (with brushes and my beauty blender) just yet.
After 7 hours of application, i prefer my other foundation. Because after few hours of application my flaws start to showed, fact that i only hang out and went to groceries.
Have to be extra effort cleaning my face after using this, otherwise helloooooowww pimples >.<

Pictures tells a thousand words, i should let you guys decide, no? :)

PS : i set this BB cream with loose powder only.

HAUL naah.. it's chrismas present for me :)

So, my lover's friend is coming home and my lover being my personal Santa this year. I got myself a bunch of goodies, yeah... thx hun XOXO

After knowing the prices there (my lover lives in Australia), i was quite shock. I wanna do the comparison between Target and Kmart there with the one they have in States so i asked my lover, and due to the new policy of taxation i gotta know the price (Everything that we bought from overseas and cost more than $250 got to pay extra taxes). The price difference was very high.
Like the foundation cost almost twice in Australia, the Rimmel primer cost about AUD 13 (the website only cost around $6-$7, and drugstore.com cost $6.68), I'm quite sad, because i did the calculation and know my lover spend way too much on this one. And i can get it almost the same price if i ordered in a spree, but hey it's a gift so i'm appreciating every little thing my lover gave me. Not the stuff that matter but the affection. I'd rather have my lover beside me for Christmas, all i want for christmas is YOUUU (singing).

My new beauty case from Trina & Co, yeah.. It comes in a very beautiful pink color. And got 4 different compartment inside. We can put it out and it's ok if not using it also. Very flexible.. And why my lover got me this? Because i was whining a lot about carrying my heavy metal traincase :)

And my Remington Pro curl, yeay... i love this, tried it already and crazy in love about the result.
 All the pretties that comes inside, cute stuff my lover got me. Well i admitted, i got my lover a few hint about what i want hahaha... But as usual i ended up getting more than i already want.

Sadly,i used this for the last make up gig in Jakarta at December, 16th and i lost this. CRYING OUT LOUD...

2 sheer tights, it was so hard to get it in store. And i did mention to my lover that i want this many many moons ago, and apparently my lover remembered. Sweet... *aku padamuuu hun*

And the detail of the prettys :
Left : 
2 foundation (Maybelline Fit Me in Honey Beige ; One more i forgot, Rimmel maybe? In Golden Tan)
Cover Girl mascara, because i said really want to try out the make up that those American Next Top Model used.
Rimmel Fix & Prime (apparently it was orange, and used it to my client for drugstore primer this quite did the job very well)
Right :
Australis Set and Go finishing powder (to set the make up)
BYS - Bronze palette (this was quite hard to open, and didn't has the chance to play with it yet)

Will do separate review and swatch of all this. Thanks for your companion though my beauty journey pretties :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Review on Maybelline Fit Me shade 320 Honey Beige

Holla... as i promised i wanted to do a review on this foundation. Maybelline Fit Me series, i know it's already booming in States. But here in Indonesia, they don't have it. We have to ordered it online. And mine, i got it as a christmas present from my loved ones. Comes along with lots other things. It cost AUD $18, and super expensive, because on drugstore.com or ulta.com the price isn't higher than $8. Even if we ordered it from Indonesia, usually cost us (plus shipping) less than $12. 

Anyway, i got this shade honey beige, since at appearance the shade was the closest to MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC 42. So i thought why not give it a shoot, and told my loved ones to get the closest shade (of course my loved oned got assistant to do it, the BA otherwise hmmp... you know... haha...) and it's sure claim can fit to our natural skintone, no? 

Here's the swatches

On my hand

On my face

Love :
The texture is a bit creamy for liquid, not so watery.
Coverage, light to medium 
Gives a glowy skin effect
Didn't have to used much, a bit will do (better use this foundie with finger)

Hate :
COLOR TRANSFER. blah i wouldn't bother to do any other review. 
I stopped at the moment it transfered to my clothes, even it has a good oil control whatsoever, i don't want it anymore. We're breaking up hahaha... (of course after i finish this one bottle, wouldn't want my loved ones effort to becomes effortless).

Of course FOTD is also coming right up. 

I just couldn't stop trying with more color on my hooded eyes, this time i used 5 color. And i prefer the result on the other day while i was attending my besties wedding (with only 2 color, blue on lid and white on browbone and inner corner) on this post

Face :
Oxy 5, Revlon shine control, Maybelline Fit Me shade 320, LT pro Pallette (use the darkest shade DD03 to set up the foundie), Revlon Microfine loose powder in Light.

Eyes :
Aubeau eye shadow base, Lyra Eyebrow Pencil in Chocolate, Sari ayu 25th palette, Pixy Eyeliner pencil in Black, Falsies

Cheek :
PAC blush on no 08 and amuse blush palette

Lip :
Wardah Lip Palette no 31 and 32

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cheap Highlighter (Local Brand)

Hallow Ladies, today is seriously a BAD day. You guys know how i hate rain rite? And it was raining so hard, untill theres floods everywhere on the road. Bad news for me, i couldn't go home and have to wait like 4 hours. And i took a cab home, and the driver wouldn't take me, because of the traffic. So i had to go back and find another cab. CRAP, i was wet from top to toe. And yes, i brought my umbrella but still wet. Sucks..

