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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick Post on Swatches

Yuhhuw.... i know, i haven't post anything about Haulage since forever. It's just i don't have time to upload back on the last few months and forgot what's new and not in my traincase. So i'm gonna swatches all up (not all in the same post of course hihihi) well i hope this swatches post can help you guys out before buying them. And if already have them, share with me please, what to love and what to hate about these. Every one got their own preferences right?

I'm NC 35, and sometimes NC 37 depends. I think this Milani is more a match to my skintone, beside i love the texture, staying power so-so, since my skin is a bit drying now, and the weather is always raining which made the sun didn't properly shine can't say much about the staying power yet.

Milani VS Naturactor

NYX and Elizabeth Arden

 This Elizabeth Arden comes with a box, i think (CMIIW) it's a Red Door Set. Comes with gorgeous eye shadow and blush on palette, with a super cute packaging ( i gave it to my mom since i'm not into pastel color eye shadow), Exceptional lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eye liner, lip liner. I don't know if it's a fake one or not, my friend gave it to me while he was on vacation to Malaysia, so.. please let me know if this is a conterfeit item :)

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