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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Sunday Gig

Hai dearies, i injured myself. I don't know the English for that, but my left foot "keplitek" last week. Caused me a lot of problem for 2 days i couldn't walk, gives a serious pain when i went up and downstair T-T
Yeah, clumsy me. For my defense i got minus 7 on my eyes tho' ;p

And i have a gig last Sunday, my beloved Maranatha Christian University Choir was having a Christmas concert, so some of the girl asked me to do their make up.

As you my fellow dear blogger that been with me since the beginning of my beauty journal would know, but for some new readers may be have no clue at all.

So the rundown of the concert was, 19:30 PM and got 2 session, and 15 minutes break after first session. And they will have a rehearsal before, usually at 13:00 or 14:00 PM. And it takes probably 1 or 2 hours to practice each session which made it was very short time to do make up, because they have to eat before the concert and doing last warming on stage before finally get on the stage. Complicated huh? Tell me about it, been there done that :)

I did these beautiful girlies make up, Mentari, Sheina, Remsi, Dinda, Natalie, Dushi, and last but not least Cindy's make up.

I'm still collecting the rest of the photo's and will start with Mentari first altho i still try to find Mentari with her concert dress. 

Around 13:30 PM, sadly all my girlies showed up LATE (i told them to start at 12.00)! I hate that, well... probably because they have no clue at all how hectic the concert was. I didn't blame them, but i hate rushing when i did my make up. As result of they being late, i only did Dushi and Mentari make up for less than 15 mins, can you guys imagine. I'm so sad, i couldn't do any better on their lovely faces.

After the concert and photo session and meet and greet and changing around 22:30 PM

Face : Revlon Shine Control, Clinique moisturizer, LA Stick Foundation, Revlon loose powder - Light, ELF all over color stick in Toffee for contouring nose area.
Eyes : Lyra eyebrow pencil in Chocolate, Aubeau e/s base, Sephora Color Play Palette, Pixy E/l pencil in Black, Jolly falsies no 23
Cheek : Amuse Blush Palette
Lipstick : Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Coralista, Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Tangerine

I took the picture with my Canon Ixus 105, forgot the setting (as you guys know, i should learn how to take picture of make up properly T-T)

Wait for the other 6 girlies, will updated my blog soon as i can collect the pictures. Love you my dear fantabulous ladies....

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