Anyway... to highlight my day? :)  I did promise my fellow FD friend to review on this powder. It is actually a basic translucent powder but the 'look' inside not the packaging is similar to NYX Mosaic Pwder Highlighter (link courtesy of MakeupAlley).

Here's the look... sorry for bad quality picture..
The Brand is RedA, it's a local brand, actually this brand is dedicated for teenager, because of the product is small and the rest of decorative product comes in a very cheap price. I got this powder for IDR 18.700 (approx. $2), and has a tinyyyyy tiny bit of shimmer IMO, but not much. And you barely can noticed that, which i love about this.

RedA compact powder shade Translucent

Ingredients :

Talc., Zinc Stearat, CI 77019, Aluminium Starch, and very sorry the rest of ingredients i wouldn't be able to read them becaue they printed the MFG date and code right on the top of them. (Already throw away the boxes also, my bad)

Love :

The shimmer is not too much. Netto 14g (quite ok). Almost scent-less (just a hint). Price was cheap. Available locally. Staying power buildable but i have to say medium. Love the color of the compact pink :D

Hate :

It would be perfect if there's no shimmer at all (i hate shimmery thingy, but this one is quite ok). If you have oily face then this would be a problem, because shimmer and oily face is not a match, you will look extra glowy if you didn't use any setting powder or matte powder, me thinks.

Repurchase :  Absolutely :)

I will insert my FOTD using this highlighter, and i didn't take the swatch yet. Because there's gonna a different post about this. I'm planning to compare this with Benefit High Beam, whose gonna win the battle, let's see together.

Face : Fanbo TWC in Gaharu apply dry and (light) dab motion only, Red A translucent on my nose bridge, under my eyes (you know i have heavy panda eyes right, it didn't make it go away but it surely lighten the under eye area), a bit on my temple of the cheek and upper cheek bone.
Cheek : NYC bronzer
Eyes : Pixy liquid eyeliner and Maybelline mascara, Lyra eyebrow pencil
Lips : None!

It gives a sheer and light coverage, but you can always built up the coverage, i'm not going anywhere just hanging out at my friend's apartment so i didn't bother to do a heavier coverage.

Quick Post of Make over

Here's the rest of the girls that i make over for the concert event few weeks ago. It took so long until i got the photos from my friend, so right now please be satisfied with these.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures :(

Top :CINDY- DUSI  : Bottom : DINDA - REMSI


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FUN TIME = Djakarta Warehouse Project 2011

BIG APPLAUS FOR MY DEAR BESTIES @ditatepus and partner in crime @AndiSopyandi
they made it, one of the biggest outdoor event in Indonesia for music, Djakarta Warehouse Project 2011
last Friday.
With International DJs and Artists, and National Artists, plus Special Shows. About 50 well known musician and artists line up to entertained us on 3 different stage, Red/ White/ Black area. My favourite was the Red area there were the DJs play.
I saw a lot of Indonesian famous artist were attending. This is definitely the place to SEEN and BE SEEN.

I arrived around 10 PM at the venue and, the crowd already get crazy. I think i'm done with the rambling coz it reminds me so much of good accompany, good food and drinks, also meet and greet with some of my besties that lives in Jakarta, not to mention the music. One word DOPE!!!!!

I decided to wear light for this event, it was hot.. no heels needed, seriously! You are gonna dance all night long! Forget the big bag also, a small purse will do.

Here's some do's and don'ts if you were about to attend outdoor event!


Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes (flats yeay, heels NAY)
Bring your id, better copy it first and put the original one at home
Charge your digicam and cellphone before
Drink lots of water
Don't worry of coming alone (i did come alone, but met so many people there)
Make sure you got the list of the rundown properly, you don't wanna miss the performance from your favourite artist, no?
Brings cash, because sometimes there's problem with the EDC machine if you paying with cards.


Don't overwear, mini dresses with heels? Hallo... you will get tired for 2 hours..
Don't accept anything from stranger, be carefull...
Don't drive home drunk

Ah, i have the best memories last friday. Can't wait to DWP2012!

TO :
Cardigan : Forever21
Dress : Korean OL shop
(Green lacey dress)
Bag : Belezza
Flats : Pixie
Accesorries : Earrings is gift, and ring bought in near my campus

Monday, December 12, 2011


 MAC Studio Fix Foundation SPF 15 in NC 42

After movies and dinner about 5 hours later
 Inez liquid foundation
Hey ladies...

Did you have fun last weekend, i did.. and i also did something stupid. Yeah.... wish i could turn back time, but overall it went pretty smooth in the end.
Just like my new foundation, as you guys know, i'm still in searching for "the one" and i think it's finally come to and end.
I got a sharing jar from my fellow FD friend, MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 In NC 42. I first thought that i was NC 35 but during the weather condition my skin pretty much tanned and now NC 42 even suits me better than NC 37. I think it's time to buy a full size of this foundation.

