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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me and My Weekender Beauty Pouch

This is just a short post, warming up for the next upcoming post.

- Review of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation - Bisque 7 N

- Haulage (Night Gown, H&M Bustier, 5 Tops, Pants, Wedges) Big Damage >.<

- Beauty Event From Revlon, Sneak Peak of their upcoming PhotoReady series that gonna launch mid year
- Beauty Class from @endi_feng

Now, back to topic. I wanna do this post, quite a long time already. But didn't got the chance (mostly forgot) to share this with you my dearest. We all love to travel, Yes? Do you got that problem, where you got too much stuff going on in your luggage, and end up with no SPACE at all for the haulage? :p I did, until i find the tricks (thanks to Youtube and fellow blogger and magazines) to minimize the items.

I'm the most laziest person i think when it comes to organizing stuff, you all saw my vanity right? Huh.. I don't even have time to re-arrange that after the last post. But when it comes to traveling, i seriously hate to bring lots of stuff. It's heavy and time consuming.

I prefer to take my time to organizing stuff before traveling rather than busy picking up stuff and end up putting it to my luggage, and in the end, i don't even use that during my traveling time.

Here's what i usually do :

  • Make a List, from apparel to vanity, to accesories (oversized bags, clutch, heels, flats, flip flops)
  • Take my time to pick up the clothes, so i know what to wear daily, and i always bring extra top and pants. the only thing that i find essential and seriously take lots space is underwear, i brought a lot of underwear every time i travel.
  • I bought everything on travel size for the toiletries.
  • For the make up section, i love this tips, i saw it somewhere on Youtube by Youtube beauty gurus, sadly i forgot, but you got my gratitude dear :) I put the foundation in 5ml jar and bring all the tester pack with me, save so many spaces. She put the foundation to contact lenses cases, for one or two day travelling (weekender), quite a tips huh? :) Same things goes with skincare thingy.
  • Rolling the clothes instead of folding it will save so many spaces.
  • Since i have gastric, i usually bring snacks with me, and if i travel overseas, i brought some Indonesian food (Abon), also instant noodles, with me, and energy bars.

I'm going to show you guys, what did i have in my beauty pouch while i'm away for weekend and in short (less than 3 days) holiday.

Top : Liquid eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil, Black Pencil Eyeliner, NYX Jumbo Pencil, TWC and sponge, Bronzer
The two small jar is EDM color corrector and the next is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation
Bottom : Eyelash Curler, Dual Blending Brush, Slanted Eyeshadow Brush (for my eyebrows), Highlighter.

This EDM Color Corrector in Lavender is my life saver, because we usually didn't get enough sleep while we're on vacation or away on weekend, simply because we're too excited, or simply because we're having so much work to do. I just pat it with my finger under my eyes, and the tired looking eyes is gone :)
You guys noticed i didn't have my eyeshadow quad with me right? Because i simply don't wear too much make up while i'm away (except, i have to be away for job or party or event and if so i only added eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow quad and false lashes and the false lashes glue)

See you soon pretties, lots of love. 


  1. about the damage... somebody apparently jadi ke ambas yah?hihihi quite a haul, liat doong hasil blanjaan baju-bajunyaa ;)


    1. ON MY DEFENSE (ngetik sambil meluk wedges, LOL) aku dapet wedges ini termasuk murah, n top2nya jg :p
      Wedgesnya tdnya pgn beli yang orange, cm jahitannya krg rapih, jadi beli yang fucshia deh. Dr 235, jadi 175 hahaha....
      Ada cewe jg yang beli, dia mentok di harga 215 gak kurang, eh gue matiin pasaran gak sik kalo gini? Gpp lah ya, jd kalo ada yang pengen tau kisaran harganya berapa hihihi...