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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HAUL naah.. it's chrismas present for me :)

So, my lover's friend is coming home and my lover being my personal Santa this year. I got myself a bunch of goodies, yeah... thx hun XOXO

After knowing the prices there (my lover lives in Australia), i was quite shock. I wanna do the comparison between Target and Kmart there with the one they have in States so i asked my lover, and due to the new policy of taxation i gotta know the price (Everything that we bought from overseas and cost more than $250 got to pay extra taxes). The price difference was very high.
Like the foundation cost almost twice in Australia, the Rimmel primer cost about AUD 13 (the website only cost around $6-$7, and drugstore.com cost $6.68), I'm quite sad, because i did the calculation and know my lover spend way too much on this one. And i can get it almost the same price if i ordered in a spree, but hey it's a gift so i'm appreciating every little thing my lover gave me. Not the stuff that matter but the affection. I'd rather have my lover beside me for Christmas, all i want for christmas is YOUUU (singing).

My new beauty case from Trina & Co, yeah.. It comes in a very beautiful pink color. And got 4 different compartment inside. We can put it out and it's ok if not using it also. Very flexible.. And why my lover got me this? Because i was whining a lot about carrying my heavy metal traincase :)

And my Remington Pro curl, yeay... i love this, tried it already and crazy in love about the result.
 All the pretties that comes inside, cute stuff my lover got me. Well i admitted, i got my lover a few hint about what i want hahaha... But as usual i ended up getting more than i already want.

Sadly,i used this for the last make up gig in Jakarta at December, 16th and i lost this. CRYING OUT LOUD...

2 sheer tights, it was so hard to get it in store. And i did mention to my lover that i want this many many moons ago, and apparently my lover remembered. Sweet... *aku padamuuu hun*

And the detail of the prettys :
Left : 
2 foundation (Maybelline Fit Me in Honey Beige ; One more i forgot, Rimmel maybe? In Golden Tan)
Cover Girl mascara, because i said really want to try out the make up that those American Next Top Model used.
Rimmel Fix & Prime (apparently it was orange, and used it to my client for drugstore primer this quite did the job very well)
Right :
Australis Set and Go finishing powder (to set the make up)
BYS - Bronze palette (this was quite hard to open, and didn't has the chance to play with it yet)

Will do separate review and swatch of all this. Thanks for your companion though my beauty journey pretties :)


  1. Waww... u got so many stuff ^^..

    By the way how much is the curling iron dear? I wanna buy one but still can't decide which one is better >.<

  2. It's a gift darling, i don't know how much, but i don't think it's not more than AUD $30? :) thx for visiting pretties XOXO