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Monday, April 25, 2011

Inez Loose Eye Shadow Swatches

Hai inez lover....

Quick post about this loose eye shadow,i'm in love with all of them. I got 5 shade from them, excluded the one shade which is red. Not a big fan of red color. Never tried the red one yet, so probably my opinion will change we'll see..
This post is long postponed, and today is my rest day and time to taking care of my babies (make up) so i decided to do the swatches since my FD friends been asking for it.

Here we go :) and enjoy...

L-R : satnite blue 06, cherry pink 08, golden moss 09, sunstone yellow 07, sparkling silver 01

swatches on paper tissue
The sparkling silver was not really shown on this picture, but in the real look you can see it shimmering beautifully. I did my FOTD using this loose eyeshadow already, can check on FOTD. 

My opinion : 
Got to use sealer if you want a full coverage on this eyeshadow, but me i used a tear drop only since i didn't own a sealer. And eye shadow base of course. It gives your eyes a beautiful vibrant color, the pink one is the one i love less because it just gives a tiny hint of pink color, have to set it with other pink shade of eyeshadow. The staying power is really good, i used these eyeshadow several times already on my face and on my client's face. And no one is complaining :D

Cream Foundation that match with Indonesian's Woman Shade

In Indonesia, we got several of cosmetic's brands. What really make me fall in love is this brand Sariayu, the way they named their products. In my opinion really really appreciate Indonesian Heritage. They launced their new range of decorative and grooming products once a year, usually at the end of the year, with cute names taken from one culture or one area in Indonesia example the collection from 2010 is called "Senandung Rimba Sumatra" (Sumatra's Forest Voices, i think i got it translate wrong but that's the best i can come up with :D) comes in "Koleksi Toba" (Toba Lake -my hometown- the biggest vulcanic lake in the world) and "Koleksi Nias" (Nias is an island near Sumatra Island). They launched the 2011 collection already. You can check their website  here

Quote from their website says, " Sariayu is committed to natural total beauty care. Offering a wide range of products suitable to tropical climate and made of natural ingredients processed by modern technology for women who believe that external beauty is equally as important as internal beauty. Greatly inspired by Indonesian culture and tradition to provide external treatments to beautify the face and body, and nurturing supplements to assist beauty from within. With Sariayu products, you will experience the wonder of looking good outside & feeling great inside."
Source : www.sariayu.com

What i wanna review and talk about is their cream foundation... I got 3 shade of their cream foundation, like i said the way they named the shade of their cream foundation makes me fall in love. It made easier to define what shade to buy. They are kuning gading, kuning langsat, and sawo matang. One shade i didn't buy is kuning pengantin (yellow bride) is a yellow shade for traditional brides.
You guys probably not familiar with this shade and more familiar with NC/NW (Neutral Cool/ Neutral Warm) to differ the shade of foundation and powder.
From this website i finally define and got conclusion of what shade goes along for nc and nw in Indonesian Women skin tone. Warms are more peachy/pinky and Cools are more of a bluish/yellow.

Let's get into the swatches, so you guys can have better explanation.

in thick transparent jar
 when opened : top is kuning langsat, bottom left is kuning gading and bottom right is sawo matang
Kuning Langsat : Goes well for NC 25-30
Kuning Gading : Goes well for NW 20-25
Sawo Matang : Goes well for NC 35-37
Note : This is just my opinion by reading reviews and checking websites. If you find it helpful then i'm glad, if you can tell or inform me a better conclusion i will gladly review it again, thank you :)

Swatches (indoor and no flash)
in my hand : NC35-37
L-R : kuning  langsat, kuning gading, sawo matang

L-R : sawo matang, kuning langsat, kuning gading

same as above
My opinion
I did used this a lot for doing my clients and myself. And i love the texture, easy to blend (i usually wear this with wet sponge and just tap it on my face not by dragging it), for the combination skin it's doing the job well but on oily skin it probably need a better primer. I used this with primer (The Skin Food and Revlon). And set it with finishing spray or evian.

Check my FOTD using this cream foundation in sawo matang here
The foundation looks so dark, but if you blend it well it matches with your skin tone perfectly.

