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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation

Have you read this? Top 10 : Best Foundation a very good article from makeeupgeek.com
And i got two out of ten from that list, which is Revlon ColorStay and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation.

You all know how crazy i am when it come to foundation right? I keep searching and searching for what my skin really loves, but yeah it's seem like a never ending search. Like finding a parking spot on a mall on WEEKEND >.<

But with this award winning foundation? Can we simply say that my search is over?

Keep reading ^^

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation
courtesy of lancome-usa.com, i love the website, quite informative.
Since i didn't get a full size, i can't give you the ingredients information, but i think you can google-d it :)

Let's talk about price first, like i always say spend every cash you have to get a better complexion products. So this isn't really matter, we can always cheat on decorative products yes?
The price is vary depends on where you get it approx $44, of course it will get more expensive if i ordered it online due to the shipping.
I got mine on the share jar from FD friend cost me around $10 in 5 ml jar. Perfect for trial and traveling.

After finishing it, about 8-10 times usage, yes 5ml jar can be used many times, beside you don't need much on foundation, if you wear too much the rest of foundation will get cakey because it didn't have the place to stay on your face, less is more nowadays.
Note : 5 ml jar can be used let's say 8 times, means 30 ml can be used for approx. 48 times.
If the price is $44 : 48 times = $ 0,92 per usage, quite reasonable yes? LOL

With 8 years of research here's what they claim this foundation can do :
Oil Free, Transfer Free, Non comedogenic, Tested on sensitive skin, Blendable, Gives Fresh Texture, Flaws Pores and any imperfection will disapear, Gives Velvety Finish no powdery effect.

Here's my conclusion 

What i LOVE

  • Has SPF 15, sun protection :D
  • Checked on the  Velvety Finish no powdery effect, Transfer Free, Blendable, Gives Fresh Texture.
I didn't use any powder nor primer only bronzer and highlighter, this picture approx 3 hour of using, and no shine whatsoever on my T-Zone, but i wore this a lot on Air conditioned Room and cold weather, so on humid weather i think you have to use primer before apply this foundation.
  • Shade Bisque 7 N quite match my skintone, and they have huge range of shade choice.

What i don't fancy so much :

  • Price-y but on it defense for 30 ml i think it probably will last for 4-6 months if use daily.
  • Cover Flaws,Acne Scars, imperfection? Check on it yourself!

You can still see the acne scar, on my cheek, i have to use concealer or pat some more foundation to cover it up. And didn't hide flakyness on my lips area due to chemical peeling.

  • After 6-8 hours of usage, if i touch my T-Zone,i can feel a light of oil, not too much, so i think this is still bearable.

I know, seems like i defend this foundation a lot, simply just it matches my skintone, don't hate me girls. At lease i gives you a different point of view haha...

Would i buy this in full size?
Nope i would love to buy Lancome Teint Miracle because it has shade Bisque 8N which i think would matches my skintone BEST because on Bisque 7N Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H i still have to bronze it up.


  1. whot? a share jar? how come I never heard of it before and where can I get one??

    1. Darling, some of my friends even bought Giorgio Armani Foundation and share it. Cheap way to get your beauty wish list, without getting bankrupt, rite? :D
      I was lucky, my friend from fashionesedaily.com share it to me, because she rarely used foundation, and decided to sell it on jar. ^^

  2. It looks nice on your skin! I never swatched this at the counter but I'm guessing this offers more coverage than Teint Miracle? I think Teint Miracle is really nice.. watery but not oily. Have you tried that one?

    1. Nope, i would love to buy the full size of teint miracle. I quite like this Idole actually dry fash and a bit will do the whole face, but i didn't see any darker shade for this bisque N the rest shade is too dark or pink for me, Teint miracle got the Bisque 8N, would love to try that saw ur review and nisa's review so tempting :D, coverage can be buildable i think, it's the shade that tricky >.<

  3. Nice found ya ceee... :D most of Lancome foundation that I know have a great quality. I wanna try the Teint Miracle too >,< but still too pricey for me...

    1. YEah, it's pricey. If i'm not working i probably won't spend a dime on high end brand. Try to find someone that wanna share it on ur shade, too bad you are not the same tone as me >.<
      Revln colorstay is a better option i think, great oil control too :)

  4. wa mau donk yang dishare jar...buat test dulu.. my skin is oversensitive... takut beli trus bis itu useless..so where can i find it? tq darling

  5. I bought it from fashionesedaily.com
    YEah my skin face the same problem too, like over sensitive nowadays, try it on your hand first before you put anything on your face helps loh, jadi kalo alergi bisa lgs di stop :)

  6. Halo!
    Aku juga baca artikel top 10: best high end foundation-nya make up geek dan memutuskan beli lancome teint idole ultra foundie ini (punyaku masih yang versi lama, 14 hours) dan it becomes my Holy Grail.. Love it!

    Boleh tau type kulit km oily atau dry?
    Setauku teint idole great for oily skin dan teint miracle great for dry-normal skin..

    1. My skin? Lg gila :)
      Combination but tend to dry in some area :)
      Kalo pake moisturizer skrg gak bisa yang teksturnya biasa, harus yang super creamy, kl gak berasa greasy.
      Thx for the info dear, that just made my decision final to get teint miracle XOXO

  7. just purchased a full size bottle last week and loving every bit of it!

    check out my review here: http://sariasoy.blogspot.com/2012/03/lancome-teint-idole-24h.html

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