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Friday, December 2, 2011

Beauty Workshop

Last week, i decided to organize a small beauty workshop at my uni, with the gals from my beloved organization of course. I wanna share everything i know to those gorgeous ladies, because they're new and probably don't have any idea how hectic gonna be if we're having a concert. And if they can apply stage make up properly.
Of course i'm not getting paid for it, so it's another Thank You Project, but let's just call it sharing, shall we? :)

I thought one session is not enough to tell them everything, we just had one and half an hour to do this workshop because they're practising afterward. So the curriculum was, knowing the type of their skin, what products and tools is necessary for daily and stage make up, and what to complete if they already had make up, sharing tips, do's and don'ts (trick) on make up, and of course as requested a make over session.

Only less than 30 people attended, because some of them were still in class, but we had fun! We laughed, we shared, and teasing the model. Oh my bundle of joy...

I asked them, who would want a make over. As expected, they pointed this funny girl, we laughed every single moment from cleansing her face even untill the very last minute. Such a funny girl she is, i have to stopped her from laughing because the eyeshadow fall over everywhere, literally, she couldn't keep quite, everytime i put something she giggled. Such a funny girl.

I heart her, and i was gonna made her eyes pop out with bright color, but the rest of the girls requested a smokey look, heavy smokey look, and i have to do it, as requested. But to soften a bit, i just put blue, and silver also white eyeshadow, i don't wanna drown her eyes.

This look is far for perfect, as always it is always in a rush with these girls, because after i put something, they were very excited and ask lots of question. And i have to answer them, so we stop and start again until finish. By the time i wanna do the finishing, the rest of the choir member was arrived and the room had to be use for choir practise. I have to satisfied with this.
And i truly expect insight from you guys, what to improve. It will mean a lot for me. Thank you in advance my fantabulous ^^

Meet Gaya, everyone

I forgot to take the back side, i just made a simple french twist, because for concert usually the hair is getting an updo so the ladies wouldn't feel so hot and look more elegant.

But for a round shape of face like her, when the hair is down looks better i think. I grab her picture from Facebook (already asked for permission don't worry :D).


Face : Inez liquid foundie, Elf All Over Stick for Contouring nose and jaw, Marcs loose powder
Eyes : Sari Ayu 25th anniversay palette, Aubeau e/s base, Pixy eyeliner pencil in black, T217 Falsies from Makeuptools (Juleha)
Cheek : Amuse blush palette
Lips : Wardah Lip Palette

Feedback, please (puppy eyes)... Thank you for always hanging around with me ladies. Happy weekend.


  1. madaa,kamu kalo dandanin klien/model pake foundie palette atau liquid foundie? harus punya banyak shade foundie dong yah? :)

  2. blm lengkap kok say, br punya lt pro palette, inez liquid fondie, la stick fondie, ama bbrp pac creamy fondie... di indo susah nyari shade yg bt kulit gelap :( hiks... anyway thx udh mampir :)

  3. waaaw itu buanyak sekale~
    iya banget susah buat foundie kulit gelap *sigh* (berharap brand kosmetik indo mendengar jeritan hati wkwkwk :p)
    jembreng koleksi foundie kamu dari berbagai merk & shade dooong?? *wink* :D

  4. nanti ya say, akhir taun emang mau digambreng, jadi keliatan "progres-nya" (YANG TAK SEBERAPA)dari mulai awal taun kemaren sampe skrg, jadi kayak before after gitu hihihi.. jangan cuma muka yang before after, si mek ap juga bolehlah kali2 narsis hihihi....
    thank you :)