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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hairy Hairy.... Love Them or Get Rid Of Them?

Yesterday, i decided to try the hair removal that i bought last February? I don't remember, i got that apparently, but it got stuck in the storage until i do some organizing my groceries shopping last week, then i found it. One of my fellow blogger did review this, and at first i was like skeptical, but turns out this is a "no love but not hate" product.

Usually my routine of hair removal - under arm - was only shaving every 2 days while bathing, since i read this removal cream on a magazines few times, i got seducted :p and did bought the small size. It was around Rp 14.000 (less than approx. $2) comes in 25g tube.
I grew my under arm hair for like 3 or 4 days to do this review, and mine got so long pretty much quick which this 2 days was hell for me it was itchy, gross.. yeah i know :(

Veet and it's content, small broschure, a spatula and the tube
Veet got three variant, i got this pink one in normal skin, the other variant is in blue tube which for sensitive skin and the green one is for dry skin. They comes in different fragrance and ingredients also.
Since i only got this pink one, i'm just gonna review what happened to me with this one.

The process is pretty simple :
  • Put the cream into the "hairy" area that wants to be removed with the spatula, make sure the hair was all covered by the cream.
  • Wait for 3mins, and MAX 6 mins... not longer than that.
  • Clean the cream with the spatula, and make sure it's from the small area first.
  • Rinse with water and wipe it gently to dry.
I pretty much follow the step by step, but since this is gonna be a review.. i decided to wipe the spatula after cleaning and removing the cream with tissue, so you ladies can see the "wonder" of this cream.

It might be kinda gross :D
The hair that has been removed

I'm sorry it's so gross.. YUCK!
But at least you guys got the picture of how it works.

There's a NO NO with this product, don't swallow it, don't use it on your face, or genital area, don't use it on burnt skin or damaged skin, and wait at least 24 hours before applying your deodorant or other cream.

Review :

Pro's : Easy to use, and Hygienic (contains spatula so we don't have to use our finger and hands), Available locally, Comes in 3 variant that matches your skin type, Not making your skin dry after using.

Con's : Strong Fragrance, Gives a hint of sting when applying - but i guess it pretty normal, it just shows that the cream is working -, Removes hair only on the surface - same like when we're shaving, only shaving is faster -, The tube says 25g but when i squeezed it, it seriously almost empty, so i think this is only for max 4 times of using, maybe less if you use it on your leg, which the area is more wide than under arm.

Repurchase : Maybe.

My personal opinion, was i'm not in love with this cream but not hating it also, it just give me alternative way to remove my under arm hair. Which kinda fun to play with sometimes.

I never shave my leg, because i'm not too hairy there :) and i think it'll grow more like bush if i removes it, so i'm gonna leave it that way ;p


  1. im one of those hairy girls! untung pake jilbab jadi ga terlalu keliatan. dulu suka nyukur like once a month gitu tapi sekrg gara2 si cukuran tumpul dan males beli lagi jadi ga pernah cukuran lagi haha. si veet ini ga ada bigger sizenya ya?

  2. Ada bigger size-nya, impor punya.. harganya 50k di ambas.. gak tau kalo di itc kuningannya lebih murah.. sekitar itu sih harganya, yang bigger sizenya tapi geday bangt mak, lebih gede dari pasta gigi yang paling gede nah ukurannya..