If you find the cream foundation or liquid foundation is darker than your skin tone after applied, you can set it with a lighter tone of compact powder or two way cake (whatever you prefer) and for the finishing don't forget to wear a loose powder ( it absorb the oil and set your powder and foundation to your skin).

Friday, April 22, 2011

FOTD : My Beloved Inez Eyeshadow Quad

I have been practising choir like crazy today, and like one of my FD friend said, " Make up is a mood booster" i thought.... helll yeaaaah, why not? I wanna get pretty for myself today, and want to TEST the Aubeau eye shadow base with smokey eyes, like one of my fellow blogger suggest, not with just natural look like i compared to UDPP here
This pictures was taken in my room and friend's room after i finished practise which time estimated from i apply it around 6 hours and more, i practise at 8PM and this pics was taken recently (the time is now over midnight).

I'm not taking this pictures with my own camera, my battery dead suddenly i took this pictures with Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W-300. I don't know the setting, sorry :D

My humble opinion was : This eyeshadow base still rocks! Really, it gives more than enough staying power for my lid. Yes, there's mark.. but it was my original lid, already creasing. So i'm satisfied.

no flash - blurry but i love the pose :D
 with flash
 no flash
 no flash
Maybelline BB cream
Revlon L/P in light
Revlon duo eye shadow for contouring nose in chocolate

Inez in autumn rose

Inez in venice
Lyra eyebrow pencil in chocolate
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara

Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Lipgloss - Watermelon

I just touched up with loose powder and redefine my eyebrow also add a bit blush on before taking this pictures, adding a bit fresh look.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swatches and Review of Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Since, i'm a big fan of green, teal color lately.. and my fellow FD friend open a spree (thx sergeantkero) i got myself this fabulous mildew eyeliner. Means with Zero on my traincase, i got myself two Urban Decay Eyeliner already whoppiee, waiting for another spree... kinda eye-ing on Asphyxia and Uzi.

mildew on my lower lashline

Indoor swatches
 no flash
 with flash
My opinion :

Love the color, staying power ok but not that great maybe since i have sensitive eyes and wearing contact which my eyes get watery a lot, soft applicator pen makes easy to apply. For better staying power i suggest wear eyeshadow base before you apply it.

Repurchase :
Yes, other shade.

FOTD - Blue ( Sari Ayu 25 Years Anniversary Edition)

Insomnia attack, and decided to play with my eye shadow palette... doing the blue oceany look..
Didn't use flash, so the color is a bit washed out in the picture but in the real look it was seriously gorgeous blue.
Enjoy the spaaam dearest ladies :D
OMG, trying to hard to be a teenager :D


Face :
sari ayu cream foundie in sawo matang for face
sari ayu cream foundie in kuning langsat for concealer
fanbo twc in natural
ELF all over color stick in toffee and apricot beige for shading and highlight

NYX cream blush in boho chic

aubeau eye shadow base
Sari ayu duo eyeliner and mascara
lyra eye brow pencil in brown
SAri ayu 25 year edition warna light blue + dark blue and white for browbone

Justmiss + Inez

Capture with Canon ixus, setting : no flash, AWB, daylight, macro

Playing Girly

Me, last weekend trying to do something that i rarely do... being girly in a skirt, lace skirt!
Well let's just on to pictures spam :D

top : FO - Bandung
skirt : OL Shopping
clutch : debenhams - Sency
shoes : centro - Plaza Semanggi

Saturday, April 16, 2011

(EDITED : SOLD - BATCH 1) BLOG SALE : Coming Soon - Adopt My Preloved Dresses ^^

Due to some funding, i need to let my babies go... Will tell later what event that i'm currently busy with *finger crossed*, support me with your love gals...
I'm gonna sell this dresses with cheap price, everything will be told and shown on the exact condition.
Rules is only one : TRUST ^^

Terms and Condition :
  1. Booked only 1x 24 hours
  2. No price haggling 
  3. I'll send the stuff the next day after you make payment 
  4. All price excluded shipping fee, (Bandung : Free, Jakarta idr 5000, other places FLAT idr 10.000)
Happy shopping darla...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Addition To My Hair Routine

I found this hair mask by Rejoice in sachet, since i'm a big fan of it's conditioner i decided to try that out -even i still got 1 full bottle of un-touched hair mask-. I think it's good deal for people who wants to try stuff before buying full size (they do have the full size hair mask). I got this for approx $10 (Rp 9.250) contains 3 big sachet, same size with my L'oreal hair mask, its cheaper than L'oreal if you do the math (L'oreal hair mask cost approx $5).

