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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swatch Benefit Feelin Cheeky's

I got this from Purplerebel's lapak on FD. She probably the most patience seller on planet earth :D

Well, i know this is not very budgeted. But for next year, my blog will post maybe lots of make up. Will try to do it very low budget tho'
Some people asked, why has to be on budget, because not everyone (including me) can afford to spend millions on make up. So all the pretty ladies with the "tight" budget deserve to have fun also with make up, agree?

This Benefit is so tiny, and i got it for less than $25 (IDR 250.000) include shipping to my house. With that price we can get 3 product at once, Posie Tint (poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain), High Beam (luminescent complexion enhancher), Benetint (rose-tinted lip & cheek stain).

For my taste this is too sparkling, i'm not a big fan of glowy make up, but this will be used for my client. So i had to buy it... To complete my collection.

The closer pic of swatch, once on hand without flash
Posietint - Highbeam - Benetint

Oopsie, the pic was rotated :(
After blend on hand with no flash

L-R : Benetint - High Beam - Posietint
Quick humble review :

From all three the ewh part is Benetint, the texture is not creamy whatsoever, it just pure rose color liquid. Me not likey. Kinda hard to use as lipstick, lipgloss maybe. But not a big disappoinment when applied as blush, it gives a nice touch of color, although it might work best on you that has NC 20-30 tho'.

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