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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of Vitacid 0,025%

Hey, i'm not too excited about this post. I supposed because i'm not really an expert about skin care thingy, so i don't think i can do a perfect review. But i'm not gonna stop, and will try my best. As usual if you guys have any question, most welcome to ask. Thanks in advance pretties ^^

So, in this post i already show you what is my current skin care routine. And on this post i already posted the additional weekly routine.

As you guys know, i was so excited about "cheap but great" thingy, and read so many good reviews about them, so i decided to try them out myself, since i want to stop from my current dermatologist range of skincare. I don't want to get addiction on them, because i find it hard to bear if one day i got plato* and need to upgrade to heavier formula of them, just scares me.

*Plato is the phase where your skin stop reacting to one certain product or cream, and have to switch to another formula in order to maintain the best condition of your skin.

Why i decided to try all those drugstore skin care regimen, because i did a little research and that fit best to my skin condition at this moment.

Vitacid 0,025%

Where i got it and how much?
At pharmacist, and cost me IDR 22.000 (approx $2,5)

How to used it?
Best at night, this retinoic acid is not really best friend with the sun.
And in the morning we have to use sunscreen if we wore the retinoid acid thingy at night.
After use this thin layer, i waited for around one minute and continue with Gizi Super Cream, and Egyptian Magic Cream as eye cream.

While using vitacid is combining it with  the other regimen that contains exfoliating like salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol, benzoil peroxide. And best not exposed to the sun.

This is the lightest formula of Vitacid, they have 3 range of formula, that contains 0,025% retinoic acid, 0,5% retinoic acid, and 1% of retinoic acid. I decided to get myself the lightest formula because i never ever had chemical peeling before. And people suggest me to started with the lightest first.

I suffer from acnes probably almost 6 month now, and the scar didn't fade like usual, and it devastated me, really. I became not confident at all if not wearing concealer or foundation on my face.
I recall and didn't find anything strange on my eating and sleeping habits, also not in stressful condition, so what caused those acnes? Well to be fair, most of us ladies got one ot two before period, but that's it. Now? It was like nightmare.
After i survey-d around my house, then i realized. It was the water, we got clean water problem on this house. The water contains dirt, and i took pictures from my Blackberry when it was really really chocolate. Don't believe me, take a look by yourself, how my washtafel look like now.
See the chocolate stain? I did it purposely not cleaning it for a week, so you guys can see the water stain becomes DARK. I even used water filter and socks to cover the water pipe, but still got that chocolate stain, huh!

I used vitacid 0,025% about a month now, and i'm quite ok of the result but not really that satisfied.
I still got acne spot on  my face, altho' it faded a bit. Not give back my flawless face.

After one week of using, i feel sting when i wash my face, and put moisturizer on it. Even sting in the morning while i put moisturizer on. And there's time that i couldn't bear it. They said it was the peeling reaction. Ah, BEAUTY IS PAIN!

And after two weeks of using my face start exfoliating the dead skin ( i wish that was the dead skin).

See, the acne scars and spot still there, but the color turns to a bit pinkish not really dark anymore.

Now i didn't suffer from sting while washing my face, but if i put Gizi Super Cream as moisturizer it still sting a tiny bit. And in the morning i didn't feel anything at all.

Honestly, i prefer my face before i used this Vitacid 0,025% when i was just using papaya soap and sugar on my face, it was more supple and moist. Now it dries, really dries.
I don't know if that's normal while chemical peeling, anybody can help me out on this?

My face before using Vitacid
Is it me, or it was more "light" than now?
To be fair, i got back from my home town recently, so i got tanned as always. Well.. i'm gonna keep using this for two more weeks as night care, after that will use it as prevention if i got acnes only.
The brocure said that after using this cream, the black head and pimples will start show up because it clean deeply, and it makes our face looks horrible, i think this is what people called purging. And sadly i'm those who not lucky and got it.


  1. Hi Mada! I know it might sound a bit like a shock to you but I don't believe in "purging" at all, it never makes sense to me. Sure the girls at the forum tell their stories and I don't think they're lying or anything but the truth remains: our skin doesn't have anything to do with releasing toxins/impurities. That's entirely a job for our liver and kidneys to do. I've never experienced "purging" in my life even though my skin is acne prone and I've used tons of different skincare items. When I break out, it must be either because 1) something is clogging my pores (bad moisturizer is mostly the case), 2) something is making my skin dry/dehydrated (harsh/soapy cleanser), or 3) I'm too rough with my skin (using harsh scrub/drying it with towel/etc). If Retin-A makes your skin breaking out, I would suggest to stop everything you are using altogether. Like, EVERYTHING. That's what I did when I broke out like crazy (and that was because I was trying out many different skincare items too). Then I would suggest to use gentle cleanser (Cetaphil would be ideal but if you can't get it, Melanox is good too), basic astringent/toner (also from Melanox), and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisture gel (I know it's super pricey, but it's so worth it). That's it. If you still break out, take Zinc pills. Oh, and don't use creams EVER. I used Gizi super cream before (my mom gave it to me) and it clogged my pores. The only moisturizer I would suggest is Cliqnique DDMG. It's my skin's savior because it doesn't clog my pores and it hydrates my skin well. This is only a suggestion based on my experience so yeah, I'm just trying to help. Good luck!

    1. Thx a BUNCH.. Really appreciated.. *big hugs*
      Actually, i want to stop using it also, after another two weeks, and i decided to get me what works best on my face, the egyptian magic cream for night and back to papaya soap and sugar. That two things really works well on my face. My face feels so supple and smooth, even though the acne scar still there.
      I've tried Clinique DDMG,before i started blogging (mum bought it for me of course :p), my face got itch and the acnes is the same like now, that's why i start went to dermatologist in the first place >.< (emang muka MUREEEH.
      Still trying to find out best moisturizer for day time because EMC is to thick for day time use, any suggestion, Fi? Thanks in advance.. XOXO

  2. Wooow... Kalian tau banget ya soal skin care. Gw termasuk yg cuek sama kulit. Hingga suatu saat kulit gw mulai jerawatan dan komedoan. Terus ga tau mau mulai dari mana. Jadi pake cara instan aja ke dokter kulit =P Emang sih jadi bagus, tapi giliran obatnya abis, jadi kumat lagi. Kayanya kulit jadi ketagihan obat dokter gitu, huhu.. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Iya Ryn, tujuan gue nyoba si drugstore skin care karna gue gak mau "kecanduan" obat dokter. Makanya setelah survey2 nyobain regimen yang skrg, yang work best on my face cm papaya ama ECM, sisanya aku skeptis, gak se-spekta yang di-rave orang2. Emang cocok2an yah.
      Plg gue balik lagi ke dokter, tp cm ambil obt buat ngilangin bekas jerawat aja, sisanya gak berani.
      Vitacid cpt bgt ngilangin jerawat sik, jerawat jd kering, so far itu efeknya yang paling kusuka, sisanya gitu deh... >.<

  3. kak mada thanks for sharing ! :)) .. aku kmaren sempet keracunan vitacid gara2 banyak yang ngerave, tapi tetep yaa skincare itu ccok2an. wah jadi ragu nih beli vitacid kalo dy modelnya nglupas2 *mukaku tipis soalnya*

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  5. Hai...
    Mau nanya dong, agak diluar topik mungkin.
    U mentioned about papaya soap, pake yang mana sis? Aku denger2 sabun itu bagus ya? Ingredients nya aman kah?

  6. Sepertinya produk ini bagus juga, kelihatan bedanya setelah pemakaian :)