Smells good and love the packaging, i'll buy the full size after i finished my hair mask that i currently using. The only cons was, i have to let the sachet open after using it, which is not pretty hygienic, one sachet can be used twice btw...

the packaging


the suggestion of using
Anybody using this product yet, care to share your experience?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Current Hair Regimen

I'm super lazy when it comes to hair, because my hair is big.. LITERALLY :p
I don't know why, if i'm not straightening it, just blow dry it... it will look like an afro hair :s
After several trial of using local groceries product of hair regimen, this is what suits my hair best. For my scalp feels not so itchy, and my hair not looks too dry anymore. The only thing still in search is anti frizzy spray for hair, which available locally, did use Makarizo anti frizz tho' but finished, already thinking to switch. Found some anti frizz serum from L'oreal that available locally but not in the groceries store near my house yet, maybe a bigger store has it.
I don't want to use the product that hard to get, that's why i'm still loyal to local hair and skin care regimen. Maybe in the future this will change, don't know :)

my favourite anti dandruff shampoo , lifebuoy
When i used this, my scalp is not itchy and oily not like the other shampoo i've ever used (Pantene, Head&Shoulder, Rejoice, Herbal Essence, L'oreal). But it did makes my hair a bit dry, i never used this alone.. always followed with conditioner afterward.
makarizo daily shampoo and contitioner
I love the scent but not my hair texture after using this, that's why i didn't used this much lately. Just when i'm at home and not going anywhere. If i happened have to be somewhere then i add some vitamin for hair then straightening my hair if i'm using this.

Conditioner and Hair Masks
rudy hadisuwarno hair mask for damaged hair and hair mask for hairloss defenser : rejoice- hair conditioner
Well, i switch using this occasionally. So didn't know it did the job or not :D i feel like i have to spread the love and using them all hahaha... but after using these my hair smells good and not dry. So i love them ^^

Sachet Hair Care
I love using sachet, because it finish fast :D and sometimes if i wanna try new product prevent me from buying the full size. What if it didn't suits our skin and hair rite? So love sachet.... :D
L'oreal  hair mask
This is my second sachet, well smeels good and soften my hair... what's not to love about this?

Cleansing Wipes for Acne Treatment

I did my groceries shopping couple days ago, and in the groceries store near my house i found this kinda cute stuff for only Rp 6500 (approx $7).
Consist 10 sheet every pouch, didn't find a bigger size yet so i don't know if there was any.

I probably should start blogging about "no-no" ingredients for beauty product. Because i aware some of you got allergic reaction though some kind of chemical. So maybe it'll help before you decided to buy stuff.

What can this sheet do and when is the best time to use it, they made a cool picture behind.
  • After riding a bike or motorcycle
  • After workout
  • After going home from a walk
  • Before bed time
I think it's pretty cool, i will do review later after i tried this for cleansing face. Currently i just use it before bedtime, after cleansing and washing my face, and put it until it dries up a bit on my break out skin (period is comiiin >.<). It did dried up the acnes a bit if i left it about 3-5 minutes on my break out skin that has acnes on it.

The texture is lovable, it's not similar with some of wet tissue i've ever tried.

Can't wait to use it until finished and give you guys review. KEEP FABULOUS ^^

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick and Easy Daily Make Up with a Twist ^^

 What's the twist..  well, i'll let the picture talks to you ^^
Natural Daily Look, bright color on the lid and add some extras in the outer v, mascara eye liner

using just this one brush
Perfect for daily or office or school

After 5 going for coffe waiting for traffic jam to reduce? Or simply attending afternoon cocktail party with friends, just add drama with bolder lipstick
nude neutral colow

What did i used ?
Love to hear another tips from you ladies, keep fantabulous ^^