On this post i just want to show you guys the comparison between MAC and Inez (local brand) on my face.
No swatch review whatsoever, not in the mood to think right now :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Best Friend's Wedding

Last Saturday was my best friend's wedding. I'm happy and genuinely wish her and her husband a long happy life.

Congratulation Nike and Bowo

The holy matrimony was held at 4PM and the reception was at 7PM, and she wanted us to be there for both. So we already dolled up at around 2PM. She gave us batik clothes, a very gorgeous beige-y and dark brown batik. Love it, because i didn't have time to take it to my tailor, to make a dress so i decided to make it simple. Make a skirt out of it, nothing special, just use it like "kain lilit" basically you just wrapped it around your body, no ropes whatsoever needed.

This pic below was taken around 10 PM, after the wedding reception party, in front of my friend's house. I decided to take this today's outfit pic altho it was super dark there hihihi... Yeah what can i say, narsicm!

Today's Outfit
Tube top : BTC (less than $5)
Skirt : Gift from the bride
Shoes : Borrowed from my friend, my actual one left inside the car :D
Accesorries : Earrings gift from Jogja, Rings - unbranded
Clutch : Dorothy Perkins

And the make up look, all was taken from my canon ixus, will upload the closer look was taken from my Blackberry and my Xperia, the lighting is different, and want you guys to see the better look. Will edited later :p
For now please be happy with these pictures, enjoy..

My Hair Do
Simple back combing hair with side curls, sorry forgot to take the detail from the back.

My Make Up Look
Simple blue smokey eyes, the best look for my hooded lid is this type of application of eyeshadow sadly :(
Around 11 PM, already took off the false lashes.

Face : Sari ayu cream foundation in sawo matang, ELF all over stick in Toffee, Revlon Light loose powder, RedA Translucent powder (for highlighting)
Eyes : Sari ayu 25 edition , Aubeau eyeshadow base, Pixy liquid liner in Black, Maybelline Mascara, Nyx eyebrow pencil in Brown
Cheek : Amuse blush palette (took the coral color)
Lips : Napoleon perdis lipgloss in watermelon.

Quite a prove for Indonesia eyeshadow base, after 9 hours, start to crease only in the lid, but on its defense, i really have a serious problem with my lid, so unless i wore a tape, that will continue to make a crease on the folded crease.

Our costumes, each with our own personality... So pretty huh? The dresses i mean, :p

Friday, December 2, 2011

Beauty Workshop

Last week, i decided to organize a small beauty workshop at my uni, with the gals from my beloved organization of course. I wanna share everything i know to those gorgeous ladies, because they're new and probably don't have any idea how hectic gonna be if we're having a concert. And if they can apply stage make up properly.
Of course i'm not getting paid for it, so it's another Thank You Project, but let's just call it sharing, shall we? :)

I thought one session is not enough to tell them everything, we just had one and half an hour to do this workshop because they're practising afterward. So the curriculum was, knowing the type of their skin, what products and tools is necessary for daily and stage make up, and what to complete if they already had make up, sharing tips, do's and don'ts (trick) on make up, and of course as requested a make over session.

Only less than 30 people attended, because some of them were still in class, but we had fun! We laughed, we shared, and teasing the model. Oh my bundle of joy...

I asked them, who would want a make over. As expected, they pointed this funny girl, we laughed every single moment from cleansing her face even untill the very last minute. Such a funny girl she is, i have to stopped her from laughing because the eyeshadow fall over everywhere, literally, she couldn't keep quite, everytime i put something she giggled. Such a funny girl.

I heart her, and i was gonna made her eyes pop out with bright color, but the rest of the girls requested a smokey look, heavy smokey look, and i have to do it, as requested. But to soften a bit, i just put blue, and silver also white eyeshadow, i don't wanna drown her eyes.

This look is far for perfect, as always it is always in a rush with these girls, because after i put something, they were very excited and ask lots of question. And i have to answer them, so we stop and start again until finish. By the time i wanna do the finishing, the rest of the choir member was arrived and the room had to be use for choir practise. I have to satisfied with this.
And i truly expect insight from you guys, what to improve. It will mean a lot for me. Thank you in advance my fantabulous ^^

Meet Gaya, everyone

I forgot to take the back side, i just made a simple french twist, because for concert usually the hair is getting an updo so the ladies wouldn't feel so hot and look more elegant.

But for a round shape of face like her, when the hair is down looks better i think. I grab her picture from Facebook (already asked for permission don't worry :D).


Face : Inez liquid foundie, Elf All Over Stick for Contouring nose and jaw, Marcs loose powder
Eyes : Sari Ayu 25th anniversay palette, Aubeau e/s base, Pixy eyeliner pencil in black, T217 Falsies from Makeuptools (Juleha)
Cheek : Amuse blush palette
Lips : Wardah Lip Palette

Feedback, please (puppy eyes)... Thank you for always hanging around with me ladies. Happy